ow Long Is A Bed Bug Life Span

Bed bugs are pests that can infest a home, apartment or dorm room and become a serious concern for their hosts throughout the United States. These little critters have a wide range of different life cycle stages and can complete the entire cycle within about 6 months in the warmest New York City apartments. While most people only think of bed bugs in terms of their adult form when the invade their bedroom, the fact is that there are five different life stages, only one of which is an adult. Here we will look at the bed bug’s various stages, including where they are located and what they might be doing.

Are bed bugs giving you a hard time? Have you started to notice bites on your skin? You must be wondering if it’s possible to find out how long does a bed bug live. This article covers this topic in detail along with useful information about the behavior and habits of these pests.

The bed bug, Cimex lectularius , is one of the most infamous household pests you will probably ever meet, and it is pretty difficult to get rid of. Just imagine, it leaves its fecal marks everywhere, costs you money to remove it, spreads diseases and parasites and causes a lot of discomfort. Obviously, getting rid of them should be your top priority.

Bed bugs were originally associated with the immigrations to America used in the 1800’s. They did not reach Europe until approximately one hundred years later. In these days it has been said that half of all immigrants had bed bugs, but they were only seen as a disease of poverty and suffered from a long-standing stigma.

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ow Long Is A Bed Bug Life Span

How Long Is A Bed Bug Life Cycle?

Bed bugs are notoriously hard to get rid of, but if you’re willing to put in the work, you can make your home bed bug-free! Let’s dive into the bed bug life cycle.

A typical bed bug life cycle lasts about four months. During this time, they’ll go through four stages: egg, nymph (nymphae), adult and egg-laying female.

Each stage is marked by a change in appearance. Each stage has its own unique needs and behaviors as well. For example, the eggs need to be sheltered from light and heat while nymphs prefer cool temperatures and high humidity in order to develop properly.

The female lays her eggs on rough surfaces like wood or fabric rather than smooth ones like tile because it provides more friction for her young. This helps ensure that when she lays them down they won’t fall off accidentally before they hatch out into their first stage: an egg!

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