Poison Ivy Rash Vs Bed Bug Bites

Some people may have misdiagnosed bed bug bites as something else. They may go through expensive “cures” for the wrong condition only to find that the problem has become worse due to incorrect treatment. Those people are now looking for ways to make their money back and improve their health again. One of the most common conditions people confuse with bed bugs is poison ivy rash. Poison ivy rash often leads people to believe that they have been bitten by bed bugs. This is because both of these pests can leave the same kind of itching, irritating red rash behind on the skin. But there are several ways to tell the difference between a poison oak/ivy rash and a bed bug bite, which is important to be able to diagnose correctly so as to avoid having an allergic reaction. The infographic below offers key differentiating factors between these two rash types.

Poison Ivy Rash Vs Bed Bug Bites

If you’re starting to feel like your skin is going through a rough patch, you might be wondering if it’s just poison ivy or something else. Poison ivy can be hard to tell apart from other allergic reactions and irritations, but there are a few key differences that help you figure out whether or not it’s the culprit. Here’s how to tell the difference between poison ivy rash and bed bug bites:

1) Look at the location of your rash. The most common place for a poison ivy rash to pop up is on your arms and legs, but sometimes it can appear in more unusual places like your face or neck. If your rash doesn’t follow this pattern, then it’s probably not poison ivy!

2) Look at the color of your rash. A classic poison ivy rash will be bright red and bumpy. It may also be warm to the touch. If neither of those things are true for you, then it might not be poison ivy!

3) Think about when it started happening. If you think back on when this rash first appeared, did it happen right after being outdoors? Did you notice any plants nearby?

There are several types of rashes that can look like bed bug bites. However, there are also several differences between these two rash types that make it possible to tell them apart.

Poison ivy rash is caused by contact with poison ivy plants or other plants in the same family (like poison oak). It appears as a red, raised patch of skin that may be accompanied by blisters and itching. The rash can spread to other parts of your body if you touch it while it’s still wet with fluid from the blisters. It can take up to three weeks for the rash to go away completely after exposure.

Bed bug bites are caused by bites from bed bugs, which are small insects that feed on human blood while they’re sleeping. A bite will show up as a red or pink bump on your skin that may itch or hurt. In some cases, there may be no bumps at all—you might just notice small red spots where you were bitten. These marks will usually disappear within one week of being bitten by a bed bug, but they might leave behind an area of discolored skin that takes longer than one week to heal up completely.

List of Poison Ivy Rash Vs Bed Bug Bites

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