Homemade Bed Bug Traps For Bed Legs

Bed bugs are one of the most common pests in homes, apartments and hotels. They can be found anywhere humans live. Bed bugs typically hide close to where people sleep, so finding them in a bed or mattress is not surprising.

Bed bugs are the bane of every homeowner’s existence. The tiny insects can wreak havoc on your furniture and home, including your mattress. They are notoriously difficult to get rid of, but there are some things you can do to try to protect your bed and its legs from bed bugs. You can also try making homemade traps for bed legs that will help you keep them away from your bed in the first place.

To control bed bug infestations, it is important to eliminate their food source by vacuuming frequently and discarding the vacuum bag in an outdoor trash can.

For those who prefer to use more natural methods of pest control, there are several homemade bed bug traps that you can make at home using common household items. Using these traps will help you to control your infestation without using toxic chemicals.

What Liquid Attracts Bed Bugs?

The answer is that bed bugs are attracted to a variety of liquids. They are especially attracted to blood, but they also love other liquids like alcohol and vinegar. They will travel great distances to reach these liquids, and they can even swim if they have to.

The reason that bed bugs are so attracted to these liquids is because they are looking for a place to feed on their host. When they find something that smells like blood, they will move toward it and try to feed on it as soon as possible.

Do Bed Bug Traps for Bed Legs Work?

Bed bug traps for bed legs can be an effective way to prevent the spread of bed bugs.

Bed bug traps work by attracting bed bugs with an odor that smells like food, then trapping them when they come near the trap. They’re available in many different forms, but most of them will have some kind of sticky surface on which the bed bugs can get stuck. The trap will also have a lid or cover that prevents any other insects from escaping once they’ve been trapped inside.

The best type of trap for your situation depends on how much space you have available for setting up a trap and whether or not there are any pets or children who might accidentally set off the trap by walking across it while it’s still full of live bed bugs.

Are Bedbugs Attracted to Sugar?

No, bedbugs are not attracted to sugar. Bedbugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide in your breath, as well as other scents that humans give off naturally. The idea that bedbugs were attracted to sugar was popularized by the media after a study in the early 1900s reported that bedbugs were attracted to the scent of blood and sugar.

However, this study did not actually test for whether or not bedbugs were actually attracted to these scents—it only tested if they would feed on a mixture of blood and sugar.

Bedbugs are attracted to the smell of blood, not sugar. They are also attracted to other things that have a similar scent, such as sweat, excrement, and cosmetics.

List of Bed Bug Traps For Bed Legs

Bed bugs are a huge problem in America, and they’re becoming more of a problem every day. We’ve put together this list of bed bug traps for bed legs because we want you to be able to find the best bed bug traps for your own home.

Here are our top picks:

BugMD – Bed Bug Traps (12 Pack) – Bed Bug Interceptors, Bed Bug Prevention, Glue Traps, Insect Trap Indoor, Bed Bug Sticky Traps

Price: $29.99 ($4.05 / Fl Oz)

Features :

  • Eliminate Home Invading Pests: bugmd is the effective way to target hundreds of indoor and outdoor pests including ants, fleas, mosquitoes, roaches, mites, moths, spiders and tons more This essential oil-powered spray is the perfect solution to keep your home, yard, and other spaces pest free without ever sacrificing your family’s health and safety (when used as directed).
  • One small concentrate bottle is all you need to create a 32 oz bottle of pest control spray that can easily be sprayed in and out of the home, including in bathrooms, bedrooms, pet areas, kitchens, baseboards, sheds, cabinets and gardens, and outdoor areas. Simply add your full Essential Pest concentrate to 27 oz of cold water into a bugmd Essential “Forever” Spray bottle, shake, and spray.
  • Plant Powered Formula: bugmd utilizes the power of plant oils such as cottonseed oil and clove oil. bugmd doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals so it’s better for you and your family while you effectively control pest invasions. bugmd is good to use on wood, carpet, and fabrics
  • Fast-Acting Formula: Our essential oil-based spray kills some species in seconds and eliminates many within 30 minutes. Plus, bugmd can even work on some species known to have resistance to typical insecticides and sprays. Utilize this versatile formula as often as needed to quickly and safely defend your home (when used as directed).
  • Effectively Protect Your Home: Our multi-use pest control spray effectively kills insects at all stages of their lifecycle. From eggs to larvae, to adults, our formula powerfully eliminates pests on contact at any stage. Works great as an effective cockroach killer indoors and outdoors

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Katchy Indoor Insect Trap - Catcher & Killer for Mosquito, Gnat, Moth, Fruit Flies - Non-Zapper Traps for Buzz-Free Home - Catch Flying Insect Indoors with Suction, Bug Light & Sticky Glue (Black)

Katchy Indoor Insect Trap – Catcher & Killer for Mosquito, Gnat, Moth, Fruit Flies – Non-Zapper Traps for Buzz-Free Home – Catch Flying Insect Indoors with Suction, Bug Light & Sticky Glue (Black)

Price : $44.99

Features :

  • Triple trapping power, first the UV light attracts the bug then the fan sucks it in and the sticky glue boards trap it. No Zapper.
  • Subtle and stylish fruit fly, gnat and mosquito killer, no more ugly traps, easily place in your home, kitchen or office as a decorative, stylish piece.
  • Trap indoors, close to insect-ridden fruit, plants or trash bin, turn off lights for best results.
  • Not effective on house flies.
  • Easy to use, choose between standard or low speed setting and leave it to work its magic, EPA Est. Numb.:93372-CHN-1

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height9.1 Inches
Width5.5 Inches
Length5.5 Inches

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Catchmaster 72MAX Pest Trap, 36Count, White

Catchmaster 72MAX Pest Trap, 36Count, White

Price : $14.50

Features :

  • Glue, Peanutbutter scent
  • Mouse glue boards come with Catchmaster signature high quality
  • Boards can lay flat

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height0.05 Inches
Width5.25 Inches
Length8.5 Inches
Weight0.7 Pounds

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HARRIS Bed Bug Traps - Parent (20-Pack)

HARRIS Bed Bug Traps – Parent (20-Pack)

Price : $17.60 ($0.88 / Count)

Features :

  • Natural Product. Easy to Use – Simply fold the trap and insert the tab at the top to hold it together
  • Discreet – Slides easily under furniture and bedding
  • Versatile – For residential and commercial use as an early detection and monitoring device
  • 4 Traps – Four large traps included in each package

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TERRO T3206SR Non-Toxic Indoor Spider, Ant, Cockroach, Centipede, and Crawling Insect Trap - 12 Traps

TERRO T3206SR Non-Toxic Indoor Spider, Ant, Cockroach, Centipede, and Crawling Insect Trap – 12 Traps

Price : $13.17

Features :

  • Say Goodbye to Bugs – Traps and kills spiders, ants, roaches, centipedes, and other crawling insects
  • Kills the “Big 3” – These traps also capture dangerous spiders, including brown recluse, black widow, and hobo spiders
  • Versatile Design – These easy-to-use traps can be deployed flat or folded. Use folded to hide insects from view or use flat for a larger catch area
  • Use Throughout Your Home – Place traps along baseboards, under furniture and appliances, in kitchens, pantries, bathrooms, basements, and more
  • Plenty of Protection – Four traps per package allow for multiple placements around your home

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height3.25 Inches
Width3 Inches
Length4 Inches

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In Conclusion

Using homemade bed bug traps for bed legs is a great way to get rid of these pests, but it’s important to remember that these traps will only work if you use them correctly.

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