Malaysian Ants Exploding

Exploding ants making a mess of things? Okay, maybe that doesn’t ring a bell for you. But if you’re an Internet user, chances are, you’ve heard of Slow Loris videos and Itsy Bitsy Spider. You see, Malaysian Exploding Ants is the brainchild of Chacha Lee. Chacha has been posting Malaysian Exploding Ants videos on YouTube for about four years now and he’s been featured in all sorts of news organizations including National Geographic. But I’m not here to info-dump facts about Malaysian exploding ants; heck, even Wikipedia has sufficient information on this subject. I’m here to explore the depths of Malaysian exploding ants — what kind of videos have they produced? What kind of people populate the comments section? And most importantly, what can Malaysia learn from all this?

It’s a hot, sticky morning in Malaysia. The temperature today is 31°C. A local plantation worker, Wang Thong Long, had been busy working when he heard the ground rumbling beneath him. He had to stop what he was doing and check out the source of the sound.

Bela-bunda ants, also known as crazy ants and tropical fire ants (as they have a nasty sting), are tiny monsters that may appear to be cute and harmless at first, but they are actually one of the most dangerous types of ant you can encounter. Though typically considered pests, these things can become a real problem in your home or building in no time.

Malaysian Ants Exploding

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