Bed Bug Bites On Body

If you find any bed bug bites on your body, it is advisable to inspect your home for bedbugs. Bed bugs live close to their food source (ie. you as the host), but they can move up to 100 feet a day to get around. This helps give them a method of evading detection, however, when the bed bugs are out of sight, they are not out of mind. In fact, bed bugs can be carried on clothing and infest the next place they come into contact with. Bed bug bites infect people when they get bitten by these insects during the night while sleeping. Bed Bug Bites On Body Every year, Bed Bugs are spreading all over the United States. You’d be surprised to know that, according to the CDC or Center for Disease Control, there are an approximate of 12 million people in the U.S. affected by Bed Bug Bites every year, since 1960. So if you are one of these persons and you have noticed some red itchy bed bug bites on your body, then don’t worry because here you will find out what you should do and how to get rid of them.

Bed Bug Bites On Body

Bed bug bites can cause uncomfortable and irritating skin reactions. For some people, a bed bug bite can mean more than an annoying itching sensation. In certain cases, these bites can cause hives or even a serious allergic reaction to the pest that bites you.

Bed bug bites can cause uncomfortable and irritating skin reactions. For some people, a bed bug bite can mean more than an annoying itching sensation. In certain cases, these bites can cause hives or even a serious allergic reaction to the pest that bites you.

To understand why you may have an itchy rash after waking up from sleep like this, it’s important to know that bed bugs feed on blood and inject saliva into your skin during their feeding periods.

Bed bugs prefer exposed skin—this includes your neck and face—and they can often be found congregating in clusters around the places where your arms and legs bend like elbows and knees (these are prime locations for finding them hiding). Because of their preference for exposed areas of skin, bedbug bites on the arms or legs are common as well as those on hands or feet because these areas tend to be uncovered during sleep. However, there is no need to panic if you’re one of those unlucky souls who end up having a bunch of random red dots all over their body—bedbugs will go wherever they please! So don’t think that if you get bitten once somewhere then they won’t come back again; they will! Bedbugs typically bite multiple times within one location before moving off elsewhere so don’t expect any pattern whatsoever when it comes around making sense outta things here…

Itching and Irritation

Itching and irritation are the most common symptoms of bed bug bites. However, it may take several days for itching to appear after the bite itself. Scratching can lead to an infection. If you have severe itching, try applying creams or ointments recommended by your doctor or pharmacist to relieve the itchiness and irritation. Don’t scratch the bites—this will only worsen your symptoms!

Red Bumps

  • Red bumps. These appear on the skin a few hours after the bite and can be red, pink or purple depending on how much blood is drawn by the bed bug. They may be slightly swollen and slightly itchy, but they can also be painful depending on where they’re located.
  • Small blisters (vesicles). These are usually clear or white in color and range from 1 to 2 millimeters (mm) in size. When popped or scratched, they may bleed slightly before scabbing over within 24 hours.


If you have hives, they may be caused by an allergic reaction to bed bug bites. Hives are red bumps that appear on the skin when an allergic reaction occurs. These bumps can be very itchy and may last for several days.

Hives are not a serious health concern but they can be uncomfortable or painful. They can also cause anxiety or embarrassment if you feel like people will notice them as soon as they see you.

If your hives continue for more than two weeks and/or become worse, talk to your healthcare provider about having them checked out by a doctor who specializes in skin conditions (dermatologist).

Allergic Reaction

If you are having trouble breathing or experiencing a severe allergic reaction, seek medical attention immediately. An allergist can perform tests to determine if your body is releasing IgE antibodies when exposed to bed bugs and will be able to offer treatment options.

If you do not have any symptoms of an allergic reaction, but are still concerned about being bitten by bed bugs, it is possible that the bites were from something else such as mosquitoes or fleas.

Take care of your skin after being bitten by bed bugs to prevent other more severe symptoms

While bed bugs are not known to transmit diseases, their bites can cause several skin conditions. To prevent a secondary infection and additional discomfort, follow these tips:

  • Wash the affected areas with soap and water as soon as possible after a bite occurs. This will help remove traces of bed bug saliva from the site of your bite, which may cause an allergic reaction.
  • Apply an anti-itch cream or calamine lotion to the bites to help alleviate itching. Do not scratch them; this will only make matters worse by causing bleeding and introducing bacteria into your wound that can lead to infection.
  • Take over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen (Tylenol) if you have been bitten on an area where there’s skin irritation due to swelling or inflammation (like around joints). These medications will reduce any pain associated with swelling and inflammation — but do not take any medication without first speaking with your healthcare provider!

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