Anchorage Bed Bug Exterminators

Whether it’s bugs or bed, bed bugs that must be exterminated, they don’t take to kindly to the kitchen pest control. These tiny parasites can easily hitch a ride from one location to another and invade homes, businesses and other public areas. It’s the intention of bed bug extermination professionals to eliminate these pests by using killing methods that are still safe for non-infested areas. Beds in every room of your home are sleeping places for your family members as well as harborage for bed bugs. If you have not received expert opinion about the presence of these cunning insects infesting in your supposed-to-be-bane free living space, then you might be in a big problem out of any tricks of the trade. Bed bugs are parasites, meaning they live in or on a host. They feed off of people. Bed bugs can’t jump or fly, but they can hold on to any surface with their claws to “walk” wherever they like. Their favorite places to be are behind headboards and in box springs, but they have been found under carpets, along the edges of window frames and even inside electronics such as computers and clocks.

Anchorage Bed Bug Exterminators

What to Know About Bed Bugs in Anchorage

  • Bed bugs are small, reddish-brown insects that feed only on the blood of humans and animals.
  • They have flat bodies, are about one fourth of an inch in length, and are wingless.
  • In their natural state, bed bugs are found in bedrooms and beds: mattresses, box springs, sheets, pillows and blankets; headboards; behind wallpaper; under loose wallpaper; between drapery folds and curtains; cracks in wood molding or furniture; behind baseboards; inside electrical switch plates or receptacles; inside upholstered furniture such as couches and chairs
  • A bed bug’s bite is painless and usually goes unnoticed. However their bites can be itchy causing a raised itchy welt to form at the site of the bite after a few days
  • Bed bugs do not transmit disease but they can be very annoying to have around your Anchorage property

How to Tell If You Have Bed Bugs

Here are some ways to tell if bed bugs have infested your home:

  • Check your bed, couch, or other furniture. Do you see little brownish-red insects crawling around? These could be bedbugs. Bed bugs can also be found in their hiding spots on the seams of mattresses and box springs.
  • Take a close look at your body. Are you experiencing any red, itchy bite marks shaped like small welts? These could be the result of bed bug bites, which usually appear in clusters along exposed areas of skin during sleep (face, neck, shoulders).
  • Detect an unpleasant smell in your house. A sickly sweet odor may indicate a more serious level of infestation; this is from pheromones that male and female beds bugs release to attract each other for mating purposes. If you’re smelling this in your house, it may be time to consider calling a professional exterminator before things get even worse!

What Bed Bugs Look Like

Bed bugs are small, reddish-brown insects that feed on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded hosts. They are oval, flat and about 1/4 inch long — about the size of an apple seed. Bed bugs have six legs and two antennae. After feeding, bed bugs turn red in color and become swollen in size.

They may be difficult to see because they tend to hide in cracks and crevices, such as baseboards, headboards or mattresses, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Bed bugs can also hide behind electrical switch plates or pictures on the wall. Adult bed bugs will usually only come out at night when their host is sleeping, but immature bed bug nymphs will feed throughout the day.

Are you able to identify them? Use this guide if you’re not sure!

Where Do Bed Bugs Live?

You may not know where bed bugs are hiding. They can live in your bedding, furniture, mattresses and box springs. Sometimes they hide in carpets and baseboards. They also like to hide behind loose wallpaper and even in picture frames! Bed bugs can live on the clothes you wear or the luggage you use to travel.

If you live in an apartment or condo building, bed bugs can spread to other units through walls or floors. You could pick up a bed bug while staying at a hotel or visiting with friends who have them.

What Do Bed Bugs Eat?

So what do bed bugs eat, and how does this impact your ability to get rid of them? Bed bugs are small, wingless insects that are parasitic in nature. They feed on a variety of warm-blooded animals, including humans. Bed bugs can live a year or more without feeding, making them extremely resilient when compared to other pests.

The lifecycle of the bed bug is dependent on their ability to consume blood. Once they reach adulthood, they need to feed from their host in order to grow and reproduce. Without a human or animal host available, bed bugs will starve rather than moving onto another food source that isn’t as suitable for their needs. They prefer human blood but will also feed on other mammals and birds if available.

Bed Bug Life Cycle

  • Eggs: the first stage of a bed bug’s life involves an egg that’s not even visible to the naked eye. It will take approximately six days for an egg to hatch into what’s known as a nymph.
  • Nymphs: after an egg hatches, it leaves behind a shell and becomes a nymph. A bed bug at this stage doesn’t look like much more than a tiny, translucent dot. They will molt (shed their skin) five times before maturing into adults.
  • Adult: the final form of the bed bug is about one-quarter inch long, and it is oval in shape and reddish-brown in color. An adult will live for four to six months before dying naturally from old age or from starvation if food isn’t available when they need it.

What Kills Bed Bugs?

  • Heat: High heat can kill bed bugs and their eggs. They’re susceptible to temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, which is why pest control professionals use high heat treatments to eliminate bed bugs. However, it’s tough for homeowners to replicate this level of heat without damaging their homes in the process.
  • Di-n-propyl isopropylcarbamate: This pesticide kills bed bugs by disrupting the normal functioning of their nervous systems. However, it can’t reach them if they are hiding in cracks and crevices that aren’t directly sprayed with pesticide.
  • Diatomaceous earth: Diatomaceous earth is a natural substance made from ground up fossilized phytoplankton (tiny aquatic plants). It works by slicing through the protective shell that covers many insects and dehydrating them over time as they move through the powder. This substance has been shown to kill all life stages of bed bugs, including eggs, but it must be reapplied after vacuuming or mopping so that there will be a fresh supply available when new infestations hatch out in search of blood meals.
  • Pesticides: A variety of pesticides are effective against bed bug adults and nymphs; however, some may not kill bed bug eggs (see below). Some pesticides are residual contact insecticides that can be applied on surfaces where these pests travel or rest regularly; others control them by contact when they come in direct contact with treated surfaces such as furniture legs or other areas where these creatures hide during daylight hours while waiting for nighttime feeding activities on humans nearby.”

How Much Does Bed Bug Extermination Cost?

When it comes to exterminating bed bugs, there are many factors that will influence the overall cost.

  • Method of treatment
  • How severe the infestation is
  • Location of infestation
  • Timeframe needed to complete the project

These factors affect the amount of time, labor, and equipment required to remove an infestation. Considering this, it’s difficult to provide an accurate price range without performing a thorough inspection on your home or business. However, professional bed bug extermination specialists typically charge by the room and not by the hour. Price ranges can vary depending on where you live, but most professionals charge between $200-$4,000 for a one-time visit. The average cost for a single room is approximately $300-$700 per visit. A reputable exterminator can help determine how long your home will need to be treated in order to eliminate an infestation completely

Here’s everything you need to know about bed bugs in Anchorage.

As an Anchorage resident, you may be wondering why there’s such an issue with bed bugs in your city. For starters, it’s important to understand that they aren’t attracted to dirtiness; they’re attracted to warmth and blood. As a result, any home could be a target for bed bugs if the right conditions exist. The good news is that although more people are traveling on planes and staying at hotels where bed bugs can be picked up, bed bug incidents are still rare.

Bed bugs have several ways of getting into your house:

  • They can hitchhike into your house on suitcases or luggage when you travel.
  • They may make their way into your home through cracks in door or window frames.
  • They can also come from other infested areas nearby (such as apartments).

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