Kill Ants With Baking Soda And Powdered Sugar

How to kill ants with baking soda and powdered sugar.

Ants can be annoying and there are many different ways to get rid of ants. You can use ant spray or call a pest control, but what if you don’t like the chemical smell or it’s expensive? There are some homemade solutions that can kill ants naturally, so today I’m going to show you how to really kill ants using baking soda and powdered sugar.

If you have an ant infestation, don’t panic. You can kill ants using baking soda and powdered sugar. Believe it or not, baking soda and powdered sugar are great tools for eradicating ants. Both ingredients are safe to use around your pets. Baking soda is a natural deodorizer that leaves your home smelling fresh and clean. You should also know that using baking soda and powdered sugar safely won’t affect the food in your pantry. It won’t cause any messes, either.

If you have an ant problem, you need to follow these steps to get rid of them naturally.Fight ants with baking soda. Ants hate the alkalinity in baking soda. Use it as a barrier around your home. Sprinkle salt around house to drive ants out. They dislike the taste of salt and will go elsewhere for food. (Salt is toxic to ants.) Ants are afraid of cucumber scent and will not cross cucumber slices or smell it

You may have heard it before, but baking soda is a great non-toxic way to get rid of ants. Just sprinkle it around your kitchen and they’ll be gone in a day or two. I’ve found that the little sugar packets you get with takeout food work well for this purpose. You can set them out next to the soda and the ants will love them as much as you love Chinese food.

One thing that really sucks is when you open your kitchen cupboard in the morning to get some food and you find ants have been crawling all over it. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? I have found a solution to this.

Kill Ants With Baking Soda And Powdered Sugar

Looking for the perfect product to kill ants? Look no further! We have a unique solution that is sure to do the trick: baking soda and powdered sugar.

This is a quality product, made with quality material.

Are you tired of the ant problem in your home?

We have a solution: baking soda and powdered sugar.

The combination is perfect for killing ants, and it comes in a convenient pack that you can take anywhere. This pack is made with quality materials that won’t let you down.

Did you know that baking soda and powdered sugar can kill ants?

It’s true! We’ve been using this trick for years, and it’s the only way we know of to get rid of ants without using toxic chemicals.

Here’s what you do:

-Mix together equal parts baking soda and powdered sugar. It should look like sand.

-Spread the mixture around your house in areas where you see ants, making sure to put it in places where they’re most likely to run into it (like by baseboards).

-Let the mixture sit for a few hours before sweeping it up again.


Have you ever wondered how to kill ants without using harmful chemicals? Here’s a solution: baking soda and powdered sugar.

You can use this combination in many ways to eliminate ants from your home or business. One of the best ways to use this mixture is in an ant trap. Just mix equal parts baking soda and powdered sugar into a bowl, then lay out some paper towel squares on the floor near areas where you’ve seen ants. Sprinkle the powder mixture over the paper towels, then place them near where you’ve seen the most activity from these pests. The ants will be attracted to the sweet scent of the powder, but when they walk across it, they’ll also get covered in baking soda—and that’s when things get interesting! The baking soda will dry out their exoskeletons, which makes them thirsty for water—and if there’s no water around? They die.

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TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Killer, 12 Bait Stations
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  • Kills the Ants You See & the Ones You Don’t – As worker ants discover the bait, they share it with the rest of the colony to eliminate them all
  • Works Fast – You should see a significant decrease in the number of ants visiting the bait stations within just a few days
  • Ready to Use – Place the bait stations, watch it attract ants, and eliminate the entire colony
  • Use Throughout Your Home – Place stations near areas where you’ve seen ant activity including along baseboards, in corners, on counters, and more

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  • Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer for Indoor & Perimeter2 with Comfort Wand kills ants, cockroaches, spiders, fleas, ticks and other listed bugs; the formula is odor free, won’t stain, and keeps listed bugs out
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  • KEEPS BUGS OUTSIDE: Creates a bug barrier that will kill bugs you have and prevents new bugs for up to 12 months (applies to ants, roaches and spiders indoors on non-porous surfaces)
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  • PROTECT YOUR HOME IN EVERY WAY: Don’t worry about ruining baseboards, flooring, or appliances with Zap-A-Roach. It is a non-staining compound, safe to use on a variety of surfaces. Toxic to bugs, but not to your home, boric acid is the perfect option to maintaining the integrity of your house.
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  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE: To use, shake well and twist cap until fully open. Holding bottle at a 45-degree angle, powder should flow freely when squeezed. Use a spoon to distribute powder in hard to reach places. Apply liberally, scatting under and behind large appliances, pipes and drains, and in cracks and crevices along baseboards.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: The Original Zap-A-Roach – The Original Roach and Ant Killer Since 1946. Kills roaches, water bugs, fleas, ants, and silver fish. Made of 100% Boric Acid. Odorless and Non-Staining. Net weight: 1 pound. Do not use where accessible to children or pets. Do not use where food is prepared or processed.

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TERRO T600 Ant Dust - Kills fire ants, carpenter ants, cockroaches, spiders Multi, 1lb
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  • Easy-to-use – Convenient shaker can allows both scatter and wide spread options
  • For indoor and outdoor use – ideal for crack and crevice treatments

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