Can You See Fleas With A Black Light: Control Guide

Fleas are a seasonal problem, particularly in the summer when they thrive and multiply at breakneck speed. Fleas are parasites that feed on their hosts to survive. Cats and dogs are among the most common hosts for fleas but rabbits, rats, mice, birds, and humans can also be affected. These tiny creatures only grow up to 2-3mm and have a reddish-brown color which makes them almost invisible to the naked eye.

They may look harmless but fleas can cause severe damage if not removed from your home. They bite you constantly leaving behind itchy bumps that often get infected because of excessive scratching or biting at the area. Also, if left unchecked these critters will continue to multiply until your home is infested with thousands of them. To make matters worse, flea bites can transmit tapeworms through their feces which then end up living inside your pet’s intestines where they absorb nutrients meant for digestion instead.

Fleas are attracted to ultraviolet light because it mimics warmth, an essential trait for blood-sucking insects that feed on mammals’ blood. They’re able to sense infrared radiation too, which helps them find their hosts in the dark without having to rely solely on touch or smell alone. Ticks are more limited in their abilities: they cannot see UV light at all, but have become adapted over millennia so that their bodies reflect greenish-yellow colors instead of red ones; this makes them practically invisible under bright sunlight conditions where most people would see them easily enough anyway.

Are Fleas Attracted To Light

Yes, fleas are attracted to light, but they’re not attracted to just any light. They’re attracted to the ultraviolet rays that are emitted by fluorescent and LED lights. Fleas don’t have a single eye but instead have many small eyes called ommatidia that function like the facets of a fly’s compound eye. The ommatidia allow them to see movement and contrast, which is why they’re able to detect changes in light so easily.

When you combine black lights with other tools, such as flea combs, you will be able to see if your cat has fleas. However, the method isn’t foolproof and should be used in combination with other strategies to identify and treat fleas on your feline friend.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas

Black lights do not kill fleas. They are used to find fleas and eggs, as well as other insects such as bedbugs, moths, and carpet beetles.

To kill the adult flea population in your home: Vacuum all carpets, floors, and furniture thoroughly before applying a commercial flea spray to the area where the vacuumed items were left for at least 24 hours. When you are finished vacuuming seal the bag in another plastic bag for disposal outside of your home later that evening or early next morning.

If you have pets, make sure they have been de-fleas by a vet prior to using any pesticides or insecticides in your house so they aren’t exposed unnecessarily through breathing toxins released into their indoor environment by sprays applied indoors.

What Causes Fleas To Glow Under A Black Light

Fleas are a common pet problem. They can appear as little white specks on your dog’s fur, or even in their bedding and carpets.

A black light can help you find these tiny pests by showing their signature green glow. The ultraviolet light shines through the flea’s exoskeleton and kills them instantly, making them easy to spot (and kill).

Using a black light is the best way to see fleas.

A black light is a special type of light that emits ultraviolet rays. The most common type of black lights are hand-held flashlights, but you can also find them in some homes and businesses as well.

The flea is an insect that has a very simple life cycle, it goes through four stages: egg, larva (or “worm”), pupa, and adult. The female lays her eggs on or near its host (dogs, cats, or humans) where they hatch into larvae looking for food sources like our pets’ blood. If you’ve ever had an infestation before then you know how frustratingly itchy those tiny little bites can be.

What Is The Best Flea Black Light To Use

  • UV-A black light

This type of black light is the best way to see fleas, but it’s not as commonly used as the other types. UV-A black lights are more expensive than other types, so they’re usually only used by pest control companies. You can use a UV-A bulb or flashlight that’s designed specifically for use with a bug zapper or insect trap. The downside is these bulbs don’t last very long before needing to be replaced, which adds an extra cost to your purchase.

  • Black Light Bulb​

Many people have heard about using traditional red and blue light bulbs in order to detect bed bugs or fruit flies in their homes, but it turns out that these kinds of bulbs aren’t great at detecting fleas because they’re made from glass instead of plastic like those found on bug zappers. Instead of getting one at home improvement stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot (which often sell them), check out specialty stores like Petco that sell pet accessories such as grooming products instead; places like this will have several options available for purchase online so you won’t have trouble finding what works best for your needs.

List of Fleas Trap Light To Buy

When you’re dealing with fleas, you don’t have time for complicated solutions. That’s why we’ve created this list of flea trap lights to help you find the best one for your home.


BugMD Termination Station Pest Trapper – Flea Trap with Light and Refills, Sticky Trap for Ants, Cockroaches, Tick and Flea, Bug Catcher, Roach Trap

Price: 29.97


  • Bug-Luring Light: It’s not just a flea trap. Insects can’t resist BugMD’s pest trapper special C7 “Amber” Light Bulb. Our Pest Trapper were created to trap various pests, such as Bugs, Ticks, Spiders, Moths, Fleas.
  • Fast and Easy Way to Protect your Home: Getting started couldn’t be easier. To install traps inside your home, simply plug the Termination Station in, power it on, and it gets straight to work.
  • Proven Dome Structure: A scientifically designed dome shape provides a structure that holds in the light and heat that lures bugs.
  • Perma-Glue Trap Pad: Once lured, bugs are trapped fast onto BugMD’s powerful PermaGlue pad. As soon as this snare fills up with bugs, simply toss and replace.

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flea light

Redeo Flea Trap 2 Pack Sticky Bed Bug Traps with 4 Light Bulbs and 8 Sticky Glue Boards, Odorless Non-Toxic Flea Light Traps for Inside Your Home Safe for Kids & Pets

Price: $29.99


  • 【End Flea Infestation】: Are your home or pets still infested with fleas? A flea infestation causes itching and discomfort to you and your pets. Therefore, eliminate fleas with our flea trap light, it will help put your mind at ease.
  • 【Effective Flea Trap】: Fleas love warm environments and they are attracted to heat and light. Redeo Flea Light Trap emits attractive warm light and takes advantage of the phototaxis and thermotaxis of insects to lure fleas and other insects from all directions to land on the sticky board. The sticky board will prevent them from escaping.
  • 【Easy Assembly】: Simply install the provided bulb and fix the sticky board on the bottom of the device, then plug it into a compatible outlet to turn it on. You can place the flea trap on a flat surface where you see insects activity. When the board is full of fleas and insects, you can replace a new glue board.
  • 【Safe & Eco-friendly】: The flea traps for inside your home contain no poison or pesticides. Natural and completely odorless, it is safe to use around children and pets. All insects attracted by heat can be eliminated without the use of chemicals. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up insects bodies.
  • 【Wide Application】: The flea light trap is suitable for indoor environments such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, etc. Let’s live without those disgusting insects. Our products support 60 days of free money-back and 12 months replacement. Any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us.

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flea light 2

Flea Trap for Inside Your Home(2 Packs), Natural Flea Killer w/Warm & Purple LED Light, Flea Fighting Tool Kit for Flea Infestation

Price: $25.99


  • [Kid & Pet Safe Flea Trap] – Emits bright UV LED light and heat to attract more flea to jump to the powerful sticky pad then finally get dehydrated. No toxic residue or odor and rid you of mass flea powder or spraying.
  • [4 Bug Attracting UV Lights – More Than A Flea Killer] Feature 10 energy-efficient LED beads to emit Soft/Bright yellow bug-attracting UV light(Mode 1, 2) to lure flea, gnat and stink bug, while the blue UV light(Mode 3, 4) aim to the mosquitoes. Or turn off all light to trap the cockroach.
  • [USB & AAA Battery Power Supply] – Constructed with battery compartment to hold 3xAAA batteries(Not Included) for outdoor pest control. Or you can also connect the flea lamp to any USB port with included cable.
  • [360° Trapping – Patented Flea Lamp] – 360°opening design allow more flying insects to jump in and the short stature flea lamp can perfectly stop pets paw or dogs tail get stuck to the glue pad. ABS housing is sturdy enough yet lightweight to be moved from room to room.
  • [Complete Flea Fighting Tool – No Assembly Needed] Come with 5 sticky pads for regular replacement, peel paper off the sticky pad, put the pad in the bottom, snap the top on to the bottom, plug the cord into an USB port and you’re good to go.

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In conclusion,

A black light is a special type of light that is designed to reveal what you can’t see with the naked eye. It can be used to detect things like mold and mildew in your home, or even to find out if you have fleas on your dog. If you’re wondering whether or not you can see fleas with a black light, the answer is yes. You’ll be able to see any fleas or eggs that are hiding in your pet’s fur by using one of these lights.

If you want to know how it works, here’s what happens: the black light emits ultraviolet rays which attract the fleas and cause them to fluoresce (glow). The UV light will be reflected back at you and appear as bright spots on your pet’s fur. This means that even if a flea isn’t moving around much, it will still glow under UV light because its exoskeleton will reflect some of the UV rays from the bulb back toward your eyes if they are close enough for its body parts to touch each other or anything else nearby (e.g., fur from another pet).

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