Can Fleas Live In The Cold Weather

As winter approaches, we get questions about can fleas live in the cold weather. Although Africa has hot summers with temperatures of 100 degrees F and above, the temperature can drop down to freezing at night. During winter, the daytime temperature in the warm season is often around 100 degree F but it drops by 54 degrees at night. So, many times there’s frost at night when you have cloud cover. A fleas’ body temperature is at 93 degrees F and they need to shed as much heat as possible to survive under freezing conditions. Fleas are blood-sucking parasites that feed on the animals and humans, who are their host. These parasites are very agile and jump from one place to another with ease. The warmer the temperature is, the healthier the fleas will be, so it goes without saying that fleas can live in both hot and cold climates. This, however, does not mean that fleas can survive harsher weather condition. Cold weather will not kill fleas. In fact, fleas can live in extreme cold conditions. Despite the cold, fleas are still attracted to the warmth of their hosts and will continue to search for them. They can be found in a fluffy pile of snow, which is just as warm as your pet’s fur. In North America, fleas are most active during the warm months of summer and early fall. This is because adult fleas reproduce rapidly in warm conditions — as much as thirty percent faster — and egg hatching does not vary with temperature. Many people mistakenly believe that fleas will die if the temperature falls below freezing. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In fact, fleas can survive for quite some time in harsh conditions, even if temperatures drop well below freezing.

Can Fleas Live In The Cold Weather

Yes, but…

Fleas can survive cold weather, but they won’t thrive.

In fact, flea eggs and larvae can remain dormant for up to a year – that is, until the temperature rises again and they’re able to thrive.

So if you live in an area with relatively mild winters but hot summers, you’ll need to apply flea prevention throughout the entire year if you want to prevent an infestation from happening then.

So, Fleas Can Survive The Cold?

Let’s start by saying that fleas are not cold-blooded. They are vertebrates, but they don’t have a high metabolic rate like mammals do. Instead of shivering when it gets cold, fleas slow their metabolism down and conserve energy.

In fact, if you leave your pets outside in the wintertime without proper protection (like warm clothing), they will freeze to death. This is because they’re warm-blooded! But because fleas aren’t as active as dogs or cats during winter months—and also because they’re insects living outside where temperatures can drop below freezing—they tend to survive just fine in cold weather conditions with no extra heating or shelter aside from the warmth of their host animals’ bodies (or other sources).

While most types of flea only live indoors year-round due to warmer climates being more hospitable for adult populations than outdoor ones where there might be too much wind or snowfall for breeding success (not every species is adapted for such harsh conditions!), those who live outdoors usually take refuge under fallen leaves or logs until spring arrives again so that eggs can be laid on top instead

Lots of fleas can hibernate in your house.

If you’ve ever been bitten by a flea, you know how much of a nuisance they can be. It seems like your cat or dog is always scratching its skin and going crazy when it happens to catch one in their fur. You might not know that fleas (and other pests) don’t just live on your pets—they can also live inside your home!

When it gets cold outside, many people assume that all the bugs will die off because it’s so cold out there. This isn’t true for fleas because they’re unique in their ability to survive even in subzero temperatures (though this doesn’t mean they’ll be very happy about it). While most other bugs have either too little fat or not enough protein stored up in their bodies to make it through the winter months without food available, fleas don’t require any kind of extra resources besides what they get from feeding on animal hosts’ blood meals throughout those same months. With these two things combined together (their ability to adapt quickly vs needing food), we end up with one conclusion: lots of them will survive!

What About Adult Fleas?

The adult fleas can survive the winter, but they have to find a warm place to do it. The adult fleas are not going to be outside. They will come into your house if you don’t take care of them. This is why you should get rid of the eggs and larvae as soon as possible so that there aren’t any more eggs hatching and breeding.

If your house has had a problem with fleas before, it’s possible that there are still some eggs in your carpeting or furniture that haven’t hatched yet. When the temperature goes up again (and especially when spring comes), these fleas will hatch and start causing problems right away! You’ll want to call an exterminator who knows how to get rid of them properly before things get out of hand once again!

How do you protect yourself from fleas?

How do you protect yourself from fleas?

  • Keep your house and yard clean. That means keeping grass cut short, raking leaves away from the house, and cleaning up animal droppings in the yard.
  • Regularly wash pet bedding and toys that may have come into contact with an infected animal.
  • Apply monthly flea repellent to pets’ fur, being careful not to get it on their faces or paws where they would lick it off later.
  • Vacuum regularly to remove any eggs or larvae hiding in carpets or furniture crevasses that might reinfect your home later on if left alone too long (a week or more). Vacuuming should also be done at least once a week throughout the year so that there are no new eggs laid during warmer weather months when fleas become more active again after laying dormant over winter months due to cold temperatures outside being much lower than inside homes where people live indoors all year round without noticing any changes taking place outside due to climate change effects happening globally today!

Prevention Tip #1 – Protect Your Pets.

  • Keep pets indoors. It is best to keep your pets inside during the winter to prevent them from picking up fleas from other animals or the environment. If you have a large yard, consider keeping your dog on a leash when in unfenced areas so that he can not roam around and pick up fleas from nearby wild animals or passing vehicles.
  • Use regular flea treatments for your dog or cat as directed by your veterinarian, and have him treated at least once per month year-round with medication that contains insect growth regulators (IGR), which will help prevent eggs from hatching into adults and also kill adult fleas more effectively than traditional parasiticides alone can do so. Flea collars sometimes work well too but they don’t always kill all stages of life cycle so they won’t be as effective against an established infestation as oral medications are

Prevention Tip #2 – Treat Your Yard.

  • Treat Your Yard. Pesticides are effective at killing the larvae and preventing fleas from taking hold in the fall, winter and spring months. The best time to treat your yard is during summer when the fleas are in their egg stage, as this prevents them from emerging later on and causing damage to your home or pets.
  • Granular or Liquid Fertilizer

If you do not have access to pesticides, or if they are not available where you live, there are other ways of controlling flea populations on your property that don’t involve chemicals. One option is applying granular fertilizer to the soil around your house in areas where there’s a high concentration of grasses (such as along fence lines). This creates an inhospitable environment for these pests due to its lack of moisture combined with extreme temperature changes throughout each day – something that won’t affect humans but does affect insects like fleas!

Fleas can survive cold weather outside, but once inside, they are dead.

Fleas can survive cold weather outside, but once inside, they are dead. Fleas that live outside in the winter will survive by freezing solid and then thawing out when the temperature rises again. However, fleas cannot survive if they get into your home. One of the reasons why fleas are so dangerous is that they reproduce very quickly and if you allow them to live indoors long enough, you could end up with an infestation on your hands!

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