Baby Oil Mosquito Repellent

Did you know baby oil and dish washing liquid can be used to make a mosquito repellent lotion? It’s true. And it works great! This mosquito repellent is safe to use on the whole family, even in the ears and on sensitive skin. I love this stuff because it works well and smells good too. A few things to remember: don’t put it in your eyes and be sure to remember that some essential oils are considered toxic by the FDA (such as Sweet Orange Oil). The best mosquito repellent for babies is not often found in stores. Babies can be sensetive to the chemicals found in store bought repellents so instead of buying repellents, we need to make our own with baby oil and a few other ingredients. This will not only save you money but also keep your child safe from pesticides used in store bought products. Mosquitoes buzz not just to disturb us but also to create their habitat. When we apply baby oil on the skin, mosquitoes stay away from you as they find its smell irritating and irritating stuff keeps them away from you.

Johnsons Baby Oil Creamy Aloe & Vitamin E, 8 fl oz each
Price : $11.99
Features :

    Additional Info :

    Item Dimensions
    Height 1.6 Inches
    Width 2.4 Inches
    Length 8.1 Inches
    Weight 0.5 Pounds
    Wondercide - Mosquito, Tick, Fly, and Insect Repellent with Natural Essential Oils - DEET-Free Plant-Based Bug Spray and Killer - Safe for Kids, Babies, and Family - Lemongrass 2-Pack of 4 oz Bottle
    Price : $23.98 ($3.00 / Fl Oz)
    Features :

    • REPELS & PROTECTS. Powered by Wondercide’s proven-to-work spray formula that repels 98% of mosquitoes, this insect repellent spray is a safe, effective control method for repelling bugs. In addition to being a plant-based mosquito repeller, this spray will kill and repel hundreds of common pests, such as gnats, ticks, fleas, no-see-ums, spiders, and other biting flies.
    • GENTLE ON KIDS, EASY-TO-USE. Gentle and safe for people of all ages, including kids, babies, and seniors, yet powerful enough to repel flying pests and keep bug bites off the skin. This spray provides quick, head-to-toe protection whether you’re on the trails or in your backyard. Just spray on and stay protected.
    • DEET-FREE & VERSATILE. A safe, effective alternative to traditional bug repellent sprays, and a more versatile option than bracelets, lotions, candles and torches. Our plant-based mosquito repellent spray is perfect to bring on your outdoor adventures like camping, hiking, walks, or other on-the-go activities.
    • NO NASTY INGREDIENTS. Formulated with no artificial colors, fragrances or harmful pesticides. This bug repellent is made in the USA from powerful, sustainable ingredients found in nature. Cruelty free and biodegradable.
    • POWERED BY NATURE, AS POWERFUL AS DEET. Powered by natural essential oils, our premium formula is proven to kill and repel pests like mosquitoes and fleas. Safe for use on adults, children, and pets when used as directed. DEET-free.

    Additional Info :

    Color Lemongrass
    Item Dimensions
    Height 7.5 Inches
    Width 3 Inches
    Length 3 Inches
    Weight 0.625 Pounds
    Babyganics DEET Free Travel Size Bug Spray, 2 Fl Oz
    Price : $4.99 ($2.50 / Fl Oz)
    Features :

    • Made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances or dyes
    • Made with plant & essential oils of citronella, peppermint, rosemary, lemongrass and geranium
    • Plant and essential oils help keep mosquitoes away
    • Product not tested on animals

    Additional Info :

    Color Multi
    Item Dimensions
    Height 4.6 Inches
    Width 1.4 Inches
    Length 1.4 Inches
    Weight 2 ounces
    SALLYE ANDER No-Bite-Me Natural Bug & Insect Repellent & Anti Itch Cream - Safe for Kids and Infants - Repels Mosquitoes, Black Flies, Fleas, and Ticks - 2 oz
    Price : $13.95 ($6.98 / Fl Oz)
    Features :

    • ALL IN ONE REPELLENT AND ANTI-ITCH: “No-Bite-Me” DOES IT ALL! Forgot to apply “No-Bite-Me” and got some bug bites? No problem: it’s an anti-itch cream too! Other creams make you choose between repelling bugs and treating uncomfortable bug bites, but “No-Bite-Me” prevents and repairs bug-bombed skin. Effective on black flies, mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks.
    • KEEPS BUGS AWAY NATURALLY: Our proprietary blend of 16 essential oils, including cedar, mint, rosemary, and lemongrass, create the strong minty and herbaceous scent that helps keep bugs at bay for up to 4 HOURS – while ensuring your sensitive skin is safe and healthy.
    • SAFE FOR CHILDREN: “No-Bite-Me” is a completely safe, natural bug repellent. It’s easy to apply – just dot on exposed skin and blend in. No mess. No fuss. Deet free to protect even the smallest adventurers.
    • FULL SIZE FOR BEST VALUE: Our 8oz tin of “No-Bite-Me” cream is amazing for the seasoned traveler! Throw a tin in your backpack, or keep it handy when camping. One tin provides plenty of relief for you and the whole family.
    • SALLYE ANDER PROMISE: When you buy Sallye Ander products, you can rest assured knowing you are supporting a company committed to quality and the environment. All products are 100% handmade in the USA from organic locally sourced ingredients, and we’re completely cruelty-free

    Additional Info :

    Color Clear
    Item Dimensions
    Height 2 Inches
    Width 3 Inches
    Length 3 Inches
    Weight 0.13 Pounds
    Price : $11.99 ($3.00 / Fl Oz)
    Features :

    • Protects Against Mosquitoes for up to 6 Hours: Without any nasty chemicals like DEET, you’ll have up to 6 hours of worry-free protection on your next adventure.
    • 4 Hour Tick Protection: Our specially formulated spray provides protection against deer ticks for up to 4 hours, as well as lone star and brown dog ticks for up to 8 hours
    • Harness the Power of Natural Plant-Based Ingredients: 30% Lemon Eucalyptus Oil (Citriodiol), 70% Distilled Water and Corn Ethanol
    • Doesn’t Harm Gear: Spray a few pumps on your skin or gear, and enjoy the natural power from the only plant based repellent recommended by the CDC!
    • 100% DEET Free, No Dyes, No Synthetic Fragrances, No Harsh Chemicals

    Additional Info :

    Color Emw7500309
    Item Dimensions
    Height 160 Inches
    Width 28 Inches
    Length 52 Inches
    Weight 0.3 Pounds

    Baby Oil Mosquito Repellent

    What’s in it?

    Baby oil is the primary ingredient in this spray. It acts as a carrier for the other ingredients, which are all natural. This is ideal because you’ll want to keep your skin safe from harmful chemicals if you’re going to be spraying this on yourself and your children all day long. The ingredients that make up baby oil include mineral oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, geranium oil and tea tree oil. Other essential oils in this mosquito repellent include lemon and vanilla extract (for their pleasant scents), peppermint essential oil (because it’s naturally anti-bacterial), citronella (which repels mosquitoes) and rosemary essential oil (which has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties).

    Pros and Cons.


    Baby oil is affordable, natural and effective. It works well on mosquitoes and other flying insects.


    The baby oil mosquito repellent can cause skin irritation for those who have sensitive skin. You should use it with caution if you are pregnant or nursing; consult your doctor before using any essential oils during pregnancy.

    Making your own baby oil.

    The first step to creating your own baby oil repellent is to gather the ingredients. You will need:

    • Baby oil (about 10 ounces)
    • A 2-quart saucepan or larger pot with a lid, preferably nonstick if possible
    • A candy thermometer or other thermometer that can be used on an open flame and can withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C).

    Once you have everything ready, mix your ingredients in the top of a double boiler over low heat. If you don’t have access to a double boiler, use your saucepan and add about 3 inches of water in its bottom (be sure not to get any water into your mixture). Bring this mixture up to 200 degrees F (93 degrees C), stirring occasionally but being careful not to splash yourself with any hot oil while doing so. When it reaches temperature, remove from heat and allow it to cool completely before pouring into storage containers that are smaller than 1 cup capacity so they are easier for children to hold without spilling anything out at their level above floor level where many mosquitoes breed around homes during summer months in North America.”

    Baby Oil Mosquito Repellent Recipe!

    The main ingredient in this recipe is baby oil. Baby oil has been used as a mosquito repellent for years, but only recently has it been associated with the harmful effects of DEET. The good news is that this recipe will not only keep you from being bitten by mosquitoes, but also help to moisturize your skin and provide a nice fragrance.


    • 2 tablespoons of baby oil (or mineral oil)
    • 3 drops of lavender essential oil or other preferred fragrance

    Baby oil mosquito repellent is a tested repellent for mosquitoes, but you have to use it properly

    • Test it on a small area before using it all over. Check the ingredients in baby oil to make sure they’re safe for your skin and the environment.
    • Use it in the right way: use a small amount, don’t rub it in, apply it to exposed skin. Rubbing can irritate sensitive areas like eyes or noses and cause rashes if you’re not careful when applying it to your child’s body.
    • How To Use It On Children
    • Apply only a small amount of baby oil repellent onto exposed areas of the skin such as arms, legs and hands (but not faces). Ensure all crevices are covered because mosquitoes love hiding in those dark places!
    • Do not use on eyes or inside ears – if accidentally applied, flush with clean running water immediately; do not wash off with soap which may irritate the eye further causing infection!

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