Mosquito Light Repellent

Keep those pesky mosquitos away with the Mosquito Light Repellent.This unique product uses a black light to deter mosquitoes. Place it in any room or hall at your home, office or camp site and enjoy hours of protection. It also makes food preparation easier thanks to its mosquito repelling light bulbs and protects you from unwanted guests.

Are mosquitoes biting you and your kids? Is mosquitos bothering you while you are outside? Don’t worry! You can solve it using mosquito light repellent. Then, you can have a wonderful time with your family without any worries.

Mosquitoes are super annoying, but did you know that some can even cause diseases like Dengue, Malaria and Zika virus? Mosquito Lights are a non-toxic, safe alternative to traditional bug sprays.

Confronted with an increasing mosquito problem at home and work, Dr. Prakash Chandra came up with a solution that is cheap and effective. The invention can be used by all to not only repel mosquitoes, but also for those who need light at night to execute tasks such as reading or writing. This is achieved using harmless LED lights specifically engineered in a patented design to emit safe levels of Ultraviolet (UV) light.

If you live in, or are visiting a tropical region, you’re most likely familiar with the swarm of mosquitoes that surround you. And if you haven’t experienced a swarm of mosquitoes yet, chances are pretty good that it’s coming sooner rather than later. To some people, being surrounded by all those mosquito bites is something that they can tolerate and the itching from them isn’t really too bad.

Have one of those parties where everyone comes over, eats, drinks beers outside with lots of mosquitoes swarming around? This will be a life saver.

Mosquito Light Repellent

Mosquito Light Repellent

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new product, Mosquito Light Repellent. This product uses a unique blend of quality material and technology to repel mosquitos from your home or yard. You can hang it from the ceiling or set it down on a table, so it’s easy to use anywhere in your house or on your patio.

You can also use Mosquito Light Repellent as a portable light source for camping or hiking trips. It will keep mosquitos away without having to apply bug spray or put on any other repellent.

Mosquito light repellent is a unique, new quality product that uses high-quality material. It’s an ideal choice for anyone looking for the best mosquito repellent for their home or garden.

Mosquito Light Repellent is a new, unique product that repels mosquitos by emitting light. The light is produced by a small solar panel inside the device. It can be used anywhere, and it’s made from quality materials that are durable and long-lasting.

We know how annoying mosquitos are. With [product name], you’ll be able to enjoy your time outside without worrying about being bitten by mosquitoes.

Our product is unique and effective, and it’s made with quality materials that you know will last.

list of Mosquito Light Repellent

Tealight Citronella Candles - Anti Mosquito Candle - 4 Hour Burn - 50 Pack - DEET Free
Price : $9.99 ($0.20 / Count)
Features :

    Additional Info :

    Item Dimensions
    Height 0.6 Inches
    Width 1.5 Inches
    Length 1.5 Inches
    TIKI Brand 36 FT Mosquito Repellent BiteFighter Outdoor LED String Lights, Weatherproof Lighting with 2200K Shatter-Resistant Bulbs
    Price : $159.00
    Features :

    • INNOVATIVE STRING LIGHTS: Add a warm, inviting glow to any outdoor space while effectively driving mosquitoes away for a more enjoyable gathering or intimate evening and without the mess and odor of repellent sprays and creams
    • PROVEN MOSQUITO REPELLENCY*: Replaceable pods pre-filled with BiteFighter repellent fluid provide 330 square feet of coverage and up to 200 hours of repellency (*Based on studies that demonstrated a reduction in mosquitoes compared to untreated controls. Use as directed. Efficacy may be affected by weather conditions, configuration and distance from repellent pods, and individual physical factors.)
    • ENERGY-EFFICIENT LED LIGHTING: Uses 14 long-lasting 2200K shatter-resistant LED bulbs for ultimate durability, longevity, and energy savings
    • CUSTOMIZABLE & EASY TO USE: Offers various hanging configurations; and just flip the switch to establish mosquito repellency within 15 minutes or turn off the repellent when you don’t need it but still want to enjoy ambient lighting
    • OUR 36-FOOT STRING LIGHT INCLUDES: 14 LED bulbs, 3 repellent pods, 2 extra LED bulbs, and 1 replacement fuse

    Additional Info :

    Color Black
    Item Dimensions
    Height 7.75 Inches
    Width 2 Inches
    Length 36 Inches
    [2 in 1] Bug Zapper & Attractant - Effective 4200V Electric Mosquito Zappers Killer - Insect Fly Trap, Waterproof for Indoor & Outdoor - Electronic Light Bulb Lamp for Backyard, Patio, Home, Plug in
    Price : $34.95
    Features :

    • ✅ADVANCED 2-IN-1 BUG ZAPPER + EFFECTIVE ATTRACTANT: No chances to survive: effective attractant for bugs, mosquitoes, flies attracts insects and powerful 4200v electric grid terminates them. Keep insects at bay with the US-tested mosquito killer + additional reusable non-toxic attractant to boost work efficiency. A 20W high-intensity ultraviolet lamp attracts all flying insects to the mosquito zapper, instantly killing them with the help of an internal electric grid.
    • ✅TOP COVERAGE 2100 SQ. FT. WITH POWERFUL 4200V SAFE GRID: Impressive 2100 sq. ft. (½ acre) coverage and 4200V grid with 3-4 times higher power than alternative bug zappers for home have provide reliable and effective indoor and backyard bug control.
    • ✅EXTRA-BRIGHT 20W LAMP SAFE & ECO FRIENDLY: Meet the fly zapper with no chemicals, insecticides and harmful sprays: only the effect of current, which electrocutes mosquitoes upon contact. The internal grid is reliably fenced with a plastic housing to prevent accidental contact.
    • ✅EASY-TO-CLEAN, RAINPROOF AND DURABLE: Rain or sunshine, your mosquito magnet operates without interruptions. Remove insect debris once a week: just pull out the collection tray of electric bug zapper and get rid of them. Convenient bonus brush makes cleaning the best, even easier than racket, fly swatter or repellents and faster.
    • ✅ENJOY SIMPLE INSTALLATION: just place the electric bug killer on a flat surface or hang it with a convenient handheld black large ring: the mini distance to the outlet does not matter with a long 4 ft. (47 inch) power plug in cord.

    Additional Info :

    Color Black
    Item Dimensions
    Height 39.37 Inches
    Width 0.393700787 Inches
    Length 0.393700787 Inches
    Mosquito Guard Tealight Citronella Candles 16 Pcs - Mosquito Repellent Outdoor - Mosquito Repellent for Patio - Plant Based Mosquito Repellent Candles
    Price : $13.95 ($0.87 / Count)
    Features :

    • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our mosquito candles are made with Natural Plant Based Ingredients – Citronella, Peppermint, Rosemary, Cedarwood, and Lemongrass Oil
    • DEET FREE: Our bug repellent outdoor candles are completely DEET FREE
    • PLEASANT SMELLING: Our citronella candles outdoor bug repellant produces an aroma that people find refreshing and not too overpowering unlike other candles for mosquitoes outdoor
    • PORTABLE CITRONELLA TEALIGHT CANDLES: Our 16 pack of candles are perfect for traveling since they are compact
    • PERFECT FOR ANY OUTDOOR EVENT: Ideal mosquito eradicator whether at home on the patio, deck, or backyard; at the park, beach, or pool; on the boat, dock, balcony, garden, camping, fishing, or rooftop

    Additional Info :

    Color Cream
    Bug Zapper, Electronic Mosquito Killing Bulb and Camping Lamp, Waterproof Mosquito Repellent Insect Killer Fly Trap with Tent Light Rechargeable for Indoor Outdoor
    Price : $21.99
    Features :

    • 2-IN-1 ELECTRIC MOSQUITO TRAP LAMP – Smart Mosquito Killer Bulb attracts the insects with its built-in UV light and kills them instantaneously. The 2200mAh USB rechargeable LED light also illuminates the room enough. It comes with three different light settings — White light, Warm light and SOS Mode.
    • SAFE & CHEMICAL-FREE: A safe and no-baiting design of Mosquito Killer Lamp, thick insulating structure prevents your finger to get in touch with the electrified mesh, ES+UL certified & EPA registered.
    • IP66 WATERPROOF CAMPING LIGHT: No need to clean with some specific brush, simply put the Camping Lantern under the faucet and get rid of the trapped insects.
    • INDOOR/OUTDOOR USE: The portable and compact design (3.9″*5.5″) is easy to carry along when you are going camping with your friends or organizing a family cookout on your patio.
    • CONVENIENT TO USE & CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: You can put the Mosquito Killer on table or hang it anywhere with the help of its hook, the USB cable allows easy charging too. Quality is our passion; thus, we provide a 100% money-back guarantee for any dissatisfaction with the product.

    Additional Info :

    Color Fly trap lamp

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