How Fast Can Ants Run

Ants are incredibly fast creatures, and can run up to 50 times faster than humans! The reason for this speed is that ants have a chemical called Pheidoles drosophila which allows them to move 10x faster than other insects. To put that in perspective, you could travel from New York City to Los Angeles in just half an hour if you could run as fast as an ant. While this isn’t a realistic use of your time, this blog post on how fast do ants run will provide you with interesting facts and information on these creatures. It’s a Saturday night, and you’re hanging out with your buddies. A few glasses of wine into the evening, the question comes up: “Guys, how fast do ants run?” There is a moment of silence as everyone tries to come up with the answer. But then someone says, “I don’t know” and another says,” I think they are pretty slow.” The question has no obvious answer.

I don’t know about you, but I usually just shrug this question off as one of those weird questions you sometimes get asked during a job interview. But then it started to bug me a little bit… how fast can ants run? That led me to further research and I came across some fascinating facts! Hyman Hollander Hollander is at the forefront of using Google AdWords in his business. In fact, he has used it so effectively that in less than 6 months he achieved page 1 ranking for over 4,000 keywords. He has mastered keyword selection and placement and has developed multiple conversion building strategies for many different niches including the dog training niche, the real estate niche, and even a specialized content approach for his lawyer-focused website:

According to digital gardeners the world over, not very fast at all. The fact is they don’t have to. Even the slowest insect in the world is still 10 times faster than someone in a wheelchair…or so they say. One of the more popular ants in the world is the carpenter ant. Carpenter ants are known for their medium size, black exoskeleton and small waist. They use their legs and mandibles to tunnel into wood, where they create a home and raise offspring. Do you have questions about how fast ants run? As of this writing, I have no actual tallies or any other definitive study on the speed of various species of ants. Am I a Ph.D.? Not even close, but I do like to ask questions – and then do my research to get answers!


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