My Cat Has Fleas And Sleeps In My Bed

This is a common problem for people who have cats.

If your cat has fleas and sleeps in your bed, it can be very hard to get rid of the fleas on your cat’s body. The best way to deal with this problem is to use a product called “Flea Busters”. This product will kill any fleas that are on your cat’s body and will also prevent new ones from coming back.

The reason why this works so well is that it contains a substance called permethrin which is lethal to fleas but won’t hurt you or your pet. The only thing that you need to worry about is applying it properly because if you get too much on your hands, then it could cause some problems later on down the road.

To apply the spray, hold it upright and spray enough onto both sides of your hands so that there’s no more than 1/16th of an inch from either side of each hand touching another part of itself (if you’re using metric measurements). Then rub those areas together until they’re completely dry again before moving onto another spot where there may be more than one set near each other (like near elbows or knees).

If you’ve ever had a cat, you understand they’re furry creatures with needs. You’ve got to keep them clean and fed. And if they get fleas or other pestilence, it is your duty to take care of them. Cats are loyal pets and if the unthinkable happens, they deal with the pain.

Fleas are annoying, whether you have a cat or a dog. Your pet will be miserable itching and scratching all the time. Plus they can hop on you and give you fleas. Fortunately, there are some simple home remedies to get rid of fleas at home.

Should I Let My Cat With Fleas Sleep on My Bed?

The answer to this question is… maybe.

If you have a flea infestation in your home, it can be tempting to let your cat sleep on your bed, but this may not be the best idea. The fleas on your pet can jump onto you and then jump off again, which means that you could end up with clusters of fleas on your body.

However, if there are only a few fleas on your cat, it’s okay for them to sleep with you. Just be sure to wash thoroughly before going to bed so that any fleas that may have jumped onto you get washed away. You should also wash your sheets in hot water and vacuum thoroughly every day so that there aren’t any eggs left behind, these eggs hatch into larvae after three days and become adults after six days.

How Do I Get Rid of Cat Fleas in My Bed?

Fleas are a common problem for pet owners, and they can be particularly troublesome when you’re trying to get some sleep. If you have a cat and find that you’re waking up with bites, it’s likely that your cat has fleas.

There are several ways to treat flea infestations in your home, but one of the most effective is to use a flea trap. A flea trap is a device that attracts fleas and then traps them so they can’t get away.

The best way to use this kind of trap is to set it up in areas where your cat likes to lie down or spend time. This will help ensure that the trap catches as many fleas as possible before they start biting you.

If you don’t have any idea where your cat spends time around the house, try setting up several different traps throughout different rooms and see which ones catch more fleas than others.

Can Fleas Move From Cats to Humans?

Yes, fleas can move from cats to humans.

Fleas are a parasite that attaches themselves to your pet’s skin and feeds off their blood. The flea bite can be painful, especially when it’s left untreated for long periods of time. But there is no reason to panic if you find a flea on your cat, it’s normal for them to have them.

However, if you notice a flea on your cat, it could potentially lead to an infestation if not treated immediately. If you allow the infestation to continue for too long without treatment, the fleas will lay eggs which hatch into larvae and then pupae before finally turning into adults and laying more eggs themselves, causing an exponential increase in the number of fleas present in your home or apartment building. This cycle can continue until all pets in the area have been treated with insecticides or insect repellents such as Frontline Plus to kill off any remaining fleas before they start laying eggs again.

If you find yourself dealing with an infestation at home or workplace (especially if it involves other people’s pets), then it’s important that everyone involved stays calm because panic can lead to rash decisions which may ultimately worsen things further down the line.

What Happens if Cat Fleas Get On You?

Cat fleas are the most common type of flea found in cats, and they are also known as Ctenocephalides felis. Cat fleas are parasites that feed on blood from their hosts, and they can also live on other animals besides cats. If you find cat fleas on your pet, you should expect to see them crawling around near the animal’s head, neck, armpits, and groin area.

The cat flea bite is not painful for cats or humans, but if you are bitten by these pests it can cause itching and irritation. If you have a severe allergic reaction to the bites then you could experience hives or even anaphylactic shock if left untreated. If your pet has been exposed to cat fleas then it is best to take them in for treatment right away so they do not spread any further than necessary.

list of Flea Repellent

Flea repellent is a product that you can use to repel fleas from your home. The following are some of the best flea repellents on the market today:

Nutramax Cosequin Joint Health Supplement for Cats - With Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and Omega-3, 60 Soft Chews

Nutramax Cosequin Joint Health Supplement for Cats – With Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and Omega-3, 60 Soft Chews

Price: $11.99


  • #1 Veterinarian Recommended
  • Joint health support plus omega 3’s
  • May also support bladder health
  • A tasty alternative to sprinkle capsules

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions 
Height7.5 Inches
Width4.38 Inches
Length2 Inches
Weight0.15 Pounds

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Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Home Spray | Flea Treatment for Dogs and Home | Plant-Based Formula | 32 Ounces

Price: $9.97

Features :

  • GENTLE PROTECTION: Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Home Spray uses certified natural ingredients to kill fleas, flea eggs, and ticks on contact.
  • PROVEN EFFECTIVE: Whether facing an active infestation or applying for routine prevention, our spray is scientifically proven effective against pests but gentle enough to use around the whole family.
  • CERTIFIED NATURAL OILS: Each steam-distilled essential oil is selected for its potent pest-fighting properties and is 100% Certified Natural.
  • TOTAL HOME DEFENSE: Applies easily on surfaces, indoors and out, including dog bedding, crates, furniture, blankets, upholstery, carpets, outdoor surfaces, and more. Also gentle enough to be applied directly on dogs and puppies 12 weeks or older.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Our products are proudly manufactured in the USA with quality domestic and internationally sourced ingredients.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions 
Height0.81 Inches
Width3.38 Inches
Length3.38 Inches
Weight2.42 Pounds

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FELIWAY Optimum Cat, Enhanced Calming Pheromone Diffuser, 30 Day Starter Kit (48 mL)

FELIWAY Optimum Cat, Enhanced Calming Pheromone Diffuser, 30-Day Starter Kit (48 mL)

Price: $28.99

Features :

  • FELIWAY Optimum is a new pheromone discovery, and the best FELIWAY answer to help reduce common signs of stress in cats such as: scratching, urine spraying, tension and conflicts between cats, fears, and reactions to changes
  • 93% of cat owners report enhanced calming, with an average satisfaction rating of 9.1 out of 10
  • FELIWAY Optimum is a drug-free solution that helps cats with more signs of stress, in more situations, and calms cats better than ever; FELIWAY is supported by 25+ years of feline stress expertise
  • FELIWAY Optimum heated diffuser covers up to 700 square feet; make sure to plug your diffuser in with the vents up, and for the best results, position the diffuser where your cat spends most of his or her time – avoid plugging the diffuser in under shelves and behind doors, curtains, or furniture
  • Starter kit includes 1 diffuser head and 1 vial; make sure to only use a FELIWAY Optimum Diffuser with a FELIWAY Optimum refill (they are not compatible with other brands); to maximize effectiveness, replace the vial once a month, and the diffuser every 6 months.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions 
Weight0.3 Pounds

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2 oz Spray, Comfort Zone Cat Calming Spray & Scratch Control (Travel Size), Reduce Urine Marking, Destructive Scratching, & Other Problematic Behaviors While Creating a Calming Environment

2 oz Spray, Comfort Zone Cat Calming Spray & Scratch Control (Travel Size), Reduce Urine Marking, Destructive Scratching, & Other Problematic Behaviors While Creating a Calming Environment

Price :

Features :

  • VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED: Comfort Zone Spray and Scratch Control Spray is a veterinarian-recommended solution to help keep cats calm
  • REDUCE CAT SRESS: Helps to calm your cat and reduce urine spraying, scratching, and other unwanted behaviors
  • DRUG-FREE: Drug-free solution helps your cats feel safe, happy, and relaxed while encouraging positive behaviors
  • PROTECT HOME AND FURNITURE: Great for spot-treating areas in the home that your cat targets such as couches or door frames
  • STOP SCRATCHING: Proven to reduce unwanted scratching and is safe for use on fabrics, upholstery, hardwood, and doorframes
  • TRAVEL WITH EASE: Great for vet visits or when traveling with a nervous cat
  • WELCOMING ATMOSPHERE: Great to ease the stress of a new environment and helps cats adjust to challenging or stressful situations while reducing unwanted behaviors
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We are so confident your pets will find stress relief from our products that we offer a satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Results may vary by each individual cat
  • CONTACT US: We value our consumer feedback and questions. Visit our website to contact the Comfort Zone customer care team

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Width2 Inches
Length3 Inches
Weight0.277 Pounds

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In Conclusion,

Most cats love to sleep in their owners’ beds. If your cat is sleeping with you and you think he may have fleas, there are some things you can do to make sure your bed is safe for both of you.

You should always make sure that when you get a new pet or even just a new animal friend, you don’t bring any diseases or parasites into the home. One way to do this is by washing all bedding and blankets in hot water before using them again. Another thing that can help prevent infestations from happening is to use flea collars on your cat or dog. These collars protect against fleas by killing them as soon as they bite the animal wearing them.

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