Man Dies Eating Cockroaches

You read that headline correctly. Man dies from eating cockroaches. Horrible I know, man dies from eating cockroaches.

He ate cockroaches the next day and became ill. He was suffering from acute gastroenteritis and diarrhea, which caused dehydration and a deadly sharp drop in blood pressure. The man, whose name has not been released, died after being admitted to the hospital.

Would you consider eating cockroaches? One man really did. A 57-year-old bus driver, in South Korea, died after he got drunk and ate an unhealthy amount of cockroaches. He became ill just a day later and was admitted to the hospital.

Today we are going to be talking about how eating cockroaches can kill one man and nearly killed another.

Biting into a cockroach filled Quaker Oats pancake, 42-year-old South Korean man suffers from convulsions and dies.

Man Dies Eating Cockroaches

The man who died from eating cockroaches is the latest victim of a deadly trend in China.

The trend, which has been called “cricket powder,” involves eating powdered bugs for nutrition and health purposes. In some cases, people are taking the powder to boost their immune systems or as an alternative to medicine.

This practice has been documented for hundreds of years in China, but recently the popularity of the practice has taken off. The trend started when celebrities began promoting it as a way to improve their diet and overall health. The media picked up on this story, and now many people are trying cricket powder because they think it will help them stay healthier and live longer.

In fact, there is even evidence that suggests that cricket powder can help prevent disease and improve brain function—and that’s why so many people are tempted by it. However, there have been several reports of negative side effects from consuming crickets: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and even death…

Cockroaches are the latest craze in the world of protein bars.

The trend started when a man in South Korea ate one and died. The man was eating cockroaches to get his protein requirements met, but after eating one he fell over and never woke up again.

The trend then spread across Asia, and now people are starting to eat them all over the world. The problem with this is that these cockroaches are not as nutritious as they seem. They do have some protein, but it comes from a less quality source than other food sources.

They also have many other toxins in their bodies that can be harmful to humans if consumed in large amounts or on a regular basis. This is why the man died after eating only one bug; he was not careful about how much he was eating or how often he ate them.

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