Mosquito Repellent Shade Plants

Mosquitoes Are A Pernicious, Bloodthirsty Bunch That You Don’t Want Around. And They’re Just As Annoying At Blue Grant Building Supply. We All Know A Lot Of Effort It Takes To Get Rid Of Them. But There Are Ways To Keep Them Away From Your Back Porch Or Patio Dinner Party. One Of The Best Methods Is To Plant Mosquito Repellent Shade Plants In Your Yard That Offer Both Privacy And Provide Constant Protection From Febrile, Frolicking Fliers.

Are you looking for mosquito repellent plants to plant in your back garden? We’ve got a list of the best mosquito repellent plants that are great for keeping mosquitoes away from your yard.

If you’re a frustrated mosquito magnet, I have good news for you. Here are some plants with natural mosquito-repelling powers that can help make your life more relaxing and pleasant.

Growing up, visiting my grandparent’s backyard was a nightmare. Not because of the side walk chalk games or oh-so-cute-but-would-have-been-a-nightmare-to-raise pets — but rather due to the pain and itchiness caused by mosquito bites. My mom gave us all insect repellent but that resulted in unsightly orange hands and weird smelling hair.

Mosquito Repellent Shade Plants

Mosquito Repellent Shade Plants

Looking to add some shade plants to your garden? We’ve got you covered.

We’ve created the Mosquito Repellent Shade Plants, a unique, quality product made with quality material.

Mosquito Repellent Shade Plants

What You Get:

– Quality plant material

– Unique design

– Quality product

Mosquito Repellent Shade Plants

Mosquitoes are a real nuisance, and they can ruin your outdoor time. Now you can keep them away with our mosquito repellent shade plants! These plants are the perfect addition to any garden or patio. They will not only keep mosquitoes away, but they will also look beautiful and add a relaxing atmosphere to your outdoor space.

Our plant line includes:

Mosquito Repellent Shade Plants

Mosquitoes don’t just bite. They can also carry and spread disease, which is why you should consider planting mosquito-repelling plants in your garden, along with other types of plants that attract beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies.

Mosquito repellent shade plants are a great way to keep mosquitoes away from your home while also adding beauty and color to your yard or garden. These plants have been proven to repel mosquitoes naturally and are safe for people, pets and wildlife.

list of Mosquito Repellent Shade Plants

Live Citronella Plants, Scented Geranium, AKA Mosquito Plant, 4" Nursery Pot, 8-10" Total Height Minimum from Base of Pot to top of Plant (1 Live Tree)
Price : $19.99
Features :

  • 1 large LIVE Citronella Mosquito repellent plants 8” tall, planted in individual 4” plastic pots. Our plants have up to ten times the root development of standard mosquito plants. Big and healthy. They arrive well packaged and ready to grow
  • Fully rooted and hardened off. This means the roots fill in the entire pot and the plant is fully acclimated to growing outdoors. This ensures it thrives when it arrives at its new home
  • The Citronella Plant is known for its distinct, lemony aroma. With lush, green foliage, and the occasional pink-purple flower, these scented geraniums thrive both indoors and out. They require little tending and grow up to 4 feet tall.
  • These lemony-scented citronella plants keep an area up to 12 square feet virtually mosquito free.
  • With lush, green foliage, and the occasional pink-purple flower, the Citronella Geranium plant has a natural scent. Plant early in the season for maximum growth and effectiveness.

Additional Info :

Lantana Camara Flowers – Two (2) Live Plants – Not Seeds - Natural Mosquito Garden - Attract Hummingbirds & Butterflies - Each 3” to 7” Tall in 4 inch Pots - Assorted Colors - Premium Plants
Price : $22.97
Features :

  • A fast growing annual for zones 4-7 that produces beautiful blooms on sturdy branches
  • Naturally provides a protective barrier in your yard or garden, while attracting butterflies and hummingbirds
  • A natural deterrent for a buzz free yard
  • Grows in sun to part sun. Adapts to most soil types but blooms best in arid or semi arid conditions
  • Zones 8 plus – grows up to 6 feet tall. Ships in Clovers Branded Pot with Clovers Copyrighted Plant Care Info!

Additional Info :

10 Excellent Mosquito Repellent Plants: guide to Keep The Mosquitoes Away: Plants To Use As A Natural Mosquito Repellent
Price : $8.99
Features :

    Additional Info :

    Item Dimensions
    Height 9 Inches
    Width 0.07 Inches
    Length 6 Inches
    Thinkbaby SPF 50+ Baby Sunscreen – Safe, Natural Sunblock for Babies - Water Resistant Sun Cream – Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Sun Protection – Vegan Mineral Sun Lotion, 6oz
    Price : $21.99 ($3.66 / Fl Oz)
    Features :

    • SAFE, NATURAL PROTECTION: Thinkbaby sunscreen provides effective SPF 50+ sun protection for babies. The broad spectrum UVA & UVB baby sunblock is suitable for daily use on infants’ sensitive skin, offering gentle defense against the sun’s rays
    • EASY APPLICATION: The hydrating sun cream is quick and easy to apply to even the most active babies, and protection begins instantly. The fast absorbing kids sun lotion won’t leave skin feeling oily or sticky, and has no unpleasant chemical scent.
    • CLEAN MINERAL FORMULA: The first sunscreen to pass Whole Foods Premium Care requirements, Thinkbaby vegan, Leaping Bunny certified sun creams contain no PABA, parabens, phthalates, BPA, oxybenzone, avobenzone, petroleum, gluten, dairy, or toxic chemicals.
    • WATER RESISTANT: Your baby can splash, swim and play in the water safely. Our children’s sun cream provides the highest water resistance per the FDA, offering babies continuous protection for up to 80 minutes in the pool or sea before the sunscreen should be re-applied.
    • REEF FRIENDLY: Safe for babies, and safe for the earth. Produced in the USA, our sunscreen’s active ingredient is non-nano Zinc Oxide, and the formula is highly biodegradable, non toxic and does not contain any known chemicals harmful to coral reefs.

    Additional Info :

    Color White
    Item Dimensions
    Height 3 Inches
    Width 3 Inches
    Length 6.5 Inches
    Weight 0.52 Pounds
    Release Date 2015-07-16T00:00:01Z
    1000+ Non-GMO Citronella Plant Seeds for Planting - Heirloom Citronella Grass Seeds Planting Garden Home (Made in The US)
    Price : $8.99 ($0.01 / Count)
    Features :

    • 1000+ Citronella Seeds: Over 1000 Citronella Plant seeds are enough for beginners, gardeners or farmers to create a lush garden or yard. Natural and effective way to repel mosquitoes.
    • 90%+ Germination Rate: The Citronella Seeds for Planting will reach higher than 90% germination rate in proper planting way.
    • The US Products: Citronella Plant Seeds like sun and water and will live better when plant in semi-sun in summer and full sun in other seasons. Proudly made in The US.
    • Plants Preference: Citronella Grass Seeds will begin germinate in about 1 month at 68°F. 50°F-80°F is suitable for growth and will stop growing below 44°F and above 90°F.
    • Instruction: Sow the mosquito repellent plant seeds in 1.2 inches of fine sandy soil and water thoroughly four hours after sowing.Keep the soil moist, transplant after germination, fast growth, once a year change the pot to increase soil and fertilizer.

    Additional Info :

    Color Green

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