Pheromone Bed Bug Trap

Pheromone bed bug traps are perhaps the most exciting and interesting product that has come along in a long time.  Bed bugs have been an ever increasing pest problem in recent years. Scientists have developed a method to control these pests using pheromones which are produced only by female bed bugs during the process of mating.

Using this information they have created pheromone lures to attract the male bed bug to the trap where they can be collected and used again (or disposed of). Pheromone bed bug traps are an environmentally friendly, non-toxic method for getting rid of and preventing bed bug problems in a home.

Pheromone is found to be the most successful active ingredient for luring and trapping unwanted pests. It is originally derived from female sex hormones and has aroma that can attracts pests such as insects, flies, roaches, moths, cockroaches, silverfish among others.

Pheromone traps are made with special formula of artificial pheromone combined with corrugated paper. Such special chemicals are designed to mimic female pheromones which help lure male invaders back to their death and prevents them from reproducing.

What causes bed bugs to start?

Bedbugs are generally introduced into homes, hotels, apartments and other dwellings by luggage, clothing, used mattresses, furniture and other items that have been in contact with an infested site.

They hide during the day and come out to feed at night. They are not known to spread disease but their bite is very itchy and may cause an allergic reaction in some individuals.

Bed bugs are not born with the intention of infesting your home. They don’t fly, they don’t sneak in through your window, and they’re not attracted to your blood. They don’t even really like the bed.

Instead, bed bugs start when they move from one location to another.

When they arrive, they need food and shelter, so you’ll find them biting you (and possibly other members of your family) at night when you’re asleep in your bed.

What attracts bed bugs to traps?

Bed bugs are attracted to the smell of humans and their blood. Bed bugs can detect human odors from as far away as 300 feet, so even if you aren’t in a room where bed bugs are hiding, you can still attract them.

This is why it’s important to use bed bug traps that rely on chemical attractants, not just heat or carbon dioxide.

Chemical attractants used in bed bug traps include pheromones, which are chemicals produced by female bed bugs to attract male bed bugs for mating.

Pheromones are also produced by female bed bugs when they lay eggs or have recently fed on blood, so these odors can also be used to lure male bed bugs into traps.

It’s important that you choose a trap that uses a chemical attractant because it will ensure that your trap attracts all types of bed bugs at once.

It will also help prevent any one type of bait from being consumed too quickly by other pests such as mice or rats, which may be attracted to the same food source but do not pose health risks to humans like bed bugs do.

What instantly kills bed bugs?

When it comes to killing bed bugs, you need a fast solution that works. And that’s where rubbing alcohol comes in.

Among the popular and most effective DIY home treatments for bed bugs is rubbing alcohol. It has been proven to be a very effective tool in killing bed bugs, although it may not be as fast as some other treatments.

If you have a lot of time and patience, rubbing alcohol can be used to kill bed bugs on your own without having to spend money on an exterminator or chemicals from stores.

Rubbing alcohol has many uses around the house, one of which is killing bed bugs.

Rubbing alcohol can kill both adult and immature bed bugs as well as their eggs. The best thing about using rubbing alcohol as a way to kill these pesky insects is that there are no harmful effects on humans or pets when using it for this purpose.

What attracts bed bugs to you at night?

Bed bugs are drawn to your body heat, the carbon dioxide you exhale, and other biological signatures.

They feed on blood, and they prefer warm-blooded hosts. This is why bed bugs are most active at night: your body temperature rises when you sleep and you exhale more carbon dioxide as well.

Bed bugs also feed on other biological signatures, such as lactic acid, which builds up in your sweat as it evaporates from your skin.

Where do bedbugs hide the most?

Bed bugs will inhabit any crevice or void that is close to a blood source. These areas include the headboard, bed frame and box spring.

Bed bugs can also be found in other areas such as cracks in wood flooring and wallpaper, electrical outlet covers and picture frames.

Evidence of where bed bug infestations may be found in a bed room include: bed frame, mattress and box spring.

Does killing bed bugs attract more?

You might have heard that killing bed bugs will attract more of them to your home. While it’s true that some of the surviving bed bugs will come out of hiding and start breeding again, it’s also true that squeezing a bed bug does not kill all of them.

In fact, if you squeeze a bed bug and pop it, there’s a good chance that you’ll be left with many more bed bugs behind than there were before.

When you kill one, its digestive juices leak out and are absorbed by other nearby eggs and nymphs, which causes them to hatch faster than they normally would.

These new bed bugs will grow up with a stronger immune system than those who were born before the death of their mother or father, making them harder to kill than ever before.

So while yes, killing bed bugs will attract more over time… it’s not because they’re drawn toward your blood or your scent; it’s because they’re drawn toward each other.

Are bed bugs afraid of light?

While bed bugs prefer darkness, keeping the light on at night won’t deter these pests from biting you. While they may be afraid of light, it’s not going to stop them from coming out to feed on you.

They can see in the dark, but they can also see well enough in dim light to find their way around and attack.

When bed bugs are exposed to light, they tend to move away from it—but this is just part of their normal behavior.

After all, if you were a bed bug, wouldn’t you want to get away from bright lights? But this doesn’t mean that they won’t continue trying to bite you while they’re exposed to the light.

Bed bugs don’t need much time in order to find a place where they can bite, so even if you are able to keep some distance between yourself and the source of the light (like a lamp), there’s still a chance that one will make its way over there eventually.

Do pheromone traps work for bed bugs?

Yes, they do. Pheromone traps are a great way to detect early-stage infestations, and they’re especially useful when you’re trying to confirm whether or not you have a problem.

When placed in monitors or traps, the lure will attract bed bugs, improving the detection and monitoring of early-stage infestations

List of Pheromone Bed Bug Trap

There are several types of pheromone traps available on the market, but they all essentially work the same way. The trap contains a lure that attracts male bed bugs to it, so they can be caught.

Below are the list of popular pheromone bed bug trap:

BugMD – Bed Bug Traps (12 Pack) – Bed Bug Interceptors, Bed Bug Prevention, Glue Traps, Insect Trap Indoor, Bed Bug Sticky Traps

Price: $27.97


  • Detects & Protects: Rest easy with 24-hour bed bug protection. Easily keep track of bed bugs and detect infestations. Keep your bed and furniture free from bed bugs with BugMD insect trap.
  • No Harsh Chemicals: Insect traps indoor are perfect for your home, pets, and family. Monitor bed bugs without traditional pesticides.
  • 3-Way Trapping Method: Fold your bed bug interceptors 3 different ways to maximize results. Place bed bug trap beneath furniture legs, between mattresses and bed frames, or along the floor.
  • Ultra-Sticky Glue Trap: Catch bed bugs where they love to hide with super sticky glue traps. Once bed bugs crawl onto the trap, they’re stuck in a bug sticky trap forever with no escape!
  • Mess-Free Design: Once a trap fills up, simply toss the trap into the trash and replace it with a new one. No touching of gross bugs needed!

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Bed Bug Trap — 12 Pack | TruGuard X Bed Bug Interceptors (Black) | Eco Friendly Bed Bug Traps for Bed Legs | Reliable Insect Detector, Interceptor, and Monitor for Pest Control and Treatment

Price: $31.99


  • ☑ DEPENDABLE, PASSIVE BED BUG PROTECTION — End your bed bug infestation before it spreads using the ShieldFlex TruGuard bed bug monitoring and detection system. The TruGuard bedbug interceptor for beds is an essential component of your bed bug treatment kit. Simply place a trap under each of your bed posts and furniture legs and let ShieldFlex do the work.
  • ☑ CUSTOM DESIGNED TO STOP BED BUGS DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS — The ShieldFlex TruGuard bed bug leg trap is specifically engineered to catch bed bugs where they are known to travel. ShieldFlex leverages known behavioral traits of bed bugs to prevent access to your beds and furniture. Bed bugs easily climb in the traps but cannot climb out. In addition, the TruGuard allows for bed bug early detection, letting you avoid delayed identification of potential infestations.
  • ☑ EXTRA THICK BASE PLATE TO AVOID CRACKING — Poorly constructed, generic products are prone to cracking under the weight of large beds and heavy furniture. But, the ShieldFlex TruGuard bedbug interceptor is constructed with a reinforced polypropylene base plate for added durability and strength. As a result, these custom-designed bedbug traps for bed legs are a critical piece of any complete bed bug removal strategy and will help you rest easy and keep your family safe.
  • ☑ PACK OF 12 FITS THREE BEDS OR PIECES OF FURNITURE — Each box includes twelve bed bug interceptor traps that can be used to guard and protect three beds or other pieces of furniture. These traps can be used under beds, couches, chairs, love seats, and other furniture. For maximum effect, place one trap under each leg of any bed or furniture where protection is desired. In addition to homes and residences, TruGuard traps can also be used in hotels, dormitories, hospitals, hostels, and more.

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Conclusively, Pheromone traps are a unique way to catch bed bugs. They are essentially a trap that uses the pheromones released by female bed bugs to lure male bed bugs into the trap.

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