Little Black Bugs On Dog Not Fleas

Heh, heh, heh. Little black bugs on dogs that are not fleas. That’s just silly. I heard of little white dog hairs being mistaken for baby spiders when they were really just dog hairs on my sweater — but this is a new one!

Dog owners will take great pleasure in the sight of a happy, healthy puppy. Unfortunately, some dog owners are concerned when they see small black bugs on their dog’s skin. The confusion arises when they look just like fleas but without evidence of flea dirt or black specks around the home.

Have you ever seen your pet scratch their ear and wondered why? Did you stop to consider that perhaps it’s from a bug bite? That’s what happened to my dog, Imp. He had black dots all over his belly. I didn’t want to start scouring the web but something told me it was fleas. And I was right! These black bugs on dogs aren’t fleas but there are other types of bugs which is what we’ll take a look at today.

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So your dog has these little black bugs on it? You see them crawling around on the black, but they don’t look like fleas. So what could they be? Well, you can relax. These are not fleas being transferred from one dog to another through a bite. First of all, these are not even bugs! They are called nymphs and are the immature stage of larger insects such as beetles and cockroaches. Unlike fleas and ticks which feed on blood, these do not. Instead, they live off organic material in their environment and only need a place to get water and shelter.

Little Black Bugs On Dog Not Fleas

Little Black Bugs On Dogs Not Fleas

Little black bugs on dogs are not fleas. They are bugs that appear to be small black specks on the skin of your dog. The reason they look like fleas is because they are related to fleas and there are some similarities in their appearance.

The main difference between these two types of insects is that one causes a serious health problem for your dog while the other does not.

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The small black bugs on your dog are not fleas, they are called ticks. They are small black bugs that use their body and legs to cling to your dog. They can cause a lot of problems for your dog and you need to be able to identify them and know how to deal with them when they appear. Ticks are very common in many parts of the world and can be found in grassy areas, forests and even in the city.

They attach themselves to your dog’s skin by using their mouthparts which are located on their heads. These mouthparts will pierce into the skin of your dog’s body and then drink blood from it until they have had enough food for survival. If this happens often enough then your dog may become weak or even die from starvation due to lack of blood supply through its body system due to loss of blood flow through its veins caused by these insects’ feeding habits!

Here is some advice on how you can avoid having these pests on your property:

1) Keep all grassy areas at least 6 inches high so that there is no hiding place for them near where people live or work;

2) Keep pets indoors at night so that they cannot become exposed to these insects during darkness when they come out looking for food

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