Pour On Insecticide For Cattle

Pour On Insecticide For Cattle is an insecticide for cattle. It has been used for the prevention and control of horn flies, face flies, stable flies, house flies, bot flies, hornworms, and other insects in horses. You should know that a bottle of Pour-On Insecticide For Cattle is not a stand-alone insecticide at all. If you fail to supply the cattle with their nutritional requirements they will not develop deep bodies or legs hence reducing their market value. However, do not use this chemical if you notice any symptoms of toxicity such as trembling of the rear legs or front legs or lack of coordination. Since the introduction of Dermacor into the pesticide market in 1961, Pour-On Insecticide for Cattle has become a go-to brand of pesticide for farmers and ranchers. This is due to the fact that this powerful chemical is easy to use and can be applied simply by pouring it on cattle.

Pour On Insecticide for Cattle is a long-lasting insecticide for cattle that controls horn flies, face flies, stable flies, house flies, cluster flies, horseflies, deerflies, and lice. It also kills ticks, mites, and many more insects.

Apply Pour-On Insecticide to cattle in late spring or early summer after they have been turned out to pasture. Pour On Insecticide is labeled “for use on beef cattle only”; however it can also be used on dairy cows with the following precautions: Apply at least two weeks before calving or within 24 hours of calving. Do not use on lactating dairy cows within 7 days after the last milking of the previous lactation period.

Pour On is a unique insecticide for cattle that’s specifically designed to kill the most common cattle pests: flies, lice, ticks, and horn flies. Pour On contains an ingredient called permethrin, which is a synthetic pyrethroid that’s toxic to insects and acarine (a type of arthropod). The active ingredient in Pour-On has been used in agriculture since the 1970s and has been used on humans since 1959.

Permethrin is odorless and colorless, so it won’t stain or discolor your cattle’s skin or hair coat. It also doesn’t have any unpleasant side effects on humans or animals. The biggest benefit to using Pour-On Insecticide For Cattle is that it kills multiple types of insect pests at once. If you have a large herd of cows, this means one less application for each type of pest, saving you time and money. You can use Pour On when the weather is dry or wet; however, we strongly recommend applying it during dry conditions because it will last longer if it’s not rained on immediately after application.

What Is the Best Pour-on for Cattle?

There are many different types of pour-on products for cattle. The best pour-on for cattle depends on a variety of factors, including the location where you live and the size of your herd.

The best way to find out which product is best for your herd is to talk with your veterinarian about what options are available for use in your area. If you don’t have a veterinarian, you may want to go online and search for local veterinarians who specialize in beef cattle care.

If you live in a state where there are no restrictions on the use of a particular type of product, then you can ask your local feed store if they carry any products that might be appropriate for your needs.

How Do You Apply Pour-on Insecticide?

Pour-on insecticides are used to control external parasites in cattle, sheep, and horses. These products are applied directly to the skin of the animal, usually between the shoulder blades.

The best way to apply a pour-on is to first do a spot-check on an inconspicuous area of skin such as under the ear or on the neck. If your horse doesn’t react negatively then you can proceed with applying the product more liberally over their entire body. Make sure that you don’t get any of the pour-on on your hands because it will cause irritation if it comes into contact with your eyes or mouth.

When using a liquid pour-on make sure that you hold it upright when applying it so that it doesn’t spill out onto anything else (or yourself). Pour out just enough product so that there’s plenty left in the container for later use.

Ultra Boss Pour-on Insecticide for Cattle & Sheep

Ultra Boss Pour-on Insecticide for Cattle & Sheep is a unique product that combines the proven effectiveness of pyrethroid insecticides with a powerful new synergist called OP50.

This product is highly effective against a variety of insects including horn flies, face flies, horse flies, and stable flies. It also provides protection against ticks, lice, and mites in cattle and sheep. Ultra Boss Pour-on Insecticide for Cattle & Sheep can be used as part of an integrated pest management program.

Is There a Pour on Antibiotic for Cattle?

There is a pour-on antibiotic for cattle, but it’s not commonly used. A pour-on antibiotic is an antibiotic that is applied directly to the skin of animals. They’re often used to treat skin infections, but they can also be used to prevent infections as well.

Pour-on antibiotics are typically administered by injection or by pouring the solution over the animal’s entire body. Injections are typically used for treatment, while pour-ons are often used for prevention.

This type of antibiotic will not be effective if only a small portion of your animal’s body has been exposed to an infection. It must be applied over the entire body so that it can effectively reach any area where bacteria may be growing under the surface of the skin.

List of Pour-On Insecticide For Cattle

This list is intended to help you find the best Pour-On Insecticide For Cattle. We have included a brief summary of each product, as well as a link to buy.

Merck Animl Health Cattle 176298 Ultra Boss Pour-On Insecticide, Quart

Merck Animal Health Cattle 176298 Ultra Boss Pour-On Insecticide, Quart

Price: $51.89

Features :

  • Made in the United States
  • Package length:13.21″
  • Package width:6.35″
  • Package height:22.86″

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions 
Weight1 Pound

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Durvet Fly 003-3704 Synergized Permethrin 1% Pour-On Insecticide, 1 Gallon

Durvet Fly 003-3704 Synergized Permethrin 1% Pour-On Insecticide, 1 Gallon

Price: $36.98

Features :

  • For use on beef cattle lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle calves sheep lambs and livestock premises
  • For controlling horn face horse stable house Black flies and mosquitoes
  • Controls lice on all cattle. Ready to use
  • Oil-based for application any time of year convenient application methods: pour-on spray-on or back-rubber
  • Also helps control cockroaches ants spiders and Crickets

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions 
Height4.8 inches
Width7.3 inches
Length11.7 inches
Weight7.56 Pounds

Buy Now

CyLence Pour On Insecticide for Itchy Goats, Beef/Dairy Cattle - Pint (473 mL) w/Double Sided Safran Detection Comb - Any Age, Size, Breed, Including Lactating - Controls Flies, Biting & Sucking Lice

CyLence Pour-On Insecticide for Itchy Goats, Beef/Dairy Cattle – Pint (473 mL) w/Double Sided Safran Detection Comb – Any Age, Size, Breed, Including Lactating – Controls Flies, Biting & Sucking Lice

Price: $37.45 ($37.45 / Count)

Features :

  • » Effective control of biting lice, sucking lice as well as stable, horn, house, and face flies.
  • » For use on Goats, beef and dairy cattle + other animals.
  • » Ready to use solution.
  • » No withdrawal period.
  • SAFRAN DETECTION TOOL: If you’re itching for a way to identify infestations fast, turn to the included Safran Detection Comb. The soft teeth of the double-sided comb pull out fleas and other insects from deep within your furbaby’s coat so you can quickly discover if the pest is hiding. This will help get you through the spring and summertime when biting flies are at their most active and your paw-toner loves being outside.
  • TIP: Add a quick comb-through during your regular grooming throughout the year to help you detect infestations early. Plus, the fine-toothed comb will help you identify dry, flaky skin so you can give your paw-their relief at the first sign of skin irritation. Can be used along with flea powders or shampoos. Also helps you identify other skin and coat problems so you can start treatment sooner.

Additional Info :

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Gordon’s Livestock Backrubber & Pour-On, 2.5 Gallons, 9391122

Price: $77.65

Features :

  • Reduces flies, mosquitoes, ticks, and lice
  • Use on beef and dairy cattle and swine
  • Use as a back rubber or pour-on
  • Ready-to-use insecticide formulation

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions 
Height14.5 inches
Width5 inches
Length8 inches
Weight23.75 Pounds

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Neogen 1517010 Prozap Insectrin 1% Pour-On Xtra 1 Gallon, None

Neogen 1517010 Prozap Insectrin 1% Pour-On Xtra 1 Gallon, None

Price: $40.99

Features :

  • Ready-To-Use as a pour-on, spray, or mist
  • Contains 1% Permethrin and 1% PBO
  • For use on lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle, beef cattle, and calves
  • Controls lice, horn flies, face flies, horse flies, stable flies, house flies, mosquitoes, and black flies
  • Mix with mineral oil for use with back rubbers
  • For use on sheep to control sheep keds and lice.
  • Use as a spot spray or premise spray in and around animal premises, kennels, and outside meat processing premises

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions 
Height10.5 inches
Width4.5 inches
Length7 inches

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In Conclusion,

Pour-on insecticide for cattle is a product that can be used to treat your cattle for a variety of pests. It’s easy to apply, and it’s fast-acting. Pour on insecticide for cattle works by killing the insects that are feeding on your cattle. The active ingredient in this product is an IGR or Insect Growth Regulator. This means it stops insects from developing into adults and laying eggs, which prevents new generations from hatching.

This product is safe to use with pregnant cows and lactating cows, as well as calves under six months old. It’s also safe for humans who handle it properly, meaning you should always wear protective gloves when handling any pesticides.

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