Bonide Mouse Magic Repellent

Bonide Mouse Magic Repellent is a great alternative to poisons and other methods of mouse control. It is a safe and effective way to deter mice from your home or farm. The natural ingredients in this product make it safe for use around children, pets, and people with allergies.

This natural repellent is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be used in attics, basements, sheds, garages, and on patios without the risk of contaminating your home or garden. It’s also a great choice for preventing mice from damaging your summer garden. It can be applied to vegetables, fruit trees, and shrubs to create a barrier that mice won’t cross. Bonide Mouse Magic Repellent is an old-time recipe of herbs that have been used for years as a natural repellent. While largely discontinued by larger stores due to its difficult-to-understand formula, it is still regularly sold at Tractor Supply Company stores across the country where you are sure to find what you need.

The best part? It will kill all kinds of rodents, including squirrels, chipmunks, moles, and rats. Plus, it doesn’t harm other animals or humans. If you want to get rid of your mouse problem without harming other creatures in your yard or garden, this is your best bet.

This product does not contain any harmful chemicals or pesticides. Instead, it contains cinnamon oil and other natural ingredients that are proven to repel mice without harming them or their habitat.

How Do You Use Mouse Magic

Bonide Mouse Magic Repellent is a unique and new product that is sure to help you get rid of mice in your house. Made with quality materials, it’s the perfect solution for anyone who wants to keep their home free of pesky rodents. Mouse Magic Repellent is a unique, quality product that uses quality materials to keep mice away.

This product is so effective, it’s won over the hearts of thousands of satisfied customers throughout the world.

The specially-formulated material isn’t just good for keeping out mice, it also repels cockroaches and other insects. So if you’re looking for a single product that can do it all, Mouse Magic Repellent is an excellent choice.

How to Keep Mice Away

BONIDE Mouse Magic Scent Packs repel mice in the home, garage, cottage, attic or where ever mice could be a problem. Made with natural ingredients. People & pets are safe when used as directed.

Why Do I Have Mice in My House All of a Sudden?

There are two main things that can attract mice and rats to your house: food and shelter. If you don’t tidy up properly and there’s food waste on the floor or surfaces, rodents are going to love it. Rats and mice also need shelter, particularly during winter to avoid the worst of the cold.

To prevent mice from coming into your house, make sure you clean up any food scraps in your kitchen after cooking or eating. And don’t forget about proper storage of food in cupboards and pantries, don’t leave out open bags or boxes that might be tempting treats for rodents.

As well as making sure there isn’t any food lying around your home, take care to block off any holes in walls or floors that could give rats access to your space. A good way to do this is by using steel wool or mesh with cement if you want a more permanent solution. Another option is putting down traps baited with peanut butter or other foods they like (such as oats).

How Long Does It Take for Mouse Infestation to Go Away?

It will depend on the degree of the infestation, but typically it takes 1-3 months for exterminators to get rid of mice.

This is because mice can have up to 5 litters a year, and in just one litter there can be about 12-15 young mice that need to be taken care of. This means that if you have seen one mouse in your house, there is likely a whole family that needs to be removed as well.

How Long Does Mouse Magic Work?

Mouse Magic will last for 30 days.

Mouse Magic is a product that you apply to your mouse, and it leaves a scent that attracts mice. The scent is so powerful and attractive that it will work for 30 days, at which point you can reapply as needed.

In Conclusion,

Bonide Mouse Magic Repellent is an effective, affordable way to keep mice away from your property. The product can be used in any situation where mice are present and you want to get rid of them for good. It is easy to use, smells pleasant, and does not leave any residue behind when sprayed. The product comes with a one-year guarantee so you can rest assured that it will work as advertised.

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