Bait For Pavement Ants

While pavement ants will eat a variety of foods, they will first explore and feed off of anything with a sweet, protein-rich or greasy odor. This can include food scraps, pet food and even dead insects. To keep pavement ants from entering your home, store all food in airtight containers and dispose of scraps immediately. Carpet lice are another common invader that gets into homes through cracks and crevices in the foundation. These tiny insects make their way into the walls and begin feeding on your carpet – causing major damage! Bait For Pavement Ants also works great to get rid of carpet lice or other hard to reach pests like cockroaches, spiders and ants. Pavement ants are notorious for their destructive, irritating infestations. While they do not pose a major health risk to humans, they can give you a good bite if you disturb them. There’s no need for toxic pesticides; there are plenty of natural remedies to get rid of pavement ant infestations. Ants have hundreds of different species, with names like pavement ants, carpenter ants, harvester ants and fire ants. Pavement ants are small and black, with unevenly sized legs and antennae. They are most commonly found at outdoor events such as picnics or barbecues and can be annoying for their ability to find food when and where you don’t want them to.

Advance 375a Select Granular Ant Bait - 8 oz. ant Killer,ant Poison
Price : $21.50
Features :

  • Uses food attractant ants love
  • Works on wide range of ant species
  • Easy to apply
  • Treatments last several weeks
  • Weather resistant

Additional Info :

Color Tan
Item Dimensions
Height 7 Inches
Width 3 Inches
Length 4 Inches
Weight 8 ounces
8 oz Advance Granular Carpenter Ant Bait ~~ Kills: Carpenter Ants , Acrobat , Argentine , Bigheaded , Crazy , Field , Little Black , Pavement , Pharoah , House , and Theif Ants
Price : $40.66
Features :

  • Active Ingrediant: 0.011% Abamectin B1, a slow acting active ingredient. 99.989% other ingredients Target Pests: Carpenter ants and many other species of ants
  • For use in: in and around homes and commercial buildings. Application: Best applied in small piles where carpenter ant activity is found. Carpenter Ants tend to start trailing about 30 min before sunset and remain active throughout the night. If you don’t see activity, try looking around house about 1 hour before sunrise. Broadcast application: 1 lb. per acre.
  • Pet Safe: Yes, when used as directed. Shelf Life: Use within 1 year of the date of purchase if unopened. After opening use within 3 months. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL BEFORE USE!!

Additional Info :

BASF 10341 Advance 375A Granular Ant Bait
Price : $62.79
Features :

  • Acrobat, Argentine, Bigheaded,Carpenter, Crazy, Field, Fire, Harvester, Little Black, Odorous House, Pavement, Pharaoh, and Thief Ants
  • Indoors/Outdoors
  • Model Number: 10341
  • Item Package Dimension: 4.8″ L x 7.0″ W x 10.3″ H

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 10.3 Inches
Width 7 Inches
Length 4.8 Inches
Weight 2 Pounds
TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Killer, 12 Bait Stations
Price : $11.92
Features :

  • Attracts & Kills – Kills common household ants including acrobat, crazy, ghost, little black, odorous house, pavement, and other sweet-eating ants
  • Kills the Ants You See & the Ones You Don’t – As worker ants discover the bait, they share it with the rest of the colony to eliminate them all
  • Works Fast – You should see a significant decrease in the number of ants visiting the bait stations within just a few days
  • Ready to Use – Place the bait stations, watch it attract ants, and eliminate the entire colony
  • Use Throughout Your Home – Place stations near areas where you’ve seen ant activity including along baseboards, in corners, on counters, and more

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 4.5 Inches
Width 6.6 Inches
Length 1.2 Inches
Weight 0.27 Pounds
Terro 1806 Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits, 1.0 fl. oz. - 6 count
Price : $8.99
Features :

  • Kills the ants you see and the ants you don’t
  • Pre filled bait stations are ready to use
  • Contains borax
  • Flexible placement: in the ground using the stakes or on decks, or in garages or basements without using the stakes
  • Patented station protects the bait from the elements, prevents it from drying out

Additional Info :

Color Clear
Item Dimensions
Height 8 Inches
Width 5.18 Inches
Length 5.18 Inches
Weight 0.667 Pounds

Bait For Pavement Ants

Here is a natural, safe and effective ant bait that you can make at home with very little effort.

You will need the following ingredients:

  • 1 cup of borax (also known as sodium tetraborate) or a 5% solution of boric acid
  • 1/2 cup of sugar

Combine the two together in a shallow container and mix well, then place this mixture in small containers and place them on top of ant trails. For best results, you should use small bits of paper to spread the bait around your house.

Place the sugar water in a shallow container such as a jar lid or shallow paper cup.

  • Use a small container.
  • Use a container that is light in color.
  • Use a container that is not too deep.
  • Use a container that is not too big.
  • Use a container with a wide mouth and flat bottom to make it easier for the ants to climb up and find the bait (the bait should be at least 1-2 inches below the rim).

Place the container near an area where you have seen ants.

Once you have placed the bait in the container, place it near an area where you have seen ants. Ants will be attracted to the sweet smelling liquid and will eventually find their way into the trap. You can place your bait wherever is convenient for you, but here are some great places:

  • Near ant mounds
  • Near a trail of ants
  • In an area with high traffic by ants or other pests such as cockroaches or spiders (like kitchen counters)
  • In cupboards or drawers where food is stored (to get rid of firebrats)

If you have ants, try this!

If you have ants, try this!

  • This is a safe, natural and effective ant bait. You can make it yourself at home with simple ingredients that most people already have on hand. It’s also very inexpensive to make! You will find the recipe for the bait in the article.* Repeat the process as needed.* This recipe is not harmful to children or pets if they happen to eat it.* This recipe is not harmful to the environment if thrown away

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