Alamo Fungicide For Oak Wilt

Alamo Fungicide for Oak Wilt is used for the control of oak wilt caused by Ceratocystis fagacearum on Texas or live oak trees and on scrub jay and Mexican jay. This product controls the infection of live oak in Texas by treating a belt around healthy oak trees. The result from using this product is that there is a 30 foot diameter protective zone (belt) of healthy live oak surrounding infected trees so that no other plants or trees are subject to infection from the fungus. Oak Wilt is a common disease that affects most oak trees over time. It’s caused by an invasive fungus found in the soil that paralyzes the vascular system in the roots, branches, and trunk of your tree. If you’re like other property owners in Texas, you rely on your trees for visual enjoyment and to protect you from storms. The first symptoms of oak wilt are usually a discoloration and loss of leaves.

alamo fungicide for oak wilt

Alamo fungicide is a preventative product.

Alamo fungicide, which is also sold as Propiconazole 14.3, is a preventative product for oak wilt disease. It must be applied by a licensed arborist once a year, ideally in April or May (the time between bud break and the end of leaf flush). The fungicide should be applied in the form of a trunk injection to protect the tree from infections caused by the oak wilt fungus, Ceratocystis fagacearum.

Because Alamo is only a preventive measure rather than an actual treatment for oak wilt disease, it cannot reverse symptoms that have already begun to appear in infected trees. Additionally, Alamo will not prevent root grafts from forming between trees; however, it can help reduce the likelihood of fungi being transmitted via these grafts to nearby trees that aren’t infected with Ceratocystis fagacearum.

In order to use Alamo effectively as an oak wilt prevention tool, you’ll need to contact your state’s department of agriculture to apply for Section 18 Emergency Exemptions (if they’re available). Currently there are several states that have granted exemptions for this purpose: Colorado and Illinois have approved Alamo applications up until June 30th 2018; New York has approved them through July 31st 2018; Maine has approved them through September 30th 2018; Florida has approved them through December 12th 2018; and Missouri has approved them through December 31st 2022. Minnesota may still grant exemptions for this purpose if you submit your request before April 1 2019.

Alamo is non-systemic, so it must be applied to the bark of a tree.

It is important to remember that Alamo is a preventive fungicide, and will not cure trees already infected with oak wilt. To prevent fungal disease in your oak tree, Alamo should be applied to the bark of the tree before any symptoms are apparent.

The sprays must be thoroughly wetted on all parts of the plant (foliage, twigs and branches) for best results. For example, if an inch thick branch is sprayed, it would take about one minute per inch circumference for proper penetration into the bark. In other words, an eight-inch branch would need to be sprayed for eight minutes. If tree limbs are close together or growing upright (buds on vertical limbs point up), use a strong stream directed horizontally through all limbs until runoff appears from lower side of limb or trunk.

Alamo must be applied before the oak wilt fungus reaches the tree’s vascular system.

The treatment must be applied before the fungus reaches the vascular system of the tree. Because this happens at different times for different species, you must know when to treat specific trees. Alamo fungicide should be applied during the dormant season. The application window is small—once active sap flow begins, it’s too late to apply Alamo fungicide.

Alamo fungicide must be applied with an injection tool by a certified arborist or other qualified applicator onto the bark of a susceptible oak tree that is currently healthy but in danger of infection.

Alamo can only be applied by a licensed arborist.

Alamo should only be applied by a licensed arborist. Alamo is not an over the counter product, but is designed to be applied by a professional only. The label states clearly that it can only be applied by a licensed arborist in the state of Texas. When you have oak wilt in your area, contact your local county extension agent or certified arborist to discuss treatment options and costs. Alamo fungicide is one of several effective tools available to fight oak wilt. However, it must be applied correctly for maximum effectiveness and safety. Please ensure that the applicator of Alamo has the correct license before hiring them for any work on your property!

Alamo fungicide is a valuable tool for reducing oak wilt death

Alamo is a preventative fungicide that works by forming a protective barrier on the tree when applied. However, this product is most effective if applied before an oak wilt infection reaches the vascular system (movement of water and nutrients in the tree). Once this happens, the fungus can begin to block these movement, leading to death. Therefore, if your neighbor’s tree has already shown signs of early oak wilt symptoms (yellowing leaves) or advanced oak wilt symptoms (premature leaf drop), DO NOT treat with Alamo, as it will not be effective.

Also keep in mind that Alamo is non-systemic and must be applied directly to the bark of the tree. Therefore, it cannot be used as an injectable treatment because it will not move throughout the vascular system or trunk of the tree. Additionally, only a licensed arborist can apply Alamo due to its use restrictions and potential harm for humans if handled incorrectly.

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