Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bug Reviews

Diatomaceous Earth is a natural product that can be used to kill bed bugs. It is made from the fossilized remains of tiny ocean plankton called diatoms. The diatoms are crushed into a powder, and then mixed with water to create a fine dust. Diatomaceous Earth is also used as a supplement for many other health concerns, including: Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, Celiac disease, – Diarrhea/constipation relief, Eczema/psoriasis relief, Fibromyalgia relief, Heartburn relief, Multiple sclerosis relief

Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally-occurring sedimentary rock that contains small fossilized shells called diatoms. These tiny, hard, silica-based particles are composed of 99% water, making them one of the most effective natural insecticides known to man (and insects). Diatomaceous Earth bed bug reviews show that it works as well as chemical pesticides—and even better. In fact, there are many reasons why you might want to consider using Diatomaceous Earth instead of chemical pesticides on your bed bugs or other pests.

The first reason to use diatomaceous earth is that it is far less harmful to humans and pets than chemical pesticides. Diatomaceous earth can be safely used around people and pets without worry about negative side effects.

The second reason to use diatomaceous earth is because it has no odor when applied directly to an infestation of bed bugs or other pests. Chemical pesticides often have strong smells that can make you feel uneasy when you are trying to sleep in an area where they have been sprayed.

The third reason we recommend using diatomaceous earth instead of chemical pesticides is because it kills bed bugs quickly and completely without causing any damage to your home’s environment or furniture

How Does It Work Against Bed Bugs?

The product works by killing bed bugs in the nymph stage, when they’re small enough to be in contact with your skin. It’s designed to be used on clothing, so you can wear it for up to four days without needing to wash it. The product is also safe for use with food and water, which means that you can put it on your bag or jacket while out and about.

Here are some things to keep in mind about how the spray works:

  • It contains a chemical that kills bed bugs on contact.
  • It has no odor, so it doesn’t bother you or your family if you use it at night.
  • It can be used all over your home, including in the bedrooms and other places where you sleep.

The spray will kill any bed bugs that come into contact with it, so it’s very effective at keeping them away from your home.

Benefits of Using diatomaceous earth on bed bug

The following are some benefits that you can gain from using diatomaceous earth on your bed:

1. It kills bed bugs.

Diatomaceous earth is a natural mineral that has been used for centuries as a way to kill parasites and other harmful insects. It’s safe for humans, dogs, cats and birds. The fine particles in diatomaceous earth can disrupt the bed bug’s breathing, skin and digestive systems.

2. It discourages future infestations by preventing them from developing in the area where they were treated.

  • -It is non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets
  • -It can be used in your yard or around the home without causing harm to plants
  • -It helps prevent germs from spreading
  • -It is easy to use and apply

When you use diatomaceous earth around your house or apartment, it will send a message to any bed bugs that their host has already been killed, so they won’t come back later when there’s more room for them to live in. This will discourage any more infestations from occurring in this area again—and that’s good news for everyone.

Effectiveness of Diatomaceous Earth On Bed Bugs

The most effective way to apply diatomaceous earth is by sprinkling it on your carpet and then vacuuming it up in small amounts. This will help prevent the dust from being inhaled by others who live in your home. It is effective against a wide range of insects, including bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, bees, termites and fleas.

The only way to know whether this product is effective in killing bed bugs is by testing it yourself. Diatomaceous earth has a bitter taste and will irritate your skin if you’re sensitive so I wouldn’t recommend trying this at home unless you know what you’re doing.

The effectiveness of diatomaceous earth can vary from one mattress to another—and from one contaminated mattress to another. So it’s important to know what kind of mattress you have before applying the substance. If you’re not sure what type of material makes up your pillow or mattress cover, then try searching online for some guidance.

The efficacy of diatomaceous earth depends on the amount used and how long it stays on the surface. The higher the concentration of DE used, the better chance it has of killing an invading bug. However, some bugs have been known to survive even large amounts of DE (1/2 cup per 1/2-length of a sofa). You should also consider that it may take several applications before you notice a noticeable difference in your bug situation.

What Is the Best Homemade Bed Bug Killer?

Bed bugs are common pests, and they can be a real pain to deal with. Not only do they bite, but they also carry disease.

If you’re looking for a natural way to get rid of bed bugs, here are some tips that might help:

  • Spray the area where you think you’ve seen a bed bug with rubbing alcohol. This will kill any insects that are hiding in the fabric.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter. You should also make sure it’s bagged up so that any insect remains don’t get into your house or yard.
  • Try keeping your mattress encased in a plastic cover that is sealed with tape or zip ties. If these methods don’t work, then buy some spray treatments from the store and apply them directly to the mattress yourself using a sprayer bottle.

List of Diatomaceous Earth Product For Bed Bug

This list will give you a basic idea of what diatomaceous earth products are available on the market today:

Harris Bed Bug Killer, Diatomaceous Earth (4lb with Duster Included Inside The Bag)

Harris Bed Bug Killer, Diatomaceous Earth (4lb with Duster Included Inside The Bag)

Price : $22.99 ($0.36 / Ounce)

Features :

  • Comprehensive – The powder is great for a thorough treatment, as it’s able to effectively treat hard to reach areas
  • Easy Application – The powder duster makes application simple and allows the product to be used right away
  • Fast Acting – Insects coming into contact with the powder will die within 48 hours of initial contact
  • Long Residual – Continues to kill bed bugs for weeks after application as long as it’s kept dry
  • EPA Registered & OMRI Listed – Registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (No. 73729-1-3) for Use in Homes with People/Pets and Listed with the Organic Minerals Research Institute

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions 
Height14.74 Inches
Width3.16 Inches
Length6.14 Inches
Weight4 Pounds

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Safer Brand 51703 OMRI Listed Diatomaceous Earth - Ant, Roach, Bedbug, Flea, Silverfish, Earwig, & Crawling Insect Killer

Safer Brand 51703 OMRI Listed Diatomaceous Earth – Ant, Roach, Bedbug, Flea, Silverfish, Earwig, & Crawling Insect Killer

Price : $9.47 ($0.14 / Ounce)

Features :

  • Say Goodbye to Bugs – Kills a variety crawling insects including roaches, ants, fleas, silverfish, earwigs, bedbugs, and more
  • Attracts and Kills – Made from diatomaceous earth and selected baits, this powder causes insects to dehydrate and die within 48 hours after contact
  • Mechanical Killer – Unlike many traditional chemical insecticides, insects cannot build an immunity to diatomaceous earth
  • Use Where Insects Hide – DE can be used indoors or outdoors. Apply in cracks and crevices, along baseboards, or create a barrier around entry points
  • Peace of Mind – This powder is OMRI Listed and compliant for use in organic gardening so you can use it without worry

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions 
Height4.2 Inches
Width10.8 Inches
Length15.6 Inches
Weight4.2 Pounds

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HARRIS Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade, 4lb with Powder Duster Included in The Bag

HARRIS Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade, 4lb with Powder Duster Included in The Bag

Price : $12.96

Features :

  • Natural Product – Composed of 4lbs of 100% ground freshwater diatomaceous earth with absolutely no additives or fillers.
  • OMRI Listed – Listed with the Organic Minerals Research Institute, a non-profit organization that reviews products against organic standards.
  • Powder Duster Included – Powder duster in the bag for easy and efficient application of diatomaceous earth on animal feed
  • Supports a Great Cause – Harris donates 10% of profits to support the local Etowah Valley Humane Society.
  • Made in the USA – Mined in Nevada and packaged in Georgia

Additional Info :

ColorOrinal Vesion
Item Dimensions 
Height13.8 Inches
Width5.5 Inches
Length7 Inches
Weight4.2 Pounds

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Goli® Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy Vitamins (1 Pack, 60 Count, Gelatin-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan & Non-GMO Made with Essential Vitamins B9 & B12)

Goli® Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy Vitamins (1 Pack, 60 Count, Gelatin-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan & Non-GMO Made with Essential Vitamins B9 & B12)

Price : $18.98 ($0.32 / Count)

Features :

  • Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-free & Gelatin-free: Each bottle of Goli contains 60 delicious, vegan, non-gmo, gluten-free & gelatin-free Apple Cider Vinegar gummies, which makes them suitable for almost any lifestyle.
  • Made in the USA with locally and globally sourced ingredients. Goli Gummies are made in allergen-free, cGMP certified facilities in the United States with local and globally sourced ingredients to ensure that our products are reputable and of the highest quality standards.
  • Patented Formula, Essential Vitamins, Great Taste: Our patented formula contains essential Vitamins B9 and B12 to help support cellular energy production, immune function, heart health, healthy nutrient metabolism, a healthy nervous system and overall health and wellbeing. Apple Cider Vinegar has traditionally been used for digestion, gut health and appetite. Our unique flavor profile combined with essential vitamins makes Goli ACV Gummies a delicious addition to your daily health routine.
  • Vitamin Angels: Goli is a proud supporter of Vitamin Angels

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions 
Height4.8 Inches
Width2.6 Inches
Length2.6 Inches
Weight0.661386786 Pounds
Release Date2019-10-07T00:00:01Z

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Mighty Mint - 16oz Insect and Pest Control Peppermint Oil - Natural Spray for Spiders, Ants, and More - Non Toxic

Mighty Mint – 16oz Insect and Pest Control Peppermint Oil – Natural Spray for Spiders, Ants, and More – Non Toxic

Price : $9.97

Features :

  • Safe
  • Extra Concentrated for Long-Lasting Protection
  • Natural Ingredients Proven Effective in the Real World
  • Large 16oz Bottle
  • Powerful Essential Oil

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions 
Weight1 Pounds

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In Conclusion

Diatomaceous Earth is a natural pesticide that kills bed bugs. It can be used in a variety of ways, including as a dusting powder, fogger, or vacuum cleaner. The effectiveness of this method depends on the concentration and frequency of use. We really like how easy it was to use this product ourselves without having to pay someone else to do it for us. It’s great if you want something that will work without having to call in an exterminator or hire someone else who isn’t as thorough as they could be when they are doing your pest control job for you. I would definitely recommend this product because of its effectiveness and ease of use.

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