Pesticide For Spiders

There are many different types of spider and they are found all over the world. The most common types of spider found in homes and gardens are nursery web spiders, hobo spiders, wolf spiders, black widows and brown recluses. Although most spiders do not want to hurt people, bites from the brown recluse spider can be serious. Lately, we’ve been dealing with a creepy pest problem at home. We seem to be getting a lot of spiders in our house lately. Ever since my husband started mowing the grass, we’ve had a problem with spiders and other pests showing up inside the walls of our house. It’s getting to be a real problem. We don’t know if they’re coming in through the vents and the ceiling, or they’re just finding their way in through cracks around the wood flooring upstairs. I’d like to get rid of them as quickly as possible without exposing myself or my family to harmful chemicals. Is there an environmentally safe pesticide for these critters?

Pesticide For Spiders

Spiders are a common household pest. They can be found in every room of the house, and they prefer to live in dark places where they can hide during the day. The most common types of spiders found in people’s homes are wolf spiders and brown recluse spiders.

Wolf Spiders

Wolf spiders are very large, hairy and fast-moving, with long legs and a narrow body. They are typically brown or gray, with yellowish stripes on their backs that may or may not be present across the abdomen area depending on the species. They also have a large pair of eyes that face forward and are adapted for hunting prey at night time, so they will often appear as though they’re staring at you directly when you see them scurrying around near your feet during daylight hours (they’re actually just looking for food). These spiders should be treated with caution because they can bite humans if provoked by being stepped on accidentally (which is why you should always wear shoes inside your home).

Brown Recluse Spiders

Brown recluse spiders are smaller than wolf spiders but still quite large for most other types of common house pests such as cockroaches or ants.

The most common spider in the United States is the brown recluse. It’s not aggressive, but its bite can be fatal. And it likes to live in dark, secluded areas—like your basement or garage. The best way to get rid of a brown recluse is with a pesticide that contains boric acid.

Brown recluse spiders are often found in basements, attics and crawl spaces of homes. They prefer moist and dry environments and are often found hiding in boxes or on clothing left on the floor. The brown recluse can be identified by its violin-shaped marking on its cephalothorax (the large part of the spider). The violin shape has six legs on each side as well as two eyes near the back end of the violin shape and one smaller pair of eyes near its mouth area below those larger pair of eyes.

The best way to get rid of a brown recluse is with a pesticide that contains boric acid because they have no resistance to this substance yet it’s not toxic to humans or pets if used correctly according to label instructions.

List of Pesticide For Spiders

Onslaught FastCap Spider and Scorpion Insecticide 1 Gallon
Price : $403.36
Features :

  • Fast acting microencapsulated formula kills fast.
  • Unique formula contains Exponent brand synergist and two other active ingredients.
  • Onslaught FastCap is flexible – it may be used indoors and outdoors, in homes and in food and non-food areas of commercial structures.
  • Great on difficult bugs like spiders, scorpions, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, roaches, etc.
  • Easy-to-use polymeric formulation

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 9 Pounds
Trifecta Crop Control Super Concentrate All-in-One Natural Pesticide, Fungicide, Miticide, Insecticide, Help Defeat Spider Mites, Powdery Mildew, Botrytis, Mold, and More on Plants 2.5 Gallon
Price : $995.95 ($3.11 / Fl Oz)
Features :

  • BEST NATURAL SOLUTION TO BEAT MILDEW, MITES AND MOLD – Crop Control is hands down the BEST choice to protect and cure Powdery Mildew, Spider Mites, Russet Mites, Broad Mites, Botrytis, Grey Mold, Aphids, fungal and parasitic species on plants.
  • SUPER CONCENTRATED FORMULA SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE – Every 1/2 ounce of Trifecta Crop Control makes one gallon of ready to use spray – Simply mix with water and spray on your plants to prevent and cure up to one week before harvest and stay free of mildew, mites and mold. The simultaneous modes of action create a powerful defense system that stops fungal and parasitic species dead in their tracks
  • GOOD FOR USE ON MOST PLANTS – Use for most crops including fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, roses, flowers, trees, shrubs, houseplants, succulents, ornamentals and more. Save time and money with this quick and easy solution to mildew, mold, and fungus. *Test spray a few leaves full application*
  • PROVEN RESULTS AND FARMER RECOMMENDED – Unique blend of food grade HIGHEST-QUALITY essential oils including garlic, thyme, clove and peppermint oils broken down to NANO-SIZE particles for MAXIMUM COVERAGE. Crop Control contains all-natural ingredients and pet-friendly and food grade product so you can feel good about what you are putting on your plants and the planet.
  • GUARANTEED TO WORK FOR YOU – We are totally confident that Trifecta Crop Control will work for you, as it has for thousands of other growers. With your Trifecta Crop Control purchase, you are protected by Amazon’s money back guarantee (all terms apply) so you can order now with CONFIDENCE

Additional Info :

MGK 10085 Onslaught FastCap Spider and Scorpion Insecticide, Off-White
Price : $69.16
Features :

  • Not for sale in: CT, VT
  • Power Source Type: Manual

Additional Info :

Color Off-White
Item Dimensions
Height 8 Inches
Width 2 Inches
Length 4.25 Inches
Weight 1.25 Pounds
Humboldts Secret Flower Shield – Powerful Insecticide – Pesticide – Miticide – Fungicide – Bug Spray – Spider Spray – Plant and Flower Protection – Healthy Treatment for Pests and Fungus (1 Gallon)
Price : $249.99
Features :

  • EXEMPT FROM EPA REGISTRATION: Humboldts Secret takes pride in creating products for your plants. You’ll be pleased to know that Flower Shield is made from products exempt from EPA registration under minimum risk pesticides according to FIFRA 25(b).
  • PEST MANAGEMENT: Flower Shield by Humboldts Secret is a pest management alternative that works as both a preventative and knock-down treatment for pests and fungus.
  • INSECTICIDE, PESTICIDE & MITICIDE: Our Flower Shield formula will kill mites, their eggs, and soft-bodied insects while also controlling powdery mildew. Weekly applications will create an environment that is lethal to pests and fungal spores, but not your plants.
  • WORKS ON CONTACT, NO IMMUNITY BUILDUP: Flower Shield is an insecticide, fungicide, and miticide that works on contact and does not allow immunity buildup. Insects cannot become immune to the ingredients found in Flower Shield.
  • CONTROLS POWDERY MILDEW: Our formula contains effective ingredients that control and prevent naturally without harming or affecting the environment of your plants in any way.

Additional Info :

Supreme Growers Smite Spider Mite Killer, All Natural Pesticide Concentrate, Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, Organic Eco Friendly Pest Control (1 Gallon Concentrate - Makes 128 Gallons)
Price : $179.99 ($1.41 / Fl Oz)
Features :

  • SMITE by Supreme Growers is the purest concentrate on the market. The 1 gallon size makes 128 gallons of ready to use product. It is a 100% all natural pesticide, and safe for all crops and stages from seed until flower. It is a pure concentrated all-natural pesticide formulated with a diverse blend of powerful plant oils that will kill spider mite eggs and adult infestations on contact. SHAKE VIGOROUSLY BEFORE EACH USE! Call our hotline at (614) 745-1945 with any questions.
  • SMITE is extremely effective, both on contact and in preventative control. Formulated with 4 ultra-pure diverse food-grade natural “whole plant” oils, SMITE’s powerful ingredients are targeted to specific modes of action. Smite has a Patented Micronization process that takes these normally bulky, heavy oils and shrinks them down to less then 1 micron in size. This allows the oils to penetrate into the abdomen and cause suffocation with higher efficiency.
  • SMITE is effective against spider mites, broad mites, aphids, southern red mites, European red mites, mole crickets, mosquito larva, chiggers, thrips, and whitefly. The Geranium, Peppermint, Cotton Seed, and Rosemary oils delivered by SMITE are harvested and extracted with intention using cold-press methods in order to retain purity of ingredients. No heat or chemical solvents are used. We source our oils from Asia to guarantee the highest level of quality and to stay away from GMOs.
  • SMITE is fully registered and approved for all sectors of agriculture. Under warm conditions, SMITE will naturally biodegrade leaving minimal to no residue. Perfect for vegetables, fruits, flowers, medical cannabis/marijuana etc. Spray SMITE on plants of every age, from seed/clones through harvest. Unlike other products, spider mites do not get immune to SMITE. It can be sprayed up to and past harvest given the proper amount of time to dry before making extracts and/or consuming.
  • Click “Add to Cart” to order SMITE now. At Supreme Growers, we believe that quality starts at the soil. Our mission is to equip growers with the knowledge and resources to make self-sustainable growing economically viable. That’s our commitment to you.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 7 Pounds

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