Bed Bug Extermination Methods

It’s only a matter of time before bed bugs come out of hiding. If you start to notice the telltale symptoms of bed bug bites, then it’s already too late. You should have already started to look for signs of infestation and be formulating a plan on how you’re going to handle the problem. That said, if you notice bed bugs on your mattress, in your furniture, and hiding around your home; then it’s time to do something about it. Here are some methods that can be used for an effective bed bug extermination campaign: Bed bugs are one of the most sinister things you can find in your home. They feed off of your blood while you sleep and can cause itching around the bite marks. Bed bugs are very hard to get rid off once they set up place in your house even if there are only a few of them. I have used a number of different ways to get rid of bed bugs, and I will share everything I know with you right now here today. Bed bugs aren’t easy to get rid of. These wingless insects that feed on human blood will find comfortable places in your beds and mattresses. What’s worse is that they are not visible to the naked eye. Thus, if you don’t know how to deal with them, it will take you a long time before getting rid of bed bugs completely. This article lists effective methods on how to eradicate bed bugs.

Bed Bug Extermination Methods


The first step in treating bed bugs is to prepare the room. This includes removing any items that can’t be washed or dry cleaned, vacuuming thoroughly, and using insecticide. To get rid of an established infestation, you should also wash all bedding and clothing and discard stuffed animals or other soft toys that may have been affected by the bugs.

When you’ve washed your clothes and put everything back where it belongs (or into plastic bags if you’re not sure), liberally spread insecticide over every surface in your room: floors, walls, furniture—everything! Let this sit for a few hours so that any remaining bugs will come out of hiding to feed on it before they die off; then repeat this process one more time before sleeping in your now bug-free bed again. The next morning when you wake up feeling refreshed from your good night’s rest (and not sore because there’s no blood sucking going on), go ahead and vacuum up any dead bodies left behind from last night’s feast!


It’s important to have the materials and supplies you need before you begin.

  • Remove clutter from your home. Clutter gives harborage areas where bed bugs can hide during treatment.
  • Put clothing in bags. Bed bugs may be found inside of clothes, especially along seams, buttons, and cuffs; these should be double-bagged to prevent them from escaping during transport to a pest control facility for laundering (do not bring this bagged clothing with you when staying at a hotel).
  • Vacuum all cracks and crevices well including under sinks, behind toilets and under beds or couches where bedbugs hide during daylight hours. You can also use heat treatment to kill any remaining eggs that aren’t collected by vacuuming by using a freezer or low temperature freezer as an alternative method to killing them off completely after they’ve been exterminated through professional services such as those offered by Green Pest Services!


Vacuuming is one of the first steps in eradicating bed bugs. It’s a good way to remove eggs and reduce the number of live bed bugs, but it will not kill them outright. You must then apply heat or a chemical treatment to kill any remaining bugs.

Washing linens

To ensure you kill bedbugs and their eggs, you should wash your bedding and linens in hot water. To get rid of them completely, it’s important to wash everything in hot water. If you have items that can’t be washed (such as old blankets or comforters), dry-clean them instead.

Wash all of your linens at least once a week at 140°F or higher for 30 minutes. This will kill the eggs before they hatch into adults or develop into nymphs and lay more eggs on clothing. Dry on high heat for another 30 minutes to ensure they are completely dry when put back into use again; otherwise, the bedbugs may continue to survive inside these items because heat doesn’t penetrate through each fiber enough to reach its core yet still kills any bugs there might still be alive

Bed bug-proof covers for mattresses and pillows

Bed bug-proof covers for mattresses and pillows can help prevent bed bugs from biting you while you sleep and are useful if you don’t have time to wash linens. They’re also good for long term protection, since they keep the bugs out of your mattress and pillow where they would otherwise hide during the day. However, these covers do not replace washing sheets or blankets as part of an integrated pest management program. You should still use regular laundry detergent every few weeks (especially if there has been an infestation) to avoid re-infesting your home with bed bugs that may be living on your dirty linens.

Bed bug-proof covers are available both online and at local hardware stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot.


Insecticides are chemicals designed to kill insects, and are often used in bed bug extermination. It’s important to use insecticides carefully and as a last resort because they can be toxic if not handled properly. If you decide to use an insecticide, do not apply more than the recommended amount for your particular situation!

You can purchase most insecticides at your local hardware store or big box retailer. Many of these products come with instructions for how much of them you should use and how often you should apply it. Make sure you follow these directions carefully!

Thorough preparation and use of insecticides to kill bed bugs

  • Preparation helps ensure complete extermination of bed bugs. Use mattress and pillow covers that are bed bug-proof, or cover your mattress and pillows with plastic bags. If you have them, vacuum the entire area thoroughly. Wash all linens in hot water, then dry them on high heat for at least 10 minutes (don’t use fabric softener). Wash or dry-clean clothes that can be washed or dry-cleaned and bag them tightly before storing them in airtight containers separately from infested items.

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