Play Smart Ants

The developers of Play Smart Ants want to bring you a unique, yet simple game that is not just about luck but also about strategy and tactics. The goal in every level is to find the food so you can feed your colony and take home a high score. The ants must avoid the dirt and water, which cause them damage and lead them to their deaths. The ants’ path is blocked by rocks that you need to blast with cannons. Playing ants is an activity kids enjoy. As they do, they’re challenged to strategise and adapt to overcome the challenges they face. One of these challenges is the possession of a limited number of cards with various features that differ from card to card. Such games help both children and adults develop problem-solving skills in dealing with such obstacles and find creative solutions for them.

Play Smart Ants

Play Smart Ants is a unique puzzle game. It combines the classic match-3 game with a fun and challenging gameplay.

The player controls a colony of ants that needs to survive by matching three or more same-colored ants. The more ants you collect, the faster they will move and the more points you will get. The time limit is also important because it gives you extra time to complete the level.

There are many different levels and each one has its own unique challenges and obstacles that need to be overcome in order to complete them successfully. Some levels require you to collect specific items, whereas others require you to avoid certain hazards like water or fire so as not get burned by them in case something goes wrong during gameplay!

The game features beautiful graphics and animations that make it even more enjoyable for players who enjoy this genre!

Play Smart Ants is a revolutionary new way to teach children about the world around them. In this game, players use their powers of deduction to find out who among them is the Smart Ant in charge of all the Smart Ants.

The game comes with an instruction sheet and 7 cards: three cards for each of the Smart Ants. Each card has a number and an image of a different animal. Players take turns asking yes-or-no questions about which animal is on their card, trying to determine which one is theirs. As they ask questions, they flip over cards until they find their own card (it will have their number on it). If someone else guesses your identity before you do, then you lose!

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