Pocket Ants Mod Apk

Pocket Ants Mod APK helps you to make a large amount of resources and use all features unlocked. By using Pocket Ants Mod APK you can purchase boosters, upgrades and storage without waiting or spending any real money. Note: This mod is compatible with the latest version of the game and is not allowed. Pocket Ants is a great game for those that enjoy strategy and simulation style game play. The game is actually very similar to the Ants Vs Toms game which was also released by Game Hive a year earlier. Both games are considered to be among the best free Android games of all time because they are fun and challenging. Pocket Ants is the latest game available on the app market. This game is situated in the user’s home and has extremely easy navigation that even a third grader can follow. This game is available both for Android and iOS platform. But, some of the features are offered only to the Android users. So, if you happen to be a proud owner of an Android phone, then this article will be just right for you.

Pocket Ants Mod Apk

The pocket ants mod apk is a unique game that can be played on the Android platform. The game has been developed by the well-known [company name] and it has been downloaded by more than [number] users. The game is currently available for free but if you want to make it even better, then you can download some of the paid mods available for this game.

The pocket ants mod apk is all about ants that live in your pocket. You will have to feed them with food items like cookies, fruits and vegetables so that they grow up into full-fledged ants. You will also have to protect them from dangerous enemies like spiders and flies that can kill your ants before they grow up into adults. The best thing about this game is its graphics which are very lifelike and realistic. You will feel like you are actually playing with real ant colonies when you play this game!

Some people may think that this game is boring because it does not have any action scenes or fast paced gameplay but for people who love nature related games, this is definitely worth checking out!

Pocket Ants is a unique, turn-based strategy game that puts you in charge of an army of little ants. Your goal is to take back your home from the evil red bugs who have invaded it.

Your ants will have different abilities, and you can use these abilities to take on enemies and obstacles as you explore a vast world full of secrets. You’ll need to collect resources and build structures to help your ants survive. As they explore, they’ll uncover new areas and items that can be used in battle or for crafting new weapons and tools.

You can play Pocket Ants on your phone or tablet, and sync your progress across platforms so you can start playing where you left off no matter where you are!

List of Pocket Ants Mod Apk

Fertilome Come and Get It Fire Ant Killer
Price : $23.92
Features :

  • Kills the Queen & the Mound, No Mixing, Dead Ants in 24 Hours, No Watering Necessary, Contains 0.015% Spinosad, No Odor.
  • Use on Lawns & Other Turf Areas Such as Recreational Areas, Rangeland, Permanent Pastures, Ornamentals, Landscapes, Greenhouses & Most Crops including, but not limited to tree nuts, citrus, stone fruit, tree fruits soybeans and vegetables.
  • Covers Up To 10,000 sq. ft.

Additional Info :

Color Yellow to Brown Granules
Item Dimensions
Height 10 Inches
Width 5.5 Inches
Length 3.25 Inches
Weight 1 Pounds
Combat Max Ant Killing Bait Stations, Indoor and Outdoor Use, 6 Count
Price : $5.49 ($0.92 / Count)
Features :

  • Kills the colony.
  • Provides long-lasting ant killing power
  • Kills ants quickly
  • No vapor, fumes, or odor.
  • This package contains 6 ant killing bait stations.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 1 Inches
Width 1 Inches
Length 5 Inches
Weight 0.08 pounds
eXtremeRate Tactile Version Clicky Hair Trigger Kit for PS5 Controller Shoulder Buttons, Custom Tactile Bumper Trigger Buttons for PS5 Controller BDM-010 & BDM-020, Mouse Click Kit for PS5 Controller
Price : $15.99
Features :

  • Only compatible with PS5 Controller BDM-010 & BDM-020, not fits for other model controllers (Please check the shape of the side of the R2/L2 trigger or the model number on the motherboard as the second picture show before purchase). The Mouse Click kit uses silicone tact switches, so you won’t feel tired after playing games for a long time
  • Custom Tactile Clicky flex cable with built-in buttons is specially designed for PS5 controller, which can shorten the trigger distance to 3mm and make its speed up shooting, the click sound is more clicky than the standard version, which is more similar with the real mouse click
  • Easy to install, need to disassemble the controller; Get the installation video guide on YouTube by searching “eXtremeRate Clicky Trigger Kit for PS5 Controller BDM-020 & BDM-010” or “JSpm7piCqgQ”
  • Package includes: customized tactile conductive flex cable, FPC board built-in buttons kit, cross screwdrivers and spare screws. Note: The controller, trigger button and other parts are not included
  • Kindly note that after installing the Tactile Clicky hair trigger kit for PS5 controller, it will always maintain full speed in racing games; before playing shooting games, it is recommended to turn off the Trigger Effect Intensity function of L2 R2 Triggers to avoid resistance when shooting

Additional Info :

Color For PS5 BDM-010 020 Tactile Clicky Hair Trigger Kit
Item Dimensions
Height 0.1968503935 Inches
Width 0.787401574 Inches
Length 1.968503935 Inches
Weight 0.0330693393 Pounds
BIGTREETECH Mini12864 LCD Graphic Smart Display Control Board with Adapter and Cable for Ender-3 Prusa-i3 3D Printer RAMPS 1.4 RepRap VORON 2.4 3D Printer Mendel Prusa Arduino
Price : $16.78
Features :

  • 1.The Mini12864 display panel has RGB multi-color backlight and can support 8 RGB, which is even more cool.
  • 2.With a SD card base on back, put slicing file into the SD card and select the file on the LCD, then can be printing.
  • 3.Product comes encoder parameter adjustment can be achieved, and the file selection print.
  • 4.Plug and play on the RAMPS, but need to modify the firmware to support.
  • 5.Do not worry about the problem of after-sales, if there is any need, get in touch with us, we will help you solve it.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 1.181102361 Inches
Width 1.181102361 Inches
Length 2.362204722 Inches
Weight 0.110231131 Pounds
TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Killer, 12 Bait Stations
Price : $15.25
Features :

  • Attracts & Kills – Kills common household ants including acrobat, crazy, ghost, little black, odorous house, pavement, and other sweet-eating ants
  • Kills the Ants You See & the Ones You Don’t – As worker ants discover the bait, they share it with the rest of the colony to eliminate them all
  • Works Fast – You should see a significant decrease in the number of ants visiting the bait stations within just a few days
  • Ready to Use – Place the bait stations, watch it attract ants, and eliminate the entire colony
  • Use Throughout Your Home – Place stations near areas where you’ve seen ant activity including along baseboards, in corners, on counters, and more

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 4.5 Inches
Width 6.6 Inches
Length 1.2 Inches
Weight 0.27 Pounds

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