Luggage Bed Bug Protection

We found the best bed bug protection for your luggage. Change your luggage liner with our specially designed Bed Bug Protection.

If you’re in the market for a new piece of luggage, but wary about buying it due to the risk of bed bugs being in your bag, don’t throw away your hard earned money. Bed Bug Protection offers protection against these pesky critters with their bed bug–proof zippers.

What would be worse than going on a dream holiday, only for it to end in the nightmare of Bed Bugs? If you’re anything like me, bed bugs are the bane of your existence. In a double whammy, they make themselves at home in your luggage and hitch a ride back with you! Now this wouldn’t be so bad if it was just you, but it also means returning home with some nasty little insects you could leave behind. But if you’re travelling around the world — how can you protect yourself from Bed Bugs?

Imagine heading off on an adventure round the world; you’re out of country and suddenly you notice a small bug crawling on your bag. You don’t know if this is something to be concerned about or not. You don’t want to open your bag up in the hostel or hotel room to find out and you definitely don’t want to panic anyone around you by freaking out over a little bug either. After all, there are probably millions of these bugs all over the shop. Plus its little black (or whatever other colors suits your fancy) so it might just blend into your luggage and go unnoticed.

We all know how stressful traveling can be: you have to figure out what to wear, make your way through the busy streets just to get to the airport, and you might even be nervous about flying. But who think about the fact that the journey doesn’t stop once you reach your destination?

Luggage Bed Bug Protection

The Luggage Bed Bug Protection Mattress is a unique, quality product made from quality materials.

The mattress can be used in multiple areas, including camping, hotels, dorm rooms and more.

The bed bug protection material will help prevent the spread of bed bugs.

The mattress can be used for adults and children alike.

Luggage Bed Bug Protection

Do you hate bugs? We don’t blame you.

But have you ever thought about how they might be traveling around with you in your luggage? It’s a nightmare, right?

We have the solution: Luggage Bed Bug Protection! It’s a unique product that uses quality material to protect your luggage from bed bugs, so that you can travel worry-free.

Let’s face it: you’re never going to be happy with your luggage until you have Luggage Bed Bug Protection.

Our bags are made from the best quality material so they’re as durable as they are stylish. And, we’ve designed them with a special lining that protects against bed bugs and other pests!

Now, with Luggage Bed Bug Protection you can travel in style without having to worry about being eaten alive by insects while you sleep.

list of Luggage Bed Bug Protection

Price : $20.19
Features :

    Additional Info :

    Item Dimensions
    Height 10 Inches
    Width 5 Inches
    Length 2 Inches
    Weight 0.4 Pounds
    Bed Bug Patrol | Safe Travels - Bed Bug Blasting Travel Spray, 3oz
    Price : $12.95 ($4.32 / Fl Oz)
    Features :

    • PROVEN 100% EFFECTIVE — Journal of Economic Entomology published a, independent study by the prestigious Rutgers University Entomology Department, which confirmed that Bed Bug Patrol is “The Most Effective Essential Oil-Based Pesticide” on the market. Bed Bug Patrol’s 100% natural, proprietary formula eradicates bedbugs in every cycle of life form, from egg and nymph to pesticide-resistant mutating adults. Helping to prevent future infestations of bed bugs and stopping mutation in its tracks.
    • PLANT-BASED, NON-TOXIC, UNIVERSITY STUDIED, CHILD AND PET SAFE — Made in the USA, using 100% natural and non-toxic ingredients. No more worries of toxic fumes or dangerous chemicals coming in contact with you and your family.
    • TSA APPROVED MAX 3.2oz TRAVEL SIZE — Bed Bug Patrol Travel Spray is sized specifically to meet the 3.2 oz liquid travel limitation imposed by TSA, while still packing enough power to protect even the worst hotel rooms from infestations.
    • FREE STEP-BY-STEP E-BOOK — Message us for your digital PDF eBook on How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs. This eBook gives you an in-depth look on bed bugs and how to effectively win your bed bug battle quickly and effectively!
    • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE — Formulated by our founder, a 25 year natural approach based Homeopathic Practitioner, Bill Carlson. He personally guarantees that Bed Bug Patrol Bed Bug Killer will work, or your money back! We stand behind our products and dare you to try it 100% Risk-Free for 30 days. If you are not satisfied, please reach out to us directly so we can assist you with expediting that refund accordingly.

    Additional Info :

    Color 3oz (Travel)
    Item Dimensions
    Height 8 Inches
    Width 2 Inches
    Length 2 Inches
    Weight 0.1875 Pounds
    Travel Bed Bug & Mite Killer Spray by Premo Guard 3 oz – Child & Pet Safe – Fast Acting – Stain & Odor Free – Best Protection – Carryon Bag Approved
    Price : $14.97
    Features :

    • SAFE AND NATURAL. Made from natural ingredients. Use on airplane, cruise ships, and all hotels, motels, and hostels. Children, pets, and plant safe.
    • STAIN AND SCENT FREE. Natural insecticide produced by a team of top entomologists. Get a good night’s sleep without worrying about staining bedding and pillows. Apply directly to sheets, mattress and pillow covers. Scent free with no harmful fumes that come from traditional pesticides.
    • PROVEN INSECT KILLER. Tested and proven to protect against bugs. Premo Guard Bed Bug, Lice and Mite Spray kills bugs on contact in all life stages (eggs, nymphs, adults). Also effective on lice, dust mites, spider mites, bird mites, mold mites, cockroaches, silverfish, fleas, and ants.
    • GUARANTEED RESULTS. We ensure our products are supplied from Certified Natural Products Association (NPA) and Approved Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facilities. All our products are third party tested and approved.

    Additional Info :

    Item Dimensions
    Height 3 Inches
    Width 1 Inches
    Length 0.5 Inches
    Weight 0.18 Pounds
    BEAPCO 10021-3 Pack Dissolving Laundry Bags - Bed Bug Protection
    Price : $10.93
    Features :

    • Perfect for frequent travellers or vacationers
    • Dissolves in hot wash and kills potential “hitch Hiking” Bed bugs and nymphs
    • Leaves no scent or residue on clothing
    • Safe and effective way of preventing bed bugs from coming home with you

    Additional Info :

    Color Green
    Item Dimensions
    Height 1.5 Inches
    Width 6.5 Inches
    Length 4.5 Inches
    Weight 0.4 Pounds
    Rightline Gear Range Jr Car Top Carrier, 10 cu ft Sized for Compact Cars, Weatherproof +, Attaches With or Without Roof Rack
    Price : $67.95
    Features :

    • QUALITY WEATHERPROOF + CONSTRUCTION: UV protected PVC Semi-Coated Mesh XT material, welded seams, and urethane coated zipper with hook-&-loop-close flap provide reinforced protection against rain, snow, heat, heavy winds, and other extreme conditions.
    • 1 YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY: Shop confidently; our service team is based in the USA & skillfully trained to help you with any questions or concerns.
    • ATTACHES WITH OR WITHOUT A ROOF RACK: Attach the carrier’s straps to a vehicle’s roof rack or use the Car Clips to attach the straps to a vehicle’s door frame weather molding.
    • COMPACT CAR DESIGN: 10 cubic foot capacity, 36 L x 32 W x 15 H; designed for compact cars (can be used on larger vehicles).
    • EASY TO INSTALL: Your bag comes with everything you need to load it up, attach it, and hit the road in minutes! Includes carrier, (4) attachment straps, (4) Car Clips, and stuff sack with sewn-in set up guide.

    Additional Info :

    Color Black
    Item Dimensions
    Height 15 Inches
    Width 32 Inches
    Length 36 Inches
    Weight 6.2390820146 Pounds

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