Natural Gnat Repellent

Many people are looking for ways to get rid of gnat infestations in their homes. Their first reaction is to reach for the most powerful chemical they can find, but this isn’t always the best choice. Natural gnat repellents can be effective and safe, but they have to be used correctly.

There are several beneficial insects that you can use in your garden or around your house. Ladybugs are one of the best natural gnat repellents available. They feed on aphids and other pest insects which will help keep your plants healthy and free of pests. Ladybugs also have a pleasant smell that will repel gnats from coming near them.

Another option is to plant lavender plants around your property as well as some catnip plants if you have cats in your home. Both of these plants are known to repel gnats because they release a strong odor when crushed which makes them unappealing to these pests.

What Scent Keeps Gnats Away?

Gnats are small, annoying pests that can take over your yard in no time. They can be found in a variety of places, but they prefer to hang out in moist environments like flower beds and vegetable gardens.

If you have an infestation, it is necessary to find a way to get rid of them as quickly as possible. There are many different options available for getting rid of these pests, but one method that works well if you are looking for something natural is using citronella oil.

Citronella oil is extracted from the grassy-scented citronella plant, which grows in tropical and subtropical climates around the world. The oil itself has a very strong scent that repels many types of insects including gnats and mosquitoes because it contains high levels of citronella ketone (about 15%).

While citronella oil will not kill gnats on contact like some other insecticides do, it does work well at keeping them away from your plants or your home by creating an unpleasant environment where they do not want to live or hang out near.

What Is a Natural Repellent for Flies and Gnats?

The natural repellents for flies and gnats are made from plants, which have been used by our ancestors for many years. These plants have insecticidal properties that help to repel flies and mosquitoes from entering the home or business premises. They are safe to use because they have no side effects on humans or pets. Natural repellents are also effective in keeping away other insects like ants, spiders, moths, etc.

Natural repellents can be found in different forms such as sprays, candles, lotions, and soaps. However, the most common form of natural repellent is a spray that is made from essential oils extracted from plants like citronella grass or lemongrass oil.

What Attracts and Kills Gnats in the House?

Gnats are tiny flies that are attracted to decayed matter and waste products. They’re also drawn to food, so they’ll swarm around your trash can and kitchen sink if you leave food scraps sitting out. Gnats aren’t considered dangerous pests, but they can be extremely annoying when they swarm around you when you’re trying to eat or drink something.

There are many ways to get rid of gnats in the house, including using natural remedies like peppermint oil or vinegar. You can also buy commercial products that contain pesticides such as bifenthrin or permethrin. Some people use diatomaceous earth (DE), which is a safe alternative for children and pets since it doesn’t contain chemicals that can harm them if ingested accidentally by accident while trying to kill gnats inside your home.

What Is the Best Homemade Fly Repellent?

The best homemade fly repellent is a mixture of vinegar and water.

Vinegar is an effective natural fly repellent because it smells bad to flies and other insects, like ants, making them stay away. You can also use apple cider vinegar for added effectiveness.

To make this repellent, mix together two parts vinegar to one part water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on any area that needs protection from flies, such as picnic tables or outdoor eating areas at restaurants.

list of Natural Gnat Repellent

Gnat repellents are a great way to keep gnats out of your home and yard. They can be used for just about any type of gnat, including mosquitoes, house flies, and midges. These natural products are environmentally friendly and safe for children and pets.

Bug Soother Spray (2, 8 oz) - Natural Insect, Gnat and Mosquito Repellent & Deterrent - DEET-Free - Safe Bug Spray for Adults, Kids, Pets, & Environment - Made in USA - Includes 1 oz. Travel Size

Bug Soother Spray (2, 8 oz) – Natural Insect, Gnat, and Mosquito Repellent & Deterrent – DEET-Free – Safe Bug Spray for Adults, Kids, Pets, & Environment – Made in the USA – Includes 1 oz. Travel Size

Price: $19.99 ($1.18 / Fl Oz)

Features :

  • SUPER EFFECTIVE: Natural Bug Soother repels gnats, no-see-ums, sand fleas, black flies, and some mosquitoes. May require more frequent application and may need to be rubbed in. There are over 175 varieties of mosquitoes in the US (over 3,000 worldwide). Bug Soother is effective for some types of mosquitoes. Our customers have reported that Bug Soother can defend against fruit flies, fleas, and more. We’ve even heard of Bug Soother shielding roses from Japanese beetles.
  • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Bug Soother is a natural insect repellent made with simple, skin-loving ingredients: Purified Water, Glycerin, Castor Oil, and Vitamin E blended using Soy Lecithin, a natural emulsifier used in foods.. Lemongrass is 100% Pure Essential Oil, blended with vanilla for an amazing scent that people love, but bugs hate.
  • FAVORITE USES: Bug Soother is commonly used when fishing, hiking, biking, golfing, farming, or when you’re simply enjoying some sunshine in your backyard. Bug Soother works in your defense by repelling the irritating insects that can cut your outdoor time short.
  • VERSATILITY: Bug Soother is used the most often by outdoor enthusiasts, kids, and pets. Some customers use Bug Soother on their farm animals such as horses and chickens. One even uses it for his tiger to ensure his pal is bug-free.
  • BUG SOOTHER FAMILY GUARANTEE: Bug Soother is proudly made in America by Simply Soothing, a woman-owned family business in rural Iowa. We have been creating unique, handmade products for over 15 years, with an emphasis on high quality for a reasonable price. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your Bug Soother, please contact us and we will be sure to make it right.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions 
Height4 Inches
Width8 Inches
Length3 Inches
Weight1.21 Pounds

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No Natz | Botanical Bug Repellant | Effective for Gnat, Mosquito and Biting Flies | Hand-Crafted DEET-Free Hypoallergenic | Non-Greasy Formula … (2fl.oz. - (Pack of 3))

No Natz | Botanical Bug Repellant | Effective for Gnat, Mosquito and Biting Flies | Hand-Crafted DEET-Free Hypoallergenic | Non-Greasy Formula … (2fl.oz. – (Pack of 3))

Price: $19.95 ($3.32 / Fl Oz)

Features :

  • EFFECTIVELY REPELS – NO NATZ is proven to work very well against gnats, no-see-ums, sand gnats, mosquitos, and biting flies. Developed in 2002 on the Wilmington River and marshes of Savannah, Georgia; also tested on Turkey Creek in Dublin, Georgia where the mosquitos are as big as small birds; NONATZ knows gnats.
  • Hand-Crafted Safe Formula – NO NATZ is a hand-crafted formula made with the finest essential oils including rosemary oil, lemongrass oil, geranium oil, citronella oil, olive oil, and coconut oil. Not only is NO NATZ DEET-Free, but it is also hypoallergenic and safe on synthetics. With our non-greasy formula and pleasant fragrance, you won’t even know you’re wearing it.
  • Best Seller – NO NATZ has become the best-selling personal bug spray available across the United States. Why? Because it really works, and it smells good. Just shake, spray, and start enjoying the outdoors again.
  • Perfectly Portable – Don’t you hate not having bug spray when you need it? With NO NATZ that problem is solved. We offer this very effective formula in a variety of sizes with the smallest being a 2oz pump spray bottle that will fit nicely into your pocket, purse, or backpack. Annoying gnats are now a thing of the past.
  • About The NONATZ Company – The NONATZ Company is not a big corporation with hundreds of employees, it’s a small family operation with unique ideas. We are a Veteran owned business and can proudly say our products are made in America. We stand behind all our products. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please immediately contact us and we will things right.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions 
Weight0.44 Pounds

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Protector Mosquito and Insect Repellent Spray – 4 oz (2 pk) Deet-Free - Deterrent for Mosquito, Gnat, and Flies - Safe for Pet, Kids, and Adults- Bug Spray with Natural Oils That Smells Good

Protector Mosquito and Insect Repellent Spray – 4 oz (2 pk) Deet-Free – Deterrent for Mosquito, Gnat, and Flies – Safe for Pet, Kids, and Adults- Bug Spray with Natural Oils That Smells Good

Price: $13.99 ($1.75 / Fl Oz)

Features :

  • Effective – Lab-tested to repel mosquitoes and other biting insects with a blend of essential oils. Customers have also reported it has been effective for gnats, chiggers, fruit flies, no-see-ums, and other irritating insects.
  • Safe – This product is DEET-free and gentle on kids, adults, and pets when used as directed. There are no harsh chemicals used and the blend of lemongrass, geranium, peppermint, and cinnamon creates a product that feels great on the skin.
  • Amazing Scent – One of the main reason humans chose not to use insect repellent is the smell that they leave behind. These botanicals create a pleasant scent that won’t leave you with that embarrassing and off-putting odor.
  • Easy to Apply – Our 360 degrees spray nozzle allows you to apply from any angle. This makes it convenient to get protection in hard-to-reach places like your ankles or the back of your legs. This product can be used on your clothing or skin.
  • Made in the USA – Proudly created and packaged in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Our facility is Leed Certified and we are a Certified B-Corporation which means we are held to a higher standard when it comes to social and environmental performance.

Additional Info :

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Buggins Natural Insect Repellent, DEET-Free, Repels Gnats & Flies, Plant Based, Vanilla Mint & Rose Scent, 4-oz

Buggins Natural Insect Repellent, DEET-Free, Repels Gnats & Flies, Plant-Based, Vanilla Mint & Rose Scent, 4-oz

Price: $11.49 ($2.87 / Fl Oz)

Features :

  • Plant-based active ingredients – geraniol, peppermint, lemongrass, and clove
  • DEET-free for people who don’t want to use DEET
  • 4oz bottle

Additional Info :

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Murphy’s Naturals Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Insect Repellent Spray | DEET Free | Plant Based, All Natural Ingredients | Mosquito and Tick Repellent | 4 Ounce Pump Spray | 2 Pack

Price: $21.99 ($2.75 / Fl Oz)

Features :

  • Protects Against Mosquitoes for up to 6 Hours: Without any nasty chemicals like DEET, you’ll have up to 6 hours of worry-free protection on your next adventure
  • Protects Against Ticks for up to 4 Hours: Our specially formulated spray provides protection against deer ticks for up to 4 hours, as well as lone star and brown dog ticks for up to 8 hours
  • Harness the Power of Natural Plant-Based Ingredients: 30% Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, 70% Distilled Water and Ethanol made from Corn
  • Doesn’t Harm Gear: Spray on your skin or gear, and enjoy the natural power from the only plant-based repellent recommended by the CDC
  • No Dyes, No Synthetic Fragrances, No Harsh Chemicals

Additional Info :

Buy Now

In Conclusion,

Gnat repellents are an important part of a multi-pronged approach to controlling gnat infestations. A natural gnat repellent is an effective tool for reducing the number of adult gnats in the air and on plants, but it is not a cure-all for your pest problem. If you have a serious gnat infestation, you may need to take other steps as well, including using insecticides.

Natural gnat repellents can be effective when used correctly. However, there are some things to keep in mind before applying any kind of insecticide to your plants:

Natural insecticides do not kill insects immediately; they work by disrupting the life cycle of the insect so they can no longer breed or lay eggs. This means that if you use an insecticide that contains chemical ingredients, it could take weeks or months before you see any results from its use.

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