Bed Bug Bites Big

BED BUG BITES BIG! Yes, this is a quote from a recent customer. It wasn’t just about our company’s timely and professional services that impressed him — it was the fact that our service personnel went above and beyond to assist him in his time of need. Bed bugs can be a really big issue and something you want to get rid of right away. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill out there that will instantly kill your bed bugs. Reducing the bites is key to getting rid of them in a timely manner. Bed bugis a problem that needs to be taken seriously. This is because they have the ability to haunt your bed and ruin your sleep. If you have not yet been bitten by bedbugs, then consider yourself one of the lucky ones. I was bitten by bedbugs, and it changed my life for the worst. It will certainly be something that I will never forget, especially what happened to me when I was alone in my apartment. Thankfully, I lived through the experience but it was awful!I have some good news and some bad news. First the good news: you’re not dying. Second, the bad news I’m pretty sure you’ve known this for years but yeah, the bites from bed bugs can make the skin swell to up to twenty times its normal size. It’s a little bit gross so I asked one of my friends to paint a pinch of what it might look like so imagine that and then let’s chat about how you can deal with this.

Bed Bug Bites Big

Avoiding bed bugs is hard to do, but it’s possible.

While the bed bug is an invasive species that can make your life miserable, it’s possible to avoid becoming a victim. Here are some tips for preventing bed bugs:

  • Don’t pick up mattresses or furniture from the street – even if they look clean, they may have been used by someone else and could be home to a colony of bed bugs.
  • Inspect hotel beds before you get into them! You don’t want to be bitten any worse than you already will be when you check out of there. If anything looks suspicious, don’t put your luggage on top of it; instead, place your bags on the floor away from where other people will sit down or sleep (and away from windows). * After returning home from trips away from home (especially when traveling abroad), inspect your luggage carefully for signs of bed bugs before unpacking so that you can treat clothing immediately if needed rather than having them spread throughout your house over time by leaving infested items in drawers or closets until later on down the line when they may have multiplied significantly enough that no amount of vacuuming will remove them all – especially since adults often hide deep within cracks and crevices where even professional exterminators might not find them easily! Alternatively: Pack everything into sealed containers until ready for use so as not to risk bringing back any hitchhikers who might have hitched rides unbeknownst upon arrival at their destination airport/train station/etcetera…

Bed bug control takes a multi-pronged approach.

If a bed bug infestation is suspected, call in a professional. Hiring a pest control company can help with the logistics of getting rid of bed bugs and prevent them from coming back. Before calling in the professionals, however, there are some things that you can do on your own to prevent them from entering your home or business:

First and foremost, hire an exterminator! Bed bug eradication is complex and takes time; it’s hard for even experienced homeowners with access to all the right tools to do it alone without professional assistance. Professional extermination services have experience with all sorts of pests; they’ll have the knowledge and equipment necessary for effective treatment against these stubborn creatures before they spread throughout your home or office space.

Why do you have ants in your house?

Why do you have ants in your house?

Ants are social insects, which means they live in organized colonies. This allows them to live and work together for the benefit of the colony as a whole. Ants will also work together to find food, build their homes and care for their young. Ants are attracted to food because most species eat a wide variety of items including seeds, sugar water, meat grease or fat and plant material such as fruits or vegetables. They can be found indoors or outdoors depending on where they choose to nest; however ants will travel long distances for food sources such as garbage cans – so it doesn’t matter where you keep your trash!

How to get rid of ant piles?

How to get rid of ant piles?

There are several methods that can be used to kill ants, but they all share one thing in common: you have to locate the source of the problem. The most common method is with a shovel or other tool that can be used to scoop up an ant hill and remove it from your home. If this isn’t possible for you, another option is spraying water at the top of an ant hill with a garden hose. In addition, mixing equal parts water and vinegar together creates a chemical reaction that will cause any remaining ants around your home’s perimeter (and even inside!) to die off quickly.*

Are ants dangerous?

Ants are not usually dangerous, but if you are allergic to them, they can be deadly. They can sting or bite, but not very often. Ants also carry diseases and cause damage to your property. However, ants will not normally try to hurt humans unless provoked.

If you’re unlucky enough to be the host for these little blood suckers, there are ways to get rid of them.

If you’re unlucky enough to be the host for these little blood suckers, there are ways to get rid of them. But first, let’s talk about how they got into your home in the first place:

Despite popular belief, bed bugs don’t choose houses based on their cleanliness. Instead, they’re attracted to carbon dioxide and body heat — those two things give away where humans are sleeping when they go inside a house. If you think this means only dirty homes can have bed bugs, think again! Bed bugs can live anywhere where humans live — hotels are especially susceptible because people travel with them from one location to another often.

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Harris Bed Bug Killer Value Bundle Kit - 32oz Bed Bug Killer, 16oz Aerosol Spray, 4oz Bed Bug Powder w/ Brush, 4-Pack Bed Bug Detection Glue Traps and Bed Bug Bite Relief Gel
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  • The Ultimate Bed Bug Kit – The products below work extremely well in combination together to help you successfully rid your home of bed bug
  • Toughest 32oz Spray – Includes one 32oz trigger spray. Kills bed bugs quickly and offers a residual of up to 16 weeks (EPA No. 1021-2597-3)
  • Bed Bug Powder – Includes one 4oz bottle (FIFRA – EPA Exempt)
  • Aerosol Spray – EPA registered for use on additional areas compared to the 32oz trigger spray including luggage (EPA No. 1021-2570-3)
  • Bed Bug Traps – Used to detect and monitor the presence of bed bugs after a treatment has been completed (EPA Est 3-GA-1)

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Bug Bite Itch & Sting Relief Stick - Mosquito Bee Wasp Spider Mite Bed Bug Bites | Soothes Chapped Skin, Scratches and Burns | On The Go Stick
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  • STOP ITCHY BITES FROM RUINING YOUR FUN Handy pocket size twist up stick is easy to carry so you can always be prepared when insect bites happen (and they always do). If you or someone you know is sensitive or allergic to mosquito bites (including baby) this convenient itch reliever will be YOUR NEW FAVORITE FIND for camping, hiking and any outdoor activity
  • SAFE and EASY FOR CHILDREN TO CARRY and APPLY THEMSELVES The perfect bug bite thing to bring to camp. Works for bites, bumps, bruises and scratches. This all natural bug bite treatment is solid like a lip balm, so there’s NO DRIPPY MESS, NO ODOR, NO STING and NO HEAT PAIN when applying, and is completely natural and safe for all ages.
  • MULTIPLE USES Not just bites, but also chapped or irritated skin, bumps, bruises, small cuts, scratches, chapped lips, sunburn, minor campfire burns, dry skin, CPAP machine nose sores, poison ivy and oak, scabies, eczema, jellyfish stings and as a treatment for other insect bites like chigger, flea, spider mite, gnat, bed bug, no see um and horse fly
  • STOPS ITCH AND PAIN FAST thanks to the deep penetrating power of emu oil. EMU OIL ABSORBS INTO THE SKIN BETTER and faster than any other oil BECAUSE IT’S SO SIMILAR TO HUMAN SKIN OIL. This makes it the perfect base oil to carry the other anti itch and skin soothing ingredients with it for MAXIMUM EFFECT
  • DON’T LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT IT – Keep yourself, your family, kids and your friends itch with the On the Go Stick. Available in a MONEY SAVING 3 PACK so you’ll always have one handy. Keep them in your backpack, purse, first aid kit, tackle box, saddle bag, medicine cabinet and travel kit.

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Bed Bug Killer by EcoRaider 16 oz, Fast and Sure Kill with Extended Residual Protection, Natural & Non-Toxic, Child & Pet Friendly
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  • THE MOST EFFECTIVE BED BUG KILLER — Journal of economic entomology published university study confirmed that EcoRaider is the only natural product that kills bed bugs with 100 percent efficacy
  • PROVEN THROUGH USDA IR4 PHP PROGRAM — field tested by research entomologists for eradicating bed bug infestations in public housing buildings and recommend for sensitive environment
  • KILL ALL STAGES INCLUSIVE & EVEN RESISTANT BED BUGS — Kills bed bug adults and nymphs fast on contact with 100% efficacy, kills bed bugs that are resistant to traditional pesticides. Proven highest performance in eliminating bed bug eggs
  • EXTENDED DRY RESIDUAL PROTECTION — University study shows EcoRaider residual provides extended protection for two weeks on bed bugs even after dried
  • NON-TOXIC, SAFE AND ECO-FRIENDLY — certified USDA BioBased insecticide, dermatologically safe; child and pet friendly; safe to use directly on mattress and box springs.

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Puremedy Original Healing Ointment, Homeopathic All Natural First Aid Salve Relieves Symptoms of Wounds, Burns, Cuts, Bug Bites, Bed Sores, Itching, Swelling, Safe for Adults, Kids, 1 oz (Pack of 1)
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  • ALL NATURAL FIRST AID + WOUND CARE, soothes and helps relieve symptoms associated with minor skin wounds, superficial burns, swelling, itching, pressure ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, impetigo, blood poisoning
  • 100% ORGANIC OR WILD HARVESTED INGREDIENTS harness the power of nature’s medicine cabinet. Ingredients including marigold, echinacea, elderberry, extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, pine, and Canadian fir balsam
  • TRIPLE ACTION FORMULA is based on a 160-year-old Indigenous “Miracle Salve” that helps to draw out impurities and increases blood circulation and oxygen to aid recovery without harmful ingredients or worrisome side effects
  • SAFE INGREDIENTS means safe for adults, children, pets and planet with no chemicals, no parabens, no phthalates, no petroleum, no animal testing, non-GMO
  • OFFICIALLY MONOGRAPHED HOMEOPATHIC PHARMACOPIA INGREDIENTS included. Made in the USA by an FDA registered facility and produced in compliance with standard manufacturing guidelines

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