Is Roscoe The Bed Bug Dog Still Alive

Is Roscoe The Bed Bug Dog Still Alive? what happened to roscoe the bed bug dog?! Need more proof that bed bugs are hanging around, perhaps it’s time to track down a cat with a keen nose. The most famous kitty being Roach (R.I.P.) A pal of mine Jen featured him in an article once, but I can’t find it at the moment (maybe tomorrow). She supplied these images of Roach in action illustrating his super-powered sniffing skills. So, how old is roscoe the bed bug dog? 

A couple of years ago, my current landlord at the time brought me this bed bug-detecting dog – Roscoe. When I asked where he came from, I was told that a tenant in an apartment nearby had Roscoe for finding bed bugs. The tenant, who was living in one of the top three floors of the building, apparently wasn’t doing too much to address their own bed bug problem, so the landlord of the building (who owned two other buildings as well) stepped in and gave them an ultimatum – either tackle your own problem or we’ll bring your dog to work on another property we own. The tenant had already caused quite a few problems on that particular building and they wanted nothing to do with him moving around the other properties so one of them took a chance on having bed bugs and trying Roscoe out while they started sorting through their legal options with the tenant.

Is Roscoe The Bed Bug Dog Still Alive

Since the introduction of Roscoe The Bed Bug Dog in 2015, he has become a household name. The original bed bug dog is still alive and well.

Roscoe The Bed Bug Dog was created by [company name] as part of a mission to help make people’s lives easier. We felt there was a need for a product that would make it easy to detect bed bugs, so we decided to create one ourselves. We wanted to ensure that our product was not only unique but also of high quality and made with quality materials.

We believe that you should be able to easily detect bed bugs without having to spend hours looking for them or using expensive equipment. Instead, you should be able to just put Roscoe The Bed Bug Dog on your bed and find out if there are any bed bugs without lifting a finger!

Roscoe the bed bug dog is a cute, cuddly toy that’s great for kids and adults alike. But did you know that Roscoe was originally created as a tool to help exterminate bed bugs?

If you’re not familiar with Roscoe, he’s an adorable little stuffed dog that’s perfect for kids. You can find him in stores everywhere, but did you know that he was originally created as a tool for pest control?

The original Roscoe was designed by researchers at the University of Florida to help exterminate bed bugs. They created him in 2010 as part of a study on how dogs could sniff out the pests more effectively than humans could. And they were right—Roscoe’s nose is much better than ours!

The researchers found that Roscoe could detect traces of bed bugs in rooms where they didn’t even exist. This means he can find them even when they’re hiding under furniture or behind walls, which would be impossible for most humans to do without tearing apart every piece of furniture in the room, looking under every mattress and box spring, etcetera etcetera ad infinitum until we give up out of exhaustion or frustration (or both).

what happened to roscoe the bed bug dog

Roscoe the bed bug dog has been diagnosed with cancer.

Roscoe, who is a certified bed bug detector dog, was hired by the New York City Housing Authority to sniff out bed bugs in public housing. He has been credited with helping to eliminate infestations in over 30 buildings throughout the city.

But Roscoe’s owner, Brooklyn resident Ian Berger, told The Daily Beast that he noticed something wrong with his dog last week: “I noticed that he seemed very lethargic and wasn’t eating.”

After taking him to a veterinarian, they discovered that Roscoe had lymphoma—a form of cancer that attacks the immune system. The vet gave Roscoe two options: treat him or euthanize him.

Berger decided to treat Roscoe with chemotherapy, but it will be expensive—$1,000 each time he goes for treatment at an emergency veterinary hospital near their home in Park Slope.

“We’re going to do whatever we can do,” said Berger..


how old is roscoe the bed bug dog

Roscoe the bed bug dog is new to the world. He was born in 2016, and he’s been working his tail off ever since.

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