Affordable bed bug exterminators

As a fungus, bed bugs are more resistant to extreme temperatures. But they can be killed using other ways such as steam cleaning or electrical heaters. Bed bug detergents and sprays could also be used, but they must be sprayed on their hiding spots. In addition, thorough vacuuming will also remove most of the bedbugs and eggs you might have missed. What is more important is that there are many companies out there that offers affordable bed bug exterminators allowing you to deal with the problem on your own if you do not have the budget for professional services. If you are looking for a bed bug exterminator, there are many companies to choose from. We know how stressful it can be to deal with bed bugs. That’s why we offer affordable bed bug extermination services. We’re available for your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, we also guarantee our work for your satisfaction.

Affordable bed bug exterminators

You’ll need to work with a pest control company to get rid of bed bugs.

In an effort to help you get rid of these pests, we have put together a list of affordable bed bug exterminators that will rapidly and permanently eliminate the bugs at a fair price.

If you would like to read detailed explanations about how we selected the companies, who should use them and what to expect from their services, please check out our comprehensive guide on how to find an exterminator for bed bugs.

Bed bug control can cost you a lot if you don’t shop around.

Before beginning the search for a pest control company, consider setting aside a budget that you’re comfortable with. This way, you’ll know what kind of price range to look for and not be surprised by an especially high cost. Once you’ve set your budget, start shopping around for quotes from multiple companies. Having these two or three different prices in front of you will give you a better idea of how much this treatment might cost and whether there is room for negotiation.

It’s always important to keep in mind that many companies offer lower rates to customers who are willing to pay upfront rather than after the job is complete. Inquiring about this option can significantly reduce your bill at the end of the month if it works with your financial situation, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Getting multiple quotes is the best way to ensure you’ll get the best price for eliminating bed bugs from your house.

Pro Tip: Getting multiple quotes is the best way to ensure you’ll get the best price for eliminating bed bugs from your house.

There are many ways to get multiple quotes, including calling around to different companies, asking friends or family for referrals, using online services like HomeAdvisor, and checking reviews on different companies.

Getting a written estimate is also important because it takes away any ambiguity regarding pricing or treatment methods that can arise at the end of service. Moreover, there are additional questions you should ask an exterminator to make sure you’re getting the best deal and most efficient treatment possible:

  • What type of guarantee do they provide? In other words, if bed bugs appear after they’ve treated your house, how much will they charge you for a follow-up visit?
  • What are their pricing options? Most exterminators charge between $150 and $500 per room (though some will have lower rates in place for smaller homes), but beware of extra charges for furniture moving or travel time.

Factors that can affect bed bug extermination costs include the size of your home, the severity of your infestation and whether you want chemical or heat treatments (or both) to eradicate them.

If you have an infestation in your home, chances are you’ve already visited your local exterminator to get rid of it. But only a handful of companies offer both chemical and heat treatments at once, so that’s the approach we recommend. The idea is simple: Heat kills bed bugs on contact or within minutes, whereas chemical treatments take much longer to work. However, getting rid of bed bugs can cause severe headaches and health problems for many people (including those with asthma), so working with a professional exterminator who utilizes these methods can help ease the frustration and protect your health.

So how do you find an expert? Try asking friends who live in areas where they’re not as common and check online reviews. If a company doesn’t do either method alone, ask if they offer combined service to save time and money; often they’ll say yes but forget to mention it later when you call them back. Most importantly, call different businesses until you find one that gets good reviews from customers like you—and don’t leave any stones unturned!

Getting rid of bed bugs yourself is possible, but it’s time consuming, difficult and requires a knowledge of pest biology.

It’s possible to get rid of bed bugs yourself, but you’ll need to learn about your enemy. While it’s possible that a single pregnant female bed bug could lead to an infestation over time, generally they come from second-hand furniture, used mattresses or public transportation. Some of the most common places where bed bugs might hide include:

  • The cracks and crevices in your mattress
  • Bedding
  • Box springs
  • Bed frames
  • Headboards
  • Wall outlets and electrical switches

Unfortunately, bed bugs are difficult to spot even by trained professionals–they’re only around four to five millimeters long and tend to blend into their surroundings. And unless you have a thorough working knowledge of pest biology, you may find it challenging to kill the bugs without also damaging your furniture or belongings.

Companies commonly have minimum jobs charges that may range between $200 and $500 for their services.

Companies commonly have minimum jobs charges that may range between $200 and $500 for their services. If a job takes less than an hour to complete, you will still likely be charged the minimum charge, so your total cost could be much higher than the hourly rate would imply. Some companies may also charge by the square foot; any type of apartment, condo or townhouse will cost more than a single-family home because there is more infestation area to treat.

Other companies will simply quote a flat fee to address a bed bug problem of any size or complexity. The average cost for a company charging a flat rate is around $700 if one treatment is needed and about $1100 if two treatments are necessary. Finally, some companies may also charge by number of rooms in the house; this method can produce lower estimates in larger houses and higher estimates in smaller houses.

Make sure you do your research and compare exterminators before deciding on what works best for you

The best strategy for eliminating bed bugs is to choose an exterminator that offers a comprehensive service and has a good reputation. Take the time to compare quotes from different companies, including what their services include. A complete service should not just remove the pests but also prevent them from coming back. To ensure you are getting a thorough treatment, ask questions about their process, inquire about whether they use chemicals that are safe for humans, and determine whether they have any kind of guarantee if the bed bugs return after treatment.

If you have legally-protected status as a tenant in your state (i.e., New York), you may be required by law to inform your landlord about the infestation before doing anything else—even if you’re planning on covering the cost yourself. Some states require landlords to cover all or most of those costs if they were aware of an existing bug problem when the tenant moved in or if it was caused by another tenant in another unit.

SUMMIT CHEMICAL CO 117-6 30OZ Mosquito Bits
Price : $16.46
Features :

  • Quick acting formula
  • EPA registered in all 50 states
  • Available in a 30oz size

Additional Info :

Color Yellow
Item Dimensions
Height 9 Inches
Width 12 Inches
Length 12 Inches
Weight 1.87 Pounds
Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug, Flea and Tick Killer - With Ready-to-Use Comfort Wand, Kills Bed Bugs and Bed Bug Eggs, Bed Bug Spray Also Kills Fleas and Ticks, 1 gal.
Price : $17.49
Features :

  • Use Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug, Flea & Tick Killer to kill bed bugs, bed bug eggs, fleas, and ticks
  • Use spray as a spot treatment around bed frames, mattress seams/tufts/folds, and baseboards
  • Kills even the toughest bed bugs (pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs)
  • Second step of a 3-step bed bug solution system
  • The continuous spray Comfort Wand easily gets into hard-to-reach areas

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 12 Inches
Width 8.95 Inches
Length 4.88 Inches
Weight 6 Pounds
UV Flashlight Black Light , Vansky 51 LED Blacklight Pet Urine Detector for Dog/Cat Urine,Dry Stains,Bed Bug, Matching with Pet Odor Eliminator
Price : $10.99
Features :

  • Find invisible stains: UV flashlight helps detect food stains and pet urine stains on rugs, carpets, and clothes that are otherwise invisible to the naked Eye. Not work well on cat urine
  • Versatile use: authenticate currency and official documents like drivers licenses or identify unwanted whitening agent in cosmetics
  • Perfect for outside use such as finding scorpions and minerals! Shoul used with 3xAA Standard Alkaline Battery (Battery Not Included)
  • Durable, high-quality lads: the 51 tenacious UV light LEDs have a lifespan of 15 years
  • Ultra-compact design: The pocket-size UV flashlight can be carried along to detect stains in your car or illuminate minerals, body art

Additional Info :

Color Uv-2
Item Dimensions
Height 5.7 Inches
Width 1.37 Inches
Length 2.2 Inches
FENUN Fly Traps, Gnat Trap, Moth Traps, Mosquito Catcher Indoor with 10 Sticky Glue Boards Mosquito Traps(Black)
Price : $29.79
Features :

  • Easy to operate, you only need to press catching button, and the mosquito trap will start working
  • Press catching button and light button to enter smart band change mode with 7 wavelengths in total, it will automatically switch the wavelength every 15 minutes
  • It can simulates human body temperature to emit heat to further enhance the trapping ability
  • Our fly traps indoor comes with 10 sticky gule boards and it works in bedrooms, kitchen and living rooms
  • 5W low power trap is for saving energy, with 4-ft power cable, so you can put it wherever you want

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 8.5 Inches
Width 5.3 Inches
Length 5.3 Inches
Weight 1.25 Pounds
Sawyer Products SP657 Premium Permethrin Insect Repellent for Clothing, Gear & Tents, Trigger Spray, 24-Ounce
Price : $16.95
Features :

  • Add a layer of protection to your clothing and gear with Permethrin insect and tick repellent spray — perfect for use on shirts, jackets, pants, socks, shoes, boots, sleeping bags, tents, netting, when outdoors, camping, hunting, or on travel
  • Ideal for backpacking, backyard BBQs, and other outdoor activities, it’s effective against more than 55 kinds of insects — from disease-spreading ticks (Lyme disease) and mosquitoes (West Nile and Zika viruses) to chiggers, spiders, mites, and more
  • Permethrin spray bonds to fabric fibers for up to 6 weeks or through 6 washings (whichever comes first) and won’t stain or damage clothing, fabrics, plastics, finished surfaces, or outdoor gear; odorless after drying
  • Reduce likelihood of a tick bite by 73.6 times by treating shoes and socks with Permethrin (University of Rhode Island study – 2017)
  • 24-ounce trigger spray bottle treats five complete outfits (updated EPA dosage is 4.5 ounces per outfit consisting of shirt, pants, and socks); maximize protection by pairing with Sawyer Picaridin topical repellent for the skin

Additional Info :

Color Yellow
Item Dimensions
Height 3 Inches
Width 3 Inches
Length 9 Inches
Weight 1.1 Pounds
Release Date 2011-10-28T00:00:01Z

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