Bed Bug Co2 Traps

You may ask, Why do I need a bed bug Co2 Trap? Well, I will tell you and hold you by the hand to show you how to safely use this great tool. When it comes to bed bugs, there is a lot to know in order to get rid of them over all. We’re going to first start off by answering some questions. This will give you the information regarding what a co2 trap works like, how it works and why are they effective in getting rid of any kind of pest. Bed bug co2 traps. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve already tried bed bug sprays and other non-invasive methods to get rid of your bedding-eating pests, but with minimal success. We know how frustrating it can be…We feel your pain. Bed bug co2 traps have been used for many years to help eradicate the problem of bed bugs. They are humane, safe and effective in solving the problem of getting rid of pests. With a little effort and research, you can do it yourself with the right equipment. These devices create a high concentration of carbon dioxide around the bed bug where they cannot escape. The intense concentration of CO2 removes oxygen from the equation, which results in an asphyxiation effect on bed bugs and other infestations.

Bed Bug Co2 Traps

Carbon dioxide is colorless and odorless, making it the perfect lure for bed bugs.

Carbon dioxide is colorless and odorless, making it the perfect lure for bed bugs. Bed bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide because they need it to live (and you breathe in carbon dioxide while you sleep).

The CO2 trap works by creating an environment that mimics your breathing pattern. The bed bug will come into contact with a small amount of C02 released in every breath and get trapped inside, unable to escape.

A bed bug CO2 trap is safe for people, pets, plants and the environment. It’s also very easy to use: simply plug in the device near your mattress or headboard at night while you sleep, then unplug in the morning—no special training required!

The Bed Bug CO2 Trap attracts bed bugs that are hiding in cracks and crevices, behind baseboards and furniture.

The Bed Bug CO2 Trap emits carbon dioxide to draw bed bugs out of hiding spots. It can be used in conjunction with other traps, or alone to monitor for the presence of bed bugs. Because it’s effective at all stages of their life cycle, this trap is an excellent tool for monitoring an infestation or detecting a new one.

Send a few traps to the room or area that is most frequently used.

Once you have the traps in place, it’s important to keep an eye on them and make sure they aren’t attracting any bugs. If a lot of insects are being caught in your trap, you may want to try a different location or use more traps. The idea is that each trap should only be catching one or two insects per day so that they don’t attract more bed bugs than necessary. You should also check the traps every few days to make sure no new ones have gone inside and once you notice that there are no longer any active insects inside, take down the trap and dispose of it properly (see “Disposal Methods”).

The trap can be used in conjunction with a Bed Bug Interceptor, which is placed under bed posts to intercept bed bugs as they try to climb up into the bed.

The trap can be used in conjunction with a Bed Bug Interceptor, which is placed under bed posts to intercept bed bugs as they try to climb up into the bed. The interceptor can also be placed directly on top of the legs of furniture such as nightstands and dressers to prevent bed bugs from climbing up or down.

The bed bug trap does not kill, but it does attract them with CO2 and then lures them inside with heat. Once inside, they will get stuck in the glue (which is non-toxic) that lines the bottom of this product.

Once the trap is set up, let it sit for three days to a week before checking for insects.

Once the trap is set up, let it sit for three days to a week before checking for insects. The longer time frame gives the trap a chance to attract more bugs and make it easier to find them. Checking too often may scare off bed bugs and make them harder to catch in the future.

Once you’ve established that there are bedbugs in your home, check your Co2 traps regularly (at least once a week) as needed:

  • If you see any dead bugs in the Co2 canister or on top of the baseboard heater, replace the Co2 canister immediately.
  • If there are only one or two insects within three days, leave everything as-is—you might still be able to catch more bugs with this method!

Keep checking it every few days until you either find a bug or a few weeks have passed with no catches.

If you’re worried about catching a bug, don’t leave the trap unattended for too long. Low-toxicity CO2 traps do not pose any danger to small children or pets that may be in the area. However, it’s important to keep an eye on them and remove them when they become saturated with bugs.

A Co2 Trap is an effective way to attract bed bugs

A CO2 trap is an effective way to attract bed bugs and other insects. When you use a CO2 attractant, the idea is that the bed bug will be attracted to it and will crawl into the trap, where it will die. This method can be very effective if used in combination with a bed bug interceptor (which we discuss more below). In order to maximize your chances of capturing pests, let the trap sit for at least three days before inspecting it. Once you inspect your trap and see that there are no live insects inside it yet, place another one near where you think they came from so they don’t get attracted again to their old location!

To inspect your CO2 trap with magnification:

  • Place some flour on top of the card stock paper or cardboard piece inside your container; this will help hold dead bodies in place so they aren’t blown around when opened later on during inspection time

Ortho 0465705 1, 2-Pack Use in Your House or When Traveling, Part of a 3-Step Solution System
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  • Use the Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Trap NOW to detect bed bugs if you have them, and use LATER to confirm they’re gone
  • Use at home or when traveling
  • This is the first step of a 3-step bed bug solution system; this product should not be used to control or eliminate an ongoing bed bug issue
  • If bed bugs are detected, you should begin treatment immediately with Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug products in steps 2 & 3
  • Contains 2 traps–each trap lasts 2 weeks

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HARRIS Bed Bug Traps - Parent (20-Pack)
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    Catchmaster Slider Bed Bug Trap & Insect Monitor, Detector, and Interceptor - for Early Detection ONLY, Not for Bed Bug Extermination - 12 Traps
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    • NOT AN EXTERMINATION DEVICE – This product is designed to detect ONLY. Once a Bed Bug infestation is confirmed, you must contact a pest control professional to properly exterminate and treat the infestation
    • EARLY BED BUG DETECTION – Detect bed bugs before it’s too late! Our Unique early bed bug detection device cleverly attracts and traps bed bugs in an adhesive. An effective tool for bed bug prevention and control.
    • WHERE TO USE IT – Place 4 traps per bed (one under each corner). You can also install them behind curtain rods, on window sills, in closets, behind the bed head board, under furniture like a night table, in dresser drawers and along baseboards.
    • ADDITIONAL PLACEMENT OPTIONS – The Slider Interceptor can also be placed under couch cushions and in other upholstered furniture, under crib mattress, inside luggage, in cars and under car floor mats, in and around cubbies/lockers at schools, and along baseboards
    • STRONG PLASTIC CONSTRUCTION – allows for use under mattresses and will not get crushed! Includes Bedbug Prevention & Detection Guide – Proudly made In the USA

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    • ✅ EFFECTIVE, HEAVY DUTY, VERSATILE DESIGN — Eliminate your infestation once and for all. The Bed Bug Blocker (Pro) interceptor trap fits nearly all furniture and beds and is specifically designed to withstand heavier furniture such as large beds.
    • ✅ USE UNDER BED POSTS AND FURNITURE LEGS — In addition to use in homes and apartments, the Bed Bug Blocker (Pro) can be used in hotels, hostels, dormitories, hospitals, nursing homes, and other residences.
    • ✅ BED BUGS CLIMB IN BUT CANNOT CLIMB OUT — Bed bugs can easily climb the textured exterior surface but find themselves unable to escape the slippery outer reservoir.
    • ✅ PACK OF 4 — Each box includes a set of four bed bug interceptor traps. Four traps will provide detection and protection for one bed or other piece of furniture.

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    SenSci ActivVolcano Bed Bug Interceptors 4 Pack, Volcano Bed Bug Interceptor & ActivCR Bed Bug Lure
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    • EFFECTIVE BED BUG TRAP: more accurate than visual inspections, less obtrusive in detecting bed bugs versus traditional inspection methods, and lure increases capture by 2 to 1
    • EASY TO USE: easy to install and inspect, maintenance free. Place the bed bug traps by the legs of your beds, in corners, along baseboards, or on any path bed bugs may travel
    • NOT A PESTICIDE: only an attractant designed to increase the probability that a bed bug monitor detects the presence of bed bugs
    • THE INNOVATION, NOT IMITATION: designed and developed by leading bed bug expert Jeff White and backed by science
    • PEST PROFESSIONAL PRODUCT: use the best early bed bug detection and bed bug prevention product that more pest professionals use for their treatments

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