Homemade Fly Repellent For Horses

Homemade fly repellent for horses is a great way to keep your horse protected from the pesky flies that can bother them so much.

Flies are attracted to the smell of feces and other waste products. They also love the smell of sweat, which is why they are so bothersome during exercise or hot weather. And because they are so small, flies can get into your horse’s eyes and ears and cause discomfort or irritation.

If you’re like many horse owners, you’ve probably tried everything to keep flies away from your horse. You might have even tried the traditional fly spray and found that it doesn’t work very well.

There are a few reasons why this happens:

-The spray doesn’t have much lasting power and the flies are able to find their way back to the horse’s body.

-The ingredients in the spray can be harmful when used on a repeated basis.

What Is the Best Homemade Fly Repellent for Horses?

The best homemade fly repellent for horses is a combination of essential oils, vinegar, and water. The mixture should be sprayed directly on the horse’s coat and rubbed in until it dries.

The mixture of vinegar and water helps to break down the oils in the horse’s coat so that they don’t feel sticky or greasy. The vinegar also helps to repel flies without irritating the skin. The essential oils act as a natural bug repellent by masking the scent of the horse so that flies are less attracted to them.

What Scent Do Horse Flies Hate?

Horse flies are particularly attracted to the scent of sweat, which means that if you’re out riding your horse and you get sweaty, horse flies will be drawn to you.

This is why it’s important to use insect repellent on yourself when you’re riding and working with your horse. You can also try wearing long sleeves and pants, which will help keep the flies away from your skin.

Horse flies tend to bite in places where there is little hair, such as the ears and the lower legs of horses. A horse fly bite can cause irritation, swelling and pain for your horse or person. Horse flies are also known to carry diseases that can infect humans as well.

There are many repellents available on the market today that contain DEET or other chemicals that repel mosquitoes and other insects from biting you. If you want to avoid using chemicals on your skin then try using citronella oil or eucalyptus oil instead. These oils work great at repelling mosquitos so they should work equally well at repelling horse flies too.

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Keep Flies off Horses?

Apple cider vinegar is a natural fly repellent. It can be applied directly to the skin, or diluted with water and sprayed onto your horse’s body. You should be careful not to get it in their eyes or mouth.

A clean horse will repel flies better than one that is dirty, so make sure you keep your horse well-groomed.

List of Fly Repellent For Horses

There are many different fly repellent for horses. Below is a list of what the most recommended ones are:

Pyranha 001GWIPEG 068022 Wipe N

Pyranha 001GWIPEG 068022 Wipe N’Spray Fly Protection Spray for Horses, 1 Gallon,Yellow

Price : $75.58

Features :

  • 1 Gallon Bottle
  • Effective On Flies, Mosquitoes, Gnats, Fleas, And Ticks


  • Ready To Use Formula
  • Ready To Use

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Fly Fans for Tables, Fly Repellent Outdoor Indoor Keep Flies Away, Table Top Fly Fan Fly Spinner with Holographic Blades for Picnic Patio Home, 4 Pack

Fly Fans for Tables, Fly Repellent Outdoor Indoor Keep Flies Away, Table Top Fly Fan Fly Spinner with Holographic Blades for Picnic Patio Home, 4 Pack

Price : $34.99

Features :

  • ✅【Chemical-Free Tabletop Fly Fan】The fly repellent fan uses a physical and chemical-free method to protect your food and drinks from flies. No side effects on anyone. With this fan, there are no more annoying flies bugs, you can enjoy clean and fresh food delightfully and spend more time chatting with friends.
  • ✅【Reflective Fan Blades】The blades are designed with the holographic dots pattern that bends and refracts the light while spinning, creating an unnatural environment that confuses and scares the flies to stay and effectively keep your food and beverages clean in the fly fan repeller coverage area.
  • ✅【Soft Blades & Stop-On-Contact】The fly fans for tables are made of soft-touch and high-quality blades that are flexible but not fragile. For safety sake, the blades will immediately stop when they contact an object and resume working once the object is removed. You can freely enjoy your peacetime without worrying about hurting hands or children.
  • ✅【Portable & Soundless】The fly repellent fan is powered by 2 AA batteries (not included in the package). No cables are needed, very lightweight, and durable that you can easily take the fan for any indoor or outdoor activities. A constant blade speed and 360-degree rotation keep the air clear yet don’t produce any kind of disturbing sound. A sleek and compact tool for you to get rid of all the flies.
  • ✅【Hook Design & Widely Used】The tabletop fan also has a hook at the bottom to hang the fan upside down which is convenient. The eco-friendly fly fans repeller is perfect for indoor restaurants, outdoor patio parties, campings, barbecues, picnics, and sunbathing. One fan covers a dining table for 1-2 people. For larger tables, it needs more fly fans, we provide 4 packs of the fly fans to cover a wider area for gatherings and celebration occasions.

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Spartan Mosquito Pro Tech – 1 Acre Pack

Spartan Mosquito Pro Tech – 1 Acre Pack

Price : $36.00

Features :

  • This item cannot be stored in Amazon warehouses due to active ingredient storage temperature requirements.
  • Do-It-Yourself Mosquito Killer
  • 100% American Made
  • Place 4 tubes (2 boxes) per acre on your perimeter/property line (more than 4 tubes can be used).
  • SPARTAN MOSQUITO PRO TECH IS NOT AVAILABLE TO RESIDENTS OF California, and outside the United States

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Fly-Lid – 5 Gallon Bucket Fly Lid (2 Pack) – Turn Any 5 Gallon Bucket into a Fly Trap!

Fly-Lid – 5 Gallon Bucket Fly Lid (2 Pack) – Turn Any 5 Gallon Bucket into a Fly Trap

Price : $19.99

Features :

  • EFFECTIVE AND VERSATILE: Take care of big fly problems outdoors. The Fly-Lid will catch flies wherever they are a problem, whether it’s your barn, shed, patio, greenhouse, stable, pasture, etc… Add some bait to a 5 gallon bucket, pop the Fly Lid on top and you are ready to catch flies.
  • MADE IN USA: Patent pending design allows the Fly-Lid to fit onto any round 5 gallon bucket. It was designed, manufactured and packaged in the US.
  • NON-TOXIC AND FAMILY AND PET FRIENDLY: You can use common and safe ingredients from your house to attract the flies. No need for harmful chemicals or messy sticky traps. Natural ingredients can be the most effective attractants.
  • EASY CLEAN UP: Once the bucket is full or you have caught all the flies, just dump out the contents of the bucket. The lid can be thrown away, recycled, or re-used again to catch even more flies. With fly swatters and bug zappers, you need to clean up the bugs… with the Fly-Lid, just dump the bucket when you’re done.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY – The 5 Gallon Bucket Fly Lid is made from recycled plastic and does not use harmful chemicals to lure flies. The Fly Lid can be popped onto a bucket that you already have around the house or garage. No need to buy large plastic fly traps or bags when a 5 gallon bucket paired with the Fly-Lid will catch thousands and thousands of flies.

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In Conclusion

The process is simple and easy, and the results are effective. You can reduce your use of toxic chemicals that are bad for the environment and harmful to children and animals by making your own fly repellent at home.

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