Bed Bug Bites On Hand

A bed bug infestation poses many dangers. Bed bugs can enter your home in a multitude of ways. Most commonly, they make their way into your home via your clothes, recreational equipment and even on the soles of your shoes. Bed bug bites are painful and often cause large welts or red splotches to develop on the skin. You might have bed bug bites on hand if after scratching you notice that the skin around your fingernails is redder than usual (especially if it has been irritated by products like lotion). If you notice bed bug bites on hand, take immediate action to prevent a larger infestation from occurring in your home. Having bed bugs has to be one of the most stressful experiences a person can have. The bites are very itchy, uncomfortable and there’s always the possibility they’ll come out in the open in public and embarrass you. Given the stigma that comes with having these problems, it’s no wonder people are desperate to get rid of these biting pests.

Bed Bug Bites On Hand

Check for signs of bed bugs.

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals while they sleep. Bed bug bites look like red itchy welts or hives. These small, flat and oval-shaped insects are reddish-brown in color and are nocturnal, which means they like to hide during the day in places such as mattresses or furniture crevices with loose fabric or cracks.

Bed bugs leave behind signs of their presence when you see these bite marks on your skin. They also produce an unpleasant odor from their feces that is similar to cilantro — some people even describe it as smelling like coriander!

If you’re seeing these signs, take action immediately by checking for bed bugs!

Check your sleeping environment.

  • Check your mattress.
  • Check the headboard and box spring.
  • Check any furniture around the bed, including nightstands, dressers and chairs.
  • Make sure you check picture frames and other hanging decorations on the wall as well as behind baseboards, electrical outlet covers and switch plates. In addition to helping you identify bed bugs by their bites, inspecting your room for signs of their presence can also help you avoid sleeping in an infested space if necessary:

Inspect your sleeping environment for signs of bed bugs.

Inspect your sleeping environment for signs of bed bugs and their eggs:

  • Look for small blood stains, fecal matter, molted skin (looks like brown egg cases), or bites on the couch.
  • Check inside couches, beds and other furniture with a flashlight. Use a magnifying glass to look for tiny insects moving around.

If you find any signs that may indicate bed bugs, contact an exterminator immediately!

Know where to look.

Bed bug bites are usually found on the face and neck, but they can also appear on other parts of your body. Bed bugs feed by sucking blood from their victims. To prevent this, you should practice good hygiene and avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing around bedding and furniture that may contain bed bugs.

You can check for bed bugs in the following places:

  • Mattress
  • Headboard
  • Bed frame
  • Baseboard (around wall)
  • Box spring

Look for blood stains from crushed bed bugs.

Bed bug bites are usually not painful, but they can cause skin irritation and an allergic reaction. Bed bugs are about the size of a poppy seed. If you suspect that you have bed bugs, look for blood stains from crushed bed bugs on sheets, pillow cases and furniture. Remove the bloody marks with rubbing alcohol or wash with hot water and dry on high heat setting. Do not use pesticides because they can cause more problems than they solve.

If you think that your home has been infested by bedbugs:

  • Check regularly to prevent an infestation
  • Pay attention to where the bugs come from (traveling luggage?)
  • Use an integrated approach (mattress encasements and non-chemical insecticides)

Look for dark or rusty spots on bed sheets and mattresses.

Look for dark or rusty spots on bed sheets and mattresses. The brown, reddish-colored stains are usually caused by bed bug feces and can be found in clusters of 20 or more. Bed bugs leave behind other signs of their presence, including:

  • Bed Bug Eggs and Immature Bed Bugs
  • Bed Bug Feces
  • Eggshells (crushed eggshells from fully engorged females)
  • Dead Bed Bugs (usually around seams)

Look for skin casts.

Look for skin casts. Bed bugs shed their skins as they grow, leaving behind empty shells that can be found in bedding and on floors near the bed. These shells look like clear, empty bed bug shells; they are the same color as the bed bug’s body.

If you have been bitten by a bedbug and have found evidence of skin casts or live insects in your home, call a professional pest control company immediately to inspect and treat your home.

Inspect your luggage, if you were traveling at the time you were bitten.

Bed bugs can also be transported in your luggage. If you were traveling at the time that you were bitten, inspect your luggage and clothing. Bed bugs can hide in the seams of your clothing and travel with you wherever you go. They might also be hiding in bags that are folded or rolled up, such as luggage or sports equipment bags. You should check all of these areas for signs of bed bug activity (for example, fecal matter).

Know that adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed or a lentil bean, and they’re oval in shape.

You may be surprised to learn that adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed or a lentil bean, and they’re oval in shape. They’re wingless, so they can’t fly or jump. If you see one climbing up your wall like some kind of hideous alien invader from outer space, it’s not a bed bug—it’s probably just dust! Bed bugs are flat in shape, so even when they’re moving quickly (which is most of the time), they look more like an insect-shaped piece of paper than some terrifyingly large creature with eight legs and pincers.

You’ll find out how to identify them later on in this guide; for now let’s get back to those bites…

If you think you have been bitten by a bed bug, check this out

If you think you have been bitten by a bed bug, check this out:

  • Inspect the area where you were sleeping. Look for black fecal spots or any other signs of bed bugs.
  • If possible, inspect your luggage, if you were traveling at the time that you were bitten.
  • Adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed or a lentil bean and are oval in shape. They are reddish-brown in color but darken when they feed on blood.

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