Poem On Ants

Ants. We hate them. They get into our houses, they get in our garden, they get into our food, they crawl on us while we’re sunbathing. Ants are the most destructive creatures on this planet and nothing we ever try helps to get rid of them. But the question is why do we try so hard if the ants always win? Ants are certainly one of Mother Nature’s most industrious creatures. Ants or their colonies can be found in almost every land environment from the equator to the poles, from deserts to tropical rainforests. There are known to be around 12,000 different species of this tiny insect. There are brave soldiers, watchful scouts, builders, and hard workers that always find a way to keep their colony well-organized and productive. Their colonies have been known to live for up to 50 years!

Poem On Ants

Ants that march in a line,

Carrying the weight of the world on their backs.

They are like us, in our own way:

We are ants in a line, too.

We carry our burdens with us every day.

It’s easy to forget that we can be happy.


I am an ant

I have a name

It’s not important.

My job is to do my job

And nothing more.

This is what I’ve been taught to do and have done for years.


I watch them nestle in the dirt,

And I wonder what they’re thinking.

They’re so busy, so industrious;

What drives them to do all this work?

It’s a mystery that I can never solve,

But it’s not just their collective force alone.

There must be something more than just that—

Some kind of chemical reaction to their nature.

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