Anti Itch Cream Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites can be very itchy and annoying. Never scratch the affected area to prevent skin infection. Always clean the bites with antibacterial soap and apply a moisturizer to relieve itchiness. You’ve probably tried several home remedies and over-the-counter medications but they didn’t help you get rid of your bed bug bites. Below, we are going to introduce several effective solutions that include an anti itch cream, calamine lotion, toothpaste, etc. Bed bugs are a nightmare for hotel owners and travelers alike, as anyone who has suffered from these pests can tell you. They’re itchy, and difficult to get rid of. Thankfully, an old piece of advice “if something isn’t working, try a new approach” is applicable here. While the usual remedies may not be able to provide results, using toothpaste on bed bug bites seems to be an effective method. If you are suffering from bed bug bites, try sprinkling a bit of toothpaste on a clean cloth and apply this to your bites. You can also dab some toothpaste directly onto the bites if you want but make sure you dab and not rub so as not to irritate them more than necessary. The goal is to dry out the bite, which should reduce itching and make them less noticeable after several minutes.

Anti Itch Cream Bed Bug Bites

Treating Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites are red and itchy. Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that feed on human blood. They are not known to spread disease.

They live in mattresses, bedding, furniture and carpets. They have a flattened body and are a reddish-brown color.

If you wake up with bite marks or find evidence of bed bugs in your home, you can treat the bites yourself with an anti-itch cream available over-the-counter at any pharmacy.

Find the Itch

Don’t be surprised if you don’t notice the bite mark immediately. It can take up to two weeks for a bed bug to show up on your skin. Here’s how you can spot them:

  • The bites occur anywhere on the body, usually in clusters or a line of three.
  • They appear red and puffy with a clear center. The swelling occurs as your immune system reacts to the bed bug saliva.
  • They become itchy within one day after exposure and are more severe at night when the insects are most active.

Treat non-infected bites with over-the-counter creams

The next step in treating bed bug bites is to use topical creams. These can soothe itching, as well as kill any germs that may have found their way into the bite if it’s been scratched and opened. Creams that contain corticosteroids can be effective in reducing inflammation, while anesthetics will numb the area and reduce pain. Antihistamines and antiseptics are also commonly used to treat bites and prevent infections.

It’s worth noting that over-the-counter creams aren’t likely to work on particularly severe cases of bed bug bites, especially those that become infected or cause allergic reactions. In these cases, it’s best to seek medical treatment from your doctor or dermatologist in order to avoid further complications.

Use antihistamines to reduce itching and swelling

You may want to use an antihistamine cream on your bites if they are itchy and uncomfortable. Oral antihistamines are a good option if you are in pain or if you have an allergic reaction.

Note that oral antihistamines may not be safe for children, so talk to your doctor before giving them to your child. If a child eats too much of an antihistamine, they could develop an irregular heartbeat and even become unresponsive.

Protect your skin

To protect your skin, the first thing you should do is apply a cold compress to the site of the bite. Use a cool, damp washcloth or a store-bought cold pack. Do this for 10 minutes at a time and then take it off for 10 minutes, repeating as needed throughout the day.

It’s also possible to make your own cold compress using one cup of water with 1/4 cup of baking soda mixed in. Apply this mixture on the affected area with a clean washcloth and leave it there until you no longer feel pain or itching from the bed bug bite.

Prevent further irritation by using cold compresses or a cool, damp washcloth

There are many reasons why using cold compresses are effective in treating insect bites. A cold compress will help to constrict the blood vessels which will decrease swelling, redness and itching. The cool temperature of the compress or washcloth can also help to numb the area and give you some much needed relief from the itching sensations.

For this treatment you will need a cloth (a face cloth, wash cloth or even a clean sock that has been dampened with water), ice packs or frozen peas (or another vegetable) wrapped in a clean towel, an elastic bandage (optional).

Antihistamines work well for treating the itch of bed bug bites.

Antihistamines can help relieve this itch for most people. Antihistamines are typically taken by mouth to treat allergic reactions, but may also be prescribed in a cream form to treat the skin. The most common side effects of antihistamines include headache, dizziness, and drowsiness.

To take antihistamines by mouth:

  • Take according to your medical professional’s instructions.
  • Take with food or milk if it upsets your stomach.
  • Finish your prescription unless you’re told to stop taking it. It’s important to finish even if you feel better after a few days. Otherwise, your symptoms may return when you stop taking it. If your symptoms worsen or don’t improve within 3 days, contact your doctor for further advice about other treatment options that may be available for you

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