Natural Mosquito Repellent Oils

With summer around the corner, you can bet mosquitoes will be out in full force. Everyone has their favorite repellents, you know, the ones that smell like citronella candles or lemongrass. And don’t get me wrong: I love these fragrant roll-ons and sprays as much as the next person. But those products are not natural mosquito repellent oils. With the kids back in school, many of you parents will be looking for alternatives that are safe to use on your family.

Camping and live out doors we all know that mosquitoes are the most annoying insect we can find. They bite you, they make you itch and they ruin the nice evening or nature live-view. A natural repellent should be a must when going camping. Of course, you will forget your mosquito spray at home, don’t worry this article includes tips right down to how to get rid of mosquitoes.

Natural mosquito repellent oils allow you to enjoy the outdoors without being eaten alive by mosquitoes. These oils are made with natural ingredients that not only protect you from bites, but also smell great and leave your skin feeling soft.

Mosquito repellent oils are a great alternative to chemical-based repellents because they are safe for people of all ages and can be used anywhere in the backyard or on walks around town. They’re also ideal for anyone who wants to avoid the chemicals found in most commercial repellents.

What Oils Are Natural Mosquito Repellent?

There are many natural mosquito repellents, including some oils that can be used as a mosquito repellent.

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts and are often used in aromatherapy or massage therapy. They can be used as a natural mosquito repellent by adding them to a spray bottle with water or witch hazel. Some oil blends that work well include citronella, lemongrass, eucalyptus, and rosemary.

Citronella oil is extracted from the leaves of the Cymbopogon nardus plant, which is commonly known as citronella grass. This plant grows throughout Southeast Asia and northern Australia. It has been used for centuries in traditional medicine because of its antibacterial properties and ability to repel insects such as mosquitoes and ticks.

Lemongrass oil has been shown to have insecticidal properties against flies, gnats and moths according to the Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry (2006). Lemongrass is also known for its pleasant fragrance so you may not even notice it working.

Cinnamon oil is another great choice because it has a strong smell that bugs hate, but it’s also safe for humans. You can use cinnamon oil in your diffuser or put some on cotton balls and leave them around your house to deter mosquitoes from coming inside.

Clove oil is another great option because it smells similar to cinnamon and will keep bugs away from you without causing any harm to yourself or others around you.

Peppermint oil: This essential oil has been shown to be very effective at repelling mosquitoes. It works by masking your smell from the bugs and making it harder for them to find you. You should apply this oil directly on your skin or mix it with another oil like coconut oil before applying it on yourself.

Lavender oil: Lavender oil is another potent natural mosquito repellent that can be used alone or mixed with other oils like citronella or lemon eucalyptus oil if desired. It works by masking your smell and making it harder for mosquitoes to find their prey nearby so they will move on elsewhere instead of trying their best efforts to get closer towards their target which could mean death if they don’t get what they want immediately.

Which Essential Oil Is Best for Mosquito Repellent?

The best essential oils for mosquito repellent are those that have a strong, distinctive smell. The best ones will also have a scent that mosquitoes don’t like, such as eucalyptus or citronella.

The most effective way to use essential oils for mosquito repellent is to mix them with a carrier oil, like coconut oil or olive oil. This allows the essential oils to be spread more easily and rubbed on the skin without being diluted by water. You can also dilute your essential oil of choice in water, then spray it on yourself before heading outdoors.

How Do You Make Mosquito Repellent Oil?

You can make mosquito repellent oil by mixing plant-based oils with essential oils and then adding it to a carrier oil.

To start, you’ll need to choose your carrier oil. Common choices include coconut and olive oil, but feel free to experiment with other options as well.

Next, you’ll want to mix the plant-based oils together in a container with a lid. We recommend using a ratio of 1 part plant-based oil for every 4 parts carrier oil (or about 10 percent).

Add about 10 drops of each essential oil for every ounce of premixed blend. These can be any combination of lavender, cedarwood, citronella, lemongrass, geranium or eucalyptus.

Finally, take your mixture and transfer it into an empty spray bottle. Shake well before using on skin or clothing.

Can Coconut Oil Be Used as Mosquito Repellent?

The answer is yes. Coconut oil can be used as mosquito repellent, but it’s not the best choice.

Coconut oil has long been a popular mosquito repellent, but it’s not the best choice. The problem is that it doesn’t work as well as other options, like citronella candles or essential oils. This is because coconut oil doesn’t contain any DEET, which is what makes these products effective at keeping bugs away.

Citronella candles and essential oils are more effective because they contain this ingredient, which prevents bugs from biting you in the first place. On the other hand, coconut oil only prevents bites after they happen, it doesn’t prevent them from happening in the first place.

list of Natural Mosquito Repellent Oils

Natural mosquito repellent oils are a great way to keep the bugs away from you and your family. They are made from natural ingredients that can help repel mosquitoes and other insects. These oils have been used for centuries and have been proven to be effective in keeping mosquitoes at bay.

Repel 94109 HG-94109 Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Insect, 4-Ounce Pump Spray, 1 pack, Yellow

Repel 94109 HG-94109 Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Insect, 4-Ounce Pump Spray, 1 pack, Yellow

Price : $4.97 ($1.24 / Fl Oz)

Features :

  • MADE WITH OIL OF LEMON EUCALYPTUS: This DEET-free insect repellent provides you with protection during adventures in the backyard and on the go.
  • REPELS MOSQUITOES FOR UP TO 6 HOURS: This repellent keeps you and your family protected for hours, so the fun doesn’t have to end.
  • REFRESHING SCENT: This DEET-free personal repellent leaves you with a cool, refreshing scent so you don’t have to put up with the usual bug spray smell.
  • REPELS: Create a barrier against mosquitoes, including those that may transmit the Zika, West Nile, Dengue and Chikungunya viruses.
  • NOT GREASY OR STICKY: Formulated with oil of lemon eucalyptus to provide protection without leaving your skin feeling sticky or greasy.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions 
Height5.5 inches
Width1 inches
Length2 inches
Weight0.05 pounds

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Murphy’s Naturals Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Insect Repellent Spray | DEET Free | Plant Based, All Natural Ingredients | Mosquito and Tick Repellent | 4 Ounce Pump Spray | 2 Pack

Price : $21.99 ($2.75 / Fl Oz)

Features :

  • Protects Against Mosquitoes for up to 6 Hours: Without any nasty chemicals like DEET, you’ll have up to 6 hours of worry-free protection on your next adventure
  • Protects Against Ticks for up to 4 Hours: Our specially formulated spray provides protection against deer ticks for up to 4 hours, as well as lone star and brown dog ticks for up to 8 hours
  • Harness the Power of Natural Plant-Based Ingredients: 30% Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, 70% Distilled Water and Ethanol made from Corn
  • Doesn’t Harm Gear: Spray on your skin or gear, and enjoy the natural power from the only plant-based repellent recommended by the CDC
  • No Dyes, No Synthetic Fragrances, No Harsh Chemicals

Additional Info :

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Murphy’s Naturals Mosquito Repellent Balm | Plant Based, All Natural Ingredients | DEET Free | Travel/Pocket Size | 0.75 oz

Price : $9.49 ($12.65 / Ounce)

Features :

  • Harness the Power of Nature: We use a combination of plant-based repellent oils recommended by the EPA that other manufacturers tend to overlook
  • Five Key Plant-Based Repellent Oils: Castor Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Rosemary Oil, Cedarwood Oil, and Peppermint Oil
  • Good for Skin: Our non-greasy repellent balm goes on easy with key ingredients like Olive Oil and Beeswax
  • 100% DEET Free, No Dyes, No Synthetic Fragrances, No Harsh Chemicals
  • Great for Travel: For your next adventure, don’t forget your travel-friendly, natural repellent.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions 
Height0.75 Inches
Width2 Inches
Length2 Inches
Weight0.08 Pounds

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Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks 50 Pieces per Box, Repellent for Patio /Natural Ingredients Citronella Oil/Lemongrass Oil/Made with Natural Based Essential - DEET Free - Mosquito Repellent Outdoor

Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks 50 Pieces per Box, Repellent for Patio /Natural Ingredients Citronella Oil/Lemongrass Oil/Made with Natural Based Essential – DEET Free – Mosquito Repellent Outdoor

Price : $14.99 ($0.30 / Count)

Features :

  • ★ REPELLENT INCENSE STICKS Are 50 STICK With Burnt Time of 40-45 MIN Approximately (wind May Reduce Burn Time) You Will Receive 50 Repellent Incense Sticks
  • ★ NATURAL INGREDIENTS made with plant based ingredients- DEET FREE and pet friendly – Smell Pleasant While Deterring Unwanted Guests / DEET FREE — Our Repellent Incense sticks are completely DEET FREE.
  • ★ MOSQUITOS OUTDOOR PROTECTION our repellent incense sticks are useful to deter mosquitoes especially around your favorite outdoor spaces – swimming pool, backyard, porch, patio, camping, picnic, fishing or just working at the garage during mosquito season.
  • ★ MOSQUITO REPELLENT FOR PATIO OR ANY OUTDOOR ACTIVITY: Ideal mosquito protection while outdoors: whether at home on the patio, deck or backyard; at the park, beach, or pool deck; while camping, fishing or enjoying any other outdoor events.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions 
Height0.6 inches
Width3 inches
Length13 inches

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Murphy’s Naturals Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks | DEET Free with Plant Based Essential Oils | 2.5 Hour Protection | 12 Sticks per Tube | 2 Pack

Price : $24.00 ($1.00 / Count)

Features :

  • 2.5 Hours of Mosquito Protection: Enjoy Life Outdoors with our mosquito repellent incense sticks – a natural and effective solution to all your mosquito troubles
  • Harness the Power of Nature: We use a combination of plant-based repellent oils that other manufacturers tend to overlook, to provide you with the best mosquito protection
  • Five Key Plant-Based Repellent Oils: Rosemary Oil, Peppermint Oil, Citronella Oil, Lemongrass oil, Cedarwood Oil
  • Provides Protection For 12ft Area: Once stick catches flame for 10-20 seconds, blow out and place in a holder or pot filled with sand around your desired area for a mosquito free evening
  • No Petroleum, No Synthetic Fragrances, No Harsh Chemicals: No questionable fillers for hours of worry-free relief.

Additional Info :

ColorOriginal Packaging
Item Dimensions 
Height4.62 Inches
Width2.31 Inches
Length11.25 Inches

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In Conclusion,

Oil of lemon eucalyptus is a natural mosquito repellent that can be used for personal protection against mosquitoes and other biting insects. It can also be used to repel ticks and fleas as well as other blood-feeding arthropods such as sand flies and midges.

These oils have been shown to have a repellency efficacy similar or greater than DEET, which is the most common active ingredient found in insect repellents used by millions of people each year. While these oils are not recommended for use on small children, they are safe for most people and can help reduce the risk of mosquito bites while outdoors.

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