Baking Soda For Cockroaches

Perhaps you have been looking for a website to tell you when you should start using natural remedies like baking soda to kill cockroaches. You have likely run into the most popular search results on Google which suggest that only professionals can do the job. We are going to show you why that’s simply not true and will show you how to get rid of roaches safely and effectively… no expensive professionals required! Do you have a roach problem? If so, you’re probably looking for the fastest way to kill them. There are many different methods you can use but not all of them are effective. This can make finding the right approach overwhelming. That’s why I want to show you how to quickly and effectively eliminate any roach issue using baking soda. If you’re like any other homeowner, you want to kill roaches the easiest way possible. You’ve got enough to worry about without having a horde of pests living with you and making it difficult for you to live a normal life. It’s not just uncomfortable to have a roach infestation around — it can actually make your health worse if they’re doing their business in your food, or while they’re sick they can pass on some nasty diseases through their saliva. Kill them not only as fast as possible, but as cleanly as possible with baking soda — an inexpensive household fix.

Baking Soda For Cockroaches

Why Baking Soda?

Baking soda is a natural ingredient that can be found in most kitchens, making it an easy and inexpensive way to get rid of cockroaches. Baking soda is also non-toxic to humans, so you don’t have to worry about your kids or pets getting into it.

Baking soda works well as a cockroach killer because of its alkalinity and ability to absorb moisture from the environment. These properties make it an effective pest control agent against cockroaches by dehydrating them and causing their exoskeletons (hard outer coverings) to soften or even fall apart.

The Recipe

  • Take a small saucepan and add 1/4 cup of water to it
  • To this add 3/8 cups of sugar and mix thoroughly until the sugar dissolves.
  • Now add ¼ tsp baking soda in it and mix again.
  • Add a pinch (approx 5 ml) of salt to increase effectiveness. You can use any other insecticide spray if you have one at hand but it would be better if you could make your own homemade remedy as these tend to be less toxic than the commercial ones.

Baking Soda Vs Borax

If you’re looking for a household insecticide to kill cockroaches, look no further than boric acid. The chemical is both effective and safe for your family and pets—a winning combination when it comes to roach control. And since there are so many uses for boric acid around the home (it can be used as an ant killer, flea killer, copper-treating agent, etc.), it will likely prove useful in many areas of your life.

Borax is also mildly toxic to humans if ingested in large quantities; however, the amount that would require medical attention or even death is extremely high (much higher than what would be found in most homes). For this reason alone baking soda may be a better choice for most people; however if you do choose borax over baking soda we strongly recommend keeping this chemical out of reach of children and pets at all times!

Baking Soda and Sugar

  • Keep it away from children and pets. Baking soda is not harmful to humans, but since the mixture contains sugar, you should keep it out of reach of children and pets.
  • Clean up any spills well. If you spill some baking soda/sugar mixture on your floor or countertop, be sure to clean it up thoroughly so that no insects can eat it later on!
  • Store in a safe place. You can store this mixture in an air-tight container in a cabinet or closet out of the reach of pets and children – or simply keep the container somewhere safe where no one will accidentally knock over (or spill) any baking soda-sugar mix onto their hands or clothes when they go looking for something else in there!

Other Home Remedies for Cockroaches

  • To treat the cockroach infestation, you need to find out the cause. Remove all food sources from the area and keep it clean. This will make them leave their nest and look for food elsewhere.
  • To prevent cockroaches, you need to make sure that there is no food or water left around in your home or apartment.
  • To kill cockroaches, use a combination of baking soda, sugar, and boric acid (or other commercial insecticide).

Cockroaches are a pest throughout the world, and there are many ways to remove them from your home, including baking soda.

Cockroaches are a pest throughout the world, and there are many ways to remove them from your home, including baking soda. The most common cockroach in America is the German roach or Blattella germanica. This species of roach can infest homes in North America, Europe and Africa.

German cockroaches prefer warm surroundings and need water to survive; they also feed on other insects such as spiders and flies. If they live in your home they can spread disease through their feces and saliva which contain bacteria that cause various diseases in humans including typhoid fever and dysentery.

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