Plants To Repel Fleas And Ticks

Plants have been used to repel fleas and ticks for centuries. Fleas and ticks are insects with built-in sensors that enable them to detect carbon dioxide, heat, and vibration. The theory is simple: If a plant produces high levels of carbon dioxide, smells awful, or can make pets or people uncomfortable in some way, pests will find it less than desirable as a place to live/feed. Ticks and fleas are a nuisance to pets and people. They interfere with our enjoyment of the outdoors and disrupt the lives of our animals. The best way to repel ticks and fleas is to avoid them in the first place. Re-apply repellent as needed, especially after exposure to ticks and fleas. At the heart of every animal is a natural desire to live life in a way that makes them happy and comfortable. For dogs, this means chasing balls, chewing on bones and lying down in the sun. But fleas and ticks can quickly make this dream a nightmare. Their bite itches. Their saliva could trigger allergies, paralysis and other reactions that no dog owner should have to deal with. That’s why I only recommend plants that repel fleas and ticks.

Plants To Repel Fleas And Ticks

Ticks can be a problem for your dog. They can carry diseases, and they can make your dog uncomfortable. If you want to keep ticks off of your dog, consider planting these plants in your yard:

Lavender – Lavender is one of the most effective plants for repelling ticks and fleas. It also smells great!

Rosemary – Rosemary is another great plant for repelling fleas and ticks, as well as mosquitoes. It also adds a nice flavor to food when it’s cooked with other herbs or meats.

Pennyroyal – This herb is very effective at repelling ticks, but it is toxic to cats so keep them away from it if you have both cats and dogs in your house!

The best way to keep fleas and ticks at bay is to keep your yard and garden clean, but if you want to plant some plants that will help keep them away from your home, here are a few options.

Lavender: Lavender is a perennial plant that grows well in most environments, and it smells great! It repels fleas, ticks and other insects and can be planted near the house or in a flower bed.

Marigolds: Marigolds repel mosquitoes and other flying insects, including fleas and ticks. They also attract beneficial insects like bees, so they’re good for your garden as well as your home. You can use marigolds in pots or in your garden beds themselves.

Catnip: Catnip is an herb that smells great to cats but bad to most other animals (including fleas). It’s easy to grow in most climates and makes a nice addition to any garden bed or container.

List of Plants To Repel Fleas And Ticks

Wondercide - Ready to Use Flea, Tick, and Mosquito Yard Spray with Natural Essential Oils – Mosquito and Insect Killer, Treatment, and Repellent - Plant-Based - Safe for Pets, Plants, Kids - 32 oz
Price : $34.99
Features :

  • KILLS & REPELS. A flea and tick preventative and a treatment, this pest-repellent spray is powered by natural essential oils and protects your pets and family.
  • SPRAY & PLAY! Safe for cats, dogs and people of all ages, with no wait time for drying or reentry into sprayed areas and environments. Just attach directly to a garden hose, spray your backyard, and enjoy. Keep the bottle & Refill the sprayer with our Flea and Tick Spray Concentrate!
  • TREATS UP TO 5,000 SQUARE FEET. Can be safely used on lawns, gardens, grass, patios, dog kennels, vegetables, flowers, siding, brick, paint and more. Treat an existing pest infestation or for prevention. Application coverage depends on water pressure and walking speed.
  • NO HARSH CHEMICALS. No artificial colors, fragrances or harsh pesticides. Made in the USA from powerful, sustainable, plant-based ingredients. Safe when sprayed outdoors around pets, kids, and beneficial insects like bees and butterflies. Cruelty-Free and biodegradable. Keep the bottle & Refill the sprayer with our Flea and Tick Spray Concentrate!
  • POWERFULLY EFFECTIVE WITH THE PUREST, NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS. Powered by cedar oil, Wondercide is safe pest protection that’s proven to work, especially for flea, tick, and mosquito removal. Packaging May Vary.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Width 6.2
Length 2.3
EcoVenger Flea & Tick Removal Spray 16oz for Dogs and Cats, Protects from Fleas, Mites, Ticks & Mosquitoes, eliminates+ Repels+ Housekeeping, Indoors/Outdoors, Plant-Based Formula Safe for Pets & Kids
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Features :

  • 【Safely Kills Bugs All Stages & Repels】: This Flea & Tick Removal Spray is made based on the award-winning Naturally Effective botanical bioinsecticide technology developed by EcoVenger, formerly known as, EcoRaider. It is formulated to be safely used on dogs and cats to treat active infestations or for preventative purposes. It quickly eliminates fleas, mites and ticks of all life stages including eggs and provides extended repellency protection against biting insects, especially mosquitoes.
  • 【Natural & Non-Toxic but Highly Efficacious】: Contains no pyrethrin, permethrin or any other harsh chemicals. Its active ingredients are our very own proprietary combination of botanical insecticidal compounds that are organically extracted from aromatic plants. The formula is lethal to insects by blocking their neuron transmitter, but does not affect humans, animals, fish or birds. It works faster than other green products and is a lot safer than chemical pesticides.
  • 【Protection & Prevention】: Can be used as protection against active infestation. Spray directly on their coat until wet, but not soaking. Rub the entire coat until the entirety of your pet is damp. Let it air dry for 15 minutes and then thoroughly bathe the pets to remove any bugs. Can also be applied routinely as prevention. Spray directly on pets before any outdoor activities, such as hiking. Product effectively deters biting and hitch-hiking insects.
  • 【Must-have House Keeping Tool】: Can be used either indoors or outdoors as a housekeeping tool for your furry friends or for your home to eliminate brought-in fleas and ticks. Spray on areas where pets mostly stay such as pet cribs, cages, bedding, scratchers, carriers, blankets, carpets, rugs, couches and futons to kill fleas, mites, ticks and their eggs. Product does not cause stains or discoloration when used as directed.
  • 【Safety is Our Priority】: EcoVenger goes through strict examination by an EPA authorized lab to ensure the whole formula imposes no toxicity in dermal sensitization, oral intake, skin irritation, eye irritation or inhalation. Therefore, the product is pet, bird and fish friendly, and can be safely used around children and the elderly.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 1 Pounds
Price : $10.99
Features :

  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE – The Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Easy Spray for Cats and Home kills fleas, flea larvae, flea eggs, ticks and mosquitoes by contact.
  • PROVEN FORMULA: Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Easy Spray for Cats and Home is scientifically proven effective against pests but gentle enough to use around the whole family.
  • CERTIFIED NATURAL OILS –Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Easy Spray for Cats and Home is formulated with 100% certified natural essential oils and plant-based ingredients that provide a safe and fast acting formula for flea and tick removal and prevention.
  • TOTAL HOME DEFENSE – The Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Easy Spray is a strong but gentle solution to help with fleas and ticks in the home or on your cat.
  • GENTLE MIST SPRAYER: Gentle enough to be applied directly on cats and kittens 12 weeks or older when used as directed.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 9.5 Inches
Width 2.63 Inches
Length 2.63 Inches
Weight 0.875 Pounds
Realtree Men
Price : $11.99
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  • Tall boot sock; lightweight; Proven to repel mosquitoes, ants, ticks, flies, chiggers and midges
  • Permethrin Repellent provides odorless protection; ultra-dri moisture wicking
  • All season wear; half cushion foot
  • Stay up leg and top
  • Reinforced heel and toe; made in USA

Additional Info :

Color Olive
Item Dimensions
Weight 0.2 Pounds
Dog Whisperer Tick + Flea Repellent, All-Natural, Extra Strength, Effective on Dogs and Their People (4 Ounce Spray)
Price : $11.98 ($3.00 / FL Oz)
Features :

  • Proven Effective: Our maximum strength repellent works naturally and effectively to keep ticks and fleas off of your dog, and you! Proven effective and independently lab tested for efficacy so you and your furry friend can roam freely
  • Easy Application: Simply spray our natural flea and tick prevention spray directly on your dog from head to tail, focusing on legs, underbelly, and neck. Safe for use on skin, apparel, gear, and hair too. Reapply as needed to ensure effectiveness
  • Fresh, Herbal Scent: Pleasant, uplifting herbal scent to keep your dog smelling fresh! Non-irritating, non-greasy, 100% plant-based, vegan, and cruelty-free. Deet free and no permethrin, clove, eugenol, alcohol, chemicals or synthetics. Made in the USA
  • All Natural Formula: Our extra strength bug spray formula contains therapeutic grade essential oils of cedarwood, peppermint, rosemary, geranium, lemongrass and thyme, and certified organic castor and soybean oils
  • Safe for Dogs and Their People: A safe essential oil insect repellent for all dog breeds, adults, kids, and puppies over 12 weeks. Works to repel ticks, fleas, black flies, mosquitoes and other bugs while you’re out and about with your dog

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 0.25 Pounds

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