How To Store Potatoes Away From Cockroaches

How To Store Potatoes Away From Cockroaches – we only want the best for our food, and to avoid cockroaches too. There are a few ways to know how to keep cockroaches away from potatoes, how to store potatoes from roaches, but the first thing you should know is how they can breed in your house.

How do I store potatoes in a way to keep them from getting roaches? It is by far one of the more frequent questions I get asked. There are two very smart ways you can protect your potatoes from cockroaches, and no matter how many you have in your pantry, these tips will help to deter any future visitors.

You probably don’t want to go outside and pick potatoes on a hot night.  Instead, you’ll probably get up in the morning and store them. But, storing potatoes can be a little bit challenging. And storing them without roaches can be even more challenging. Storing potatoes can be a tricky endeavor, as they can often attract cockroaches in search of food. With a few easy to follow tips, stored food can be kept bug-free and safe to eat. Cockroach infestation can become a very serious health threat. You must be really careful in storing food products in your kitchen so that cockroaches won’t have any chance to attack your food products.

Let’s take potatoes as an example because it is one of the most consumed food items in the world and is often stored in refrigerator.

How To Store Potatoes Away From Cockroaches

For those who love to grow and eat potatoes, it can be a real pain to find the perfect storage method. You need somewhere safe and dry that’s out of the way of rodents and insects, but accessible enough so that you don’t forget about your stash. Here are some tips for storing your potatoes away from cockroaches:

Potatoes can be stored in a place that cockroaches will find difficult to climb over or squeeze through.

  • To keep potatoes from being eaten by cockroaches, you need to store them in a place that cockroaches will find difficult to climb over or squeeze through.
  • To store your potatoes properly, keep them at a cool temperature in a dark place with little moisture.
  • Cockroaches are notoriously difficult to get rid of and can be very damaging to your home if left unchecked.

Thick wet newspaper on the bottom of a box or basket is enough to keep out most small insects and many rodents as well.

To keep out most small insects and rodents, you can use a thick layer of wet newspaper on the bottom of a box or basket. The paper will absorb any moisture that seeps up through the potatoes, preventing mold from growing.

This method works well because it’s cheap and keeps out everything except for roaches, which burrow into food stores to stay warm in winter. However, if you want to keep roaches away as well as other insects and rodents, try this hack:

how to keep cockroaches away from potatoes

You may be wondering if potatoes will rot in a plastic bin. Not if you don’t leave them there for too long. The potato bin also has to be able to breathe for the potatoes to stay fresh enough to eat.

So how do you know if your potato bin is doing its job? You should check the condition of your potatoes every few days or so, and when they start getting soft, mushy spots on them (or look like they’re starting to sprout), it’s time for another round of storage.

If you find that your potatoes are rotting instead of drying out or going soft and mushy, chances are that your airtight container isn’t working well enough at keeping out moisture—so either loosen up some holes on top or find a better storage method altogether!

Stack wire baskets with thick white paper between each layer of potatoes to keep them from becoming too warm.

Stack wire baskets with thick white paper between each layer of potatoes to keep them from becoming too cold.

White paper reflects light and keeps potatoes cool.

Don’t store apples and potatoes together.

The two should never be stored in the same location, as apples give off ethylene gas, which is toxic to potatoes. Apples and potatoes have different storage requirements, so they should not be stored together.

Potatoes must be kept in a cool, dark place with a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. If you store them outside during winter months, keep them in a root cellar or other area that is between 32 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

The ideal time period for storing potatoes will vary by variety but generally ranges from six weeks to four months depending on how long they’ll be stored before use. Potatoes do not need to be refrigerated if they are properly stored away from other fruits such as apples and bananas (which give off ethylene gas) until you’re ready to cook them

Crushed eggshells in the bin will help keep out ants, beetles and other insects.

Crushed eggshells in the bin will help keep out ants, beetles and other insects.

The fine powder of crushed eggshells can be used as an insect repellent. A thin layer of this powder around your bins, especially under the potatoes, will keep all kinds of insects away, including cockroaches and potato bugs.

Keep the bin cool but not cold and don’t store apples and potatoes together, or you’ll have an early crop of rotted potatoes.

Apples require a cooler temperature to stay fresh, while potatoes prefer warmer temperatures. If you store apples and potatoes together, they’ll rot before they ripen. The cold will slow the ripening process down and stop the sprouting process of the potatoes.

Your best bet is to store apples in a cool place like your basement or garage. If you have an attic, try storing them there instead of downstairs so they don’t take up room in your refrigerator when you could be using it for more important things (like making jam). Potatoes should be kept somewhere warmer if possible; keep them away from any outside walls since these tend to get really cold during winter months!

It can be easy to protect your potatoes from roaches.

It can be easy to protect your potatoes from roaches. If you put your potatoes in a place that cockroaches will find difficult to climb over or squeeze through, they’ll stay out of the box. For example, if you store them in a plastic box with holes drilled into the sides at least 1/2 inch apart, then it won’t matter how many roaches there are in your home because they won’t be able to get into the container and eat any of your potatoes!

If you don’t have time for this extra step before storing your potatoes away from pests such as roaches, another option is thick wet newspaper on the bottom of a cardboard box or basket; this will keep out most small insects and many rodents as well

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how to store potatoes from roaches

If you’re a fan of potatoes, then you may be wondering how to store potatoes away from cockroaches.

Cockroaches are infamously attracted to potatoes, which means that if you want to keep your potatoes safe from these pests, you’ll need to find a place to store them that is cockroach-free.

Luckily, there are several options for storing potatoes far from roaches. If you have access to an outdoor space (like a garden or backyard), then consider placing your potatoes in an outdoor storage unit like a barrel or bin. If you don’t have access to an outdoor space with proper storage capabilities, then consider placing your potatoes in a plastic container with holes in it—this will allow air flow while keeping out unwanted pests such as cockroaches.


It can be really easy to protect your potatoes from roaches. If you use the right methods, it will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

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