Bed Bug Bite Symptoms

You may start to get a bed bug bite if you move into a place that has an infestation. Bed bugs can be very difficult to see so the person who has them doesn’t always know they have them. They feed during the night when we are sleeping, so many times people don’t realize they are getting bit until later in the day. There are many bed bug bite symptoms, and if you have more than one of these it may be a sign you have them. A major component of any pest management company’s protocol is the identification of bed bugs’ hiding spots. Without knowing these, it can be difficult to carry out a full-scale treatment. For the experienced exterminator, this knowledge is easy to identify because they know what to look for. If you want to take preventative measures against a possible infestation or are concerned about bites from an existing problem, it helps if you know what bed bug bite symptoms might look like. If there is one event that scares people, it is the thought of having a bed bug. When people are bitten by these bugs, it becomes all the more terrifying. For those who have never suffered from them before, they can be unsure of what kind of symptoms to expect.

Bed Bug Bite Symptoms

Bed bugs are small, flat insects that feed on blood from animals or people. They’re often found in hotels, shelters, and apartment complexes – anywhere people sleep. They can also live in the folds of bedding and furniture.

Bed bugs are small, flat insects that feed on blood from animals or people. They’re often found in hotels, shelters, and apartment complexes – anywhere people sleep. They can also live in the folds of bedding and furniture.

Bed bug bites look like small red marks with a central red spot; they may be itchy or painful. Each bite has two puncture marks—one where the insect pierce with its mouth parts to inject saliva with anticoagulants and anesthetics (which prevents you from feeling the bite), and another wound where it removed its mouth parts after feeding on your blood.

If you’ve been bitten by bed bugs, contact a doctor for advice about treatment for infected areas.

Bites from bed bugs typically occur on the face, neck, arms, legs, or any other skin exposed while sleeping. They usually leave marks where the skin has been punctured.

The bite marks from bed bugs typically occur on the face, neck, arms, legs or any other skin exposed while sleeping. They usually leave marks where the skin has been punctured.

Bites from bed bugs can be red and itchy. The bite marks may also be flat or raised and can appear as a line or cluster of three or more bites that are in a straight line (commonly referred to as “breakfast, lunch and dinner”). Occasionally they appear as individual bites. The bites are often mistaken for mosquito or flea bites because they have similar characteristics such as being grouped together in one area but also tend to look like scratches made by something sharp such as fingernails.

After being bitten by a bed bug, it’s possible to experience redness, itching and/or swelling of the skin. Small raised bumps may appear after being bitten multiple times by several insects.

Redness, itching and/or swelling of the skin is a common reaction to being bitten by one or more bed bugs. Small raised bumps may appear after being bitten multiple times by several insects. These symptoms may be experienced in the days after being bitten, but they usually go away on their own within several days.

These bites can cause mild discomfort for weeks or months after an infestation has been resolved. The bites are not dangerous, but they can be irritating enough to make you want to scratch them off your body as soon as possible if you suffer from intense itchiness around the bite area.

If you suspect you’ve been bitten by bed bugs, take a look at your bedding and inspect furniture for signs of infestation.

Once you suspect that bed bugs have infested your home, the next step is to inspect your bedding and furniture for signs of an infestation.

Look for:

  • Bed bug eggs (small, oval-shaped shells)
  • Shed bed bug skins (like tiny flakes or specks)
  • Blood spots from their bites (red, purple or black)

Also look for:

  • Bed bug fecal matter (dark brown or black stains on sheets and mattresses)

If you locate any of these signs of a bed bug infestation, call an exterminator immediately.

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