Igr Fleas

Ig Regulator is a fast-acting dog flea treatment that starts killing adult fleas in 30 minutes. It can restrict the growth adult fleas on your pets, their bedding, and in their environment before they have the opportunity to lay more eggs.

Igr Fleas

Insect growth regulators (IGRs) are playing an increasingly prominent role in controlling insect pests in diverse situations. Initially introduced in the 1970s for control of mosquitoes, a variety of IGRs are now used in agriculture and horticulture, as well as against stored product pests, ants, cockroaches and fleas. Insect growth regulators are among those materials which have been classified “biorational” to distinguish them from conventional pesticides. For many people the term “biorational” implies that IGRs are natural, biodegradable and specific to the target pest. Conventional pesticides, on the other hand, are synthetic and often perceived as being persistent and having a broad spectrum of activity. Such comparisons between IGRs and so-called conventional pesticides are overly simplistic and may be misunderstood by PCOs.

As pest management professionals we should be aware that IGR products are synthetic, not natural. And although more limited in pest spectrum than conventional insecticides, two of the most commonly used IGRs, methoprene and fenoxycarb, are active against homoptera (e.g. scale insects), diptera (e.g. mosquitoes), lepidoptera (e.g. moths), coleoptera (beetles), as well as against siphonaptera (fleas) and many other pest and non-pest insects. Of course, the manner in which these IGRs are formulated and used helps achieve target specificity, but this also can be said of conventional pesticides.

Regarding degradability, it is perfectly true that IGRs are biodegradable, but it is also true that all the organophospates, carbamates, pyrethroids and other synthetic pesticides used by PCOs are biodegradable. In fact, IGRs are marketed and labeled as residual pesticides and persist longer indoors than some conventional pesticides.

In summary, although there are actually several similarities between IGRs and conventional pesticides, IGRs are quite different in terms of their mode of action, and this gives them some particular benefits in flea control.

HOW THEY WORK. The IGRs currently available for flea control are based on methoprene (Precor) and fenoxycarb (Torus). Both are “juvenoids,” a term used for synthetic chemicals which mimic the naturally occurring juvenile hormones which help control development and molting of immature insects. A second group of IGRs known as chitin inhibitors (e.g. diflubenzuron) is under development and this type interferes with cuticle development and prevents molting. The primary mode of action of juvenoids is to inhibit insect transformation from one stage to another (e.g. larva to pupa, nymph to adult). This mode of action is particularly suitable for pests such as fleas or mosquitoes where the larvae do not cause a nuisance. However, for many insects the larval or nymphal stages are harmful, and prolonging these stages is undesirable. For instance, in the case of moths and cockroaches the use of IGRs alone is not ideal because the larvae and nymphs are pests. (Editor’s note: Where use of an adulticide is recommended, IGRs have been used successfully as the primary control agent for cockroaches in sensitive areas such as hospital and research facilities.)

It should also be remembered that IGRs do not kill adult insects, so any adult fleas present at the time of treatment will continue to be a nuisance until they die from other causes, unless an adulticide is also used. In addition, like conventional pesticides, IGRs will not affect existing flea pupae, which are well protected within their pupal skin and within the silk cocoon spun by the final larval stage. However, both methoprene and fenoxycarb have ovicidal action which prevents treated flea eggs from hatching. So while existing pupae and adults will survive and IGR treatment, eggs and larvae will not develop to produce a new generation. Before considering how to further exploit this mode of action for flea control, it is worth looking at some of the important benefits of IGRs.

Igr Fleas

The Ig Regulator Fleas is a unique product that has been carefully designed to help keep your home free of fleas. The product is made with high-quality materials and meets all the requirements of the leading regulatory bodies in the industry.

List Of Igr Fleas

CSI Tekko Pro IGR Insect Growth Regulator 16 Oz
Price : $44.09 ($2.76 / Ounce)
Features :

  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • For use on furniture, carpets, kennels
  • Inhibits re-infestation of fleas for up to seven months

Additional Info :

ZOECON 10191500 Precor IGR Insect Growth Regulator, Clear Yellow
Price : $58.32
Features :

  • Target pests: Fleas. Does not work on ticks. For Ticks,
  • For use in: indoor control only of pre-adult fleas – up to seven full months. Does not work outside in direct sun
  • Application: Apply at a rate of 1 oz per 1 gallon of the diluted spray solution per 1500 sq ft of surface area with any low pressure sprayer with a fan tip that is typically used for indoor applications.
  • Yield: Kills flea eggs and larve for 7 months as long as carpet is not shampooed or steam cleaned. This means if a flea egg drops off of infected dog, flea egg will not develop. 3 year shelf life
  • Pet safe: yes, when dry. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL BEFORE USE
  • Power Source Type: Manual

Additional Info :

Color Clear Yellow
Item Dimensions
Height 7.88 Inches
Width 1.75 Inches
Length 3.88 Inches
Weight 0.5 Pounds
Prescription Treatment Alpine Flea Insecticide with IGR-20 oz can 795903
Price : $36.99
Features :

  • Safe for Pets
  • Kills fleas for up to 30 days, Kills hatching flea eggs for up to 7 months, Kills bed bugs, Aids in preventing bed bug hatch
  • Prallethrin for quick knockdown.Long-lasting IGR pyriproxyfen kills hatching eggs for up to seven months.
  • 20 Oz Can Treats 2,625 square feet
  • Use In: Apartments, Commercial Structures, Homes, Hotels, Kennels, Motels and Veterinary

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 11.35 Inches
Width 2.65 Inches
Length 2.7 Inches
Weight 1.6093745126 Pounds
MGK 802958 NyGuard IGR Concentrate Insecticide, 4.73 Fl Oz, Clear
Price : $47.24
Features :

  • Pyriproxifen 10.0%
  • Nyguard Insect Growth Regulator is for use in the home and in food and non-food areas of restauruants, food processing plants, food and non-food warehouses, grocery stores and supermarkets, schools, office buildings, apartments, hotels and motels, hospitals, tobacco plants and warehouses, manufacturing plants, commercial and industrial buildings, transportation equipment, and outside on lawns and building perimeters.
  • Nyguard Insect Growth Regulator by MGK can effectively break the reproductive cycle of the toughest insect pests, including cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, ants, and flies. Nyguard inhibits flea reinfestation by fleas for up to 7 months and is also labeled for use in food areas of food-handling establishments.
  • No assembly required

Additional Info :

Color Clear
Item Dimensions
Height 6 Inches
Width 1.5 Inches
Length 3 Inches
Weight 0.295625 Pounds
Precor Plus IGR Fogger Flea Control 6(3 oz.) cans
Price : $28.70
Features :

  • Precor Plus IGR Fogger Flea Control 6 (3oz) Bottles

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 1.1243575362 Pounds

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