Premise Insecticide For Termites

Termites can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home and property, not to even mention the risk to your health and loved ones. Your home is likely full of wood, making it a highly attractive target for termite infestations. There are effective techniques you can use to effectively prevent or treat a termite problem in your home.

However, traditional chemical treatments given to walls and outside foundations of buildings can be difficult and expensive to apply. A new product, called Premise Insecticide has been developed by Bayer Advanced that will effectively kill termites and control other pests in their hiding places after they have entered structures. A premise termite insecticide controls the population of subterranean termites in and around your home. Premise prevents new colony development by killing the termites before they enter your home and breed. The premise is also labeled for the control of dry wood, damp wood, and Formosan termites.

About Premise Insecticide For Termites

Premise Insecticide For Termites is the only termite treatment that can be applied directly to the soil around your home and properties. It’s a one-time application, and it’s safe for you, your family, and your pets.

It works by killing termite colonies before they can damage your home or property. The active ingredient in Premise Insecticide For Termites is called Fipronil. This chemical is a systemic insecticide that targets the entire colony, so it’s effective at killing all of the termites inside their nests.

The premise is a unique, non-repellent insecticide that controls termites without disrupting the colony. Instead, it targets the reproductive caste of the colony and prevents them from reproducing. This means that you won’t have to worry about your termite problem coming back—even if you don’t treat the rest of the colony.

The product can be sprayed directly on wood or soil; it won’t harm plants or animals. It also doesn’t require any special equipment or extensive safety precautions, so you can use it in any area of your home or business.

Premise Insecticide For Termites is a unique product that provides a safe and effective treatment for termites. It has been designed to provide long-lasting protection against termites, keeping your home safe from infestation for months at a time.

Premise Insecticide For Termites is easy to use. Simply follow the instructions provided on the packaging and you will be able to treat all areas of your home where termites may be present.

What Is Premise Treatment for Termites?

Premise treatment is the process of treating a home or building in order to prevent termite infestation. The premise treatment is performed before termites have actually been found on the property. Premise treatments are often done in the spring or fall when there is less risk of rain and high humidity.

The premise treatment consists of applying liquid residual insecticide to all the walls, floors, and other surfaces of the structure. The liquid residual insecticide will remain effective for up to two years after application and should kill any termites that wander onto the property during that time. In addition to killing any existing termites in the area, premise treatments also prevent new termites from entering because they cannot survive without food sources such as wood.

Is Premise Good for Termites?

Premise is a termite treatment that has been used by many homeowners to eliminate the problem of termites. The product has been around for several years and it has been tested in the field. The premise is easy to use and it can be applied on any type of surface. This product can be used to treat existing termite infestations, but it is also effective at preventing future attacks.

The main ingredient in this product is an insect growth regulator called Fipronil. This chemical is ingested by the termite when they feed on wood treated with Premise, which prevents them from reproducing or laying eggs. Another active ingredient in this product is Imidacloprid, which is a neurotoxin that targets nervous systems in insects such as ants and termites.

When choosing between different types of insecticides, homeowners should consider their safety as well as their effectiveness against certain pests like termites or roaches. It’s important to choose a product that will not harm humans or pets if they come into contact with it accidentally during the application or afterward when walking barefoot on treated surfaces (e.g., floorboards).

How Long Does Premise Termite Treatment Last

The length of time that Premise Termite Treatment lasts depends on a few different factors.

First, it depends on the type of Premise treatment you’re using. If you use an active ingredient like borax or diatomaceous earth, then your treatment will last for up to three months. If you use something like residual barrier spray, then it will last for up to one year.

Second, it depends on how well you maintain your Premise treatment. For example, if you don’t inspect your house regularly during the first two weeks after treatment and then again after two months, and if you don’t treat any new infestations that are found during this time period—then your treatment won’t last as long as it could.

What Are the Side Effects of Bayer Premise?

Bayer Premise is a monthly flea, tick, and mosquito protection product for dogs. It is available in three doses: a small dog (2 to 10 lbs), a medium dog (11 to 20 lbs), and a large dog (21 to 55 lbs). Bayer Premise is absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin to provide month-long protection against fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

Side effects include irritation at the application site, vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy. If you notice any of these symptoms after applying Bayer Premise, contact your veterinarian immediately.

List of Premise Insecticide For Termites

Termite control is a necessary part of any home or commercial building, and it can be daunting to know where to begin. Whether you’re looking for a natural or synthetic treatment, there are many options and products available.

The following list provides a few to consider when selecting your premise insecticide.

Bayer 2584607 Premise 2F Insecticide

Bayer 2584607 Premise 2F Insecticide

Price: $60.71 ($7.59 / Ounce)

Features :

  • Small bottle size for handheld Sprayers
  • Broad label flexibility saves time and labor
  • Termites cannot detect the presence of this product, so more will be exposed to the treatment
  • Easy-to-use and mix

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions 
Height6.5 Inches
Width3.6 Inches
Length1.8 Inches

Buy Now

Premise Foam Termiticide,termite Spray, Model: , Home & Garden Store

Premise Foam Termiticide, termite Spray, Model: Home & Garden Store

Price: $39.20

Features :

  • Excellent insect spray which kills and controls termites and ants instantaneously
  • Inject the insecticide into wall voids, termite galleries, ant colonies and floor joists and more
  • Kill and control termites and ants
  • This product can be applied to insect galleries in damaged wood, into spaces between wooden

Additional Info :

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Bayer Environmental Science Premise Pre-Construction Insecticide - jug(2.15 gals)

Bayer Environmental Science Premise Pre-Construction Insecticide – jug(2.15 gals)

Price: $324.95

Features :

  • Not for sale & Ship to CT, NY.
  • Premise Pre-Construction Insecticide is used for the prevention of termites. It offers affordability, high performance, and excellent value for builders, pest management professionals, and design center architects. Most termiticide products on the market are repellent, which means termites can detect the treated areas and go around it
  • Target pests: Subterranean Termites, Carpenter Ants
  • For use in Concrete slab-on-ground or basements, crawl spaces, hollow block foundations, or voids
  • Active Ingredient: Imidacloprid 21.4%

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions 
Weight20.94 Pounds

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Bayer 03780574 Premise Foam Termiticide, White 18_ounce

Bayer 03780574 Premise Foam Termiticide, White 18_ounce

Price: $22.93

Features :

  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • No Assembly Required
  • Brand Name: Bayer
  • Premise Foam Kills And Controls Termites Wood-Infesting Insects Carpenter Bees And Ant Infestations

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions 
Height2.5 Inches
Width2.25 Inches
Length9.25 Inches
Weight1.35 Pounds

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Bayer Permectrin II Insecticide, 32-Ounce

Bayer Permectrin II Insecticide, 32-Ounce

Price: $31.39

Features :

  • Aids in control of cockroaches, mosquitoes, and spiders in and around farm premises
  • Effective against mange mites and hog lice on swine and mites on poultry
  • Convenient to apply as a high or low-pressure spray, with a hand or garden sprayer, or as a spot spray

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions 
Height8 Inches
Width2 Inches
Length5 Inches
Weight1.95 Pounds

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In Conclusion,

The Premise Termite Treatment is a great product for your home or business. It will help keep termites away from your home, and it can be used in both residential and commercial settings. The active ingredient in this product is bifenthrin, which works to kill insects that feed on wood. This includes termites, ants, and roaches.

You can use this product around the perimeter of your home or building, as well as other areas where you have noticed insects like cockroaches or ants.

The Premise Termite Treatment contains no pesticides so it will not harm humans or animals if they ingest it accidentally. This makes it useful for people who have pets that may eat things they shouldn’t while they’re roaming outside near their home.

If you are looking for an insecticide that will help keep termites away from your home or business then consider trying this product today.

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