Bed Bug Exterminator Columbus Ohio

Gone are the days when you had to worry about bugs in your house. With effective and affordable Bed Bug Exterminator Columbus Ohio services out there, no one has to live with worrying about those creepy crawly things jumping on them. General pests are the least of your worries. But bed bugs can be a nightmare for you and your family if it is not taken care of at the earliest. We know that nothing is more irritating than waking up covered in bites. And when you go to the doctor, they tell you it’s probably mosquito bites, or something else that’s not a growing problem. Did you know there are over a dozen blood-sucking bed bugs? Did you know bed bugs can live for months without feeding? Or that they can hide in furniture or cracks in the wall? Or that because of their small size, they’re incredibly difficult to get rid of on your own? How to get rid of bedbugs? I have been doing professional pest control for over 20 years and have seen literally thousands of bedbug infestations. Don’t let any pest control company tell you their service is superior because the truth is that all of these companies know what to do when it comes to bedbugs. Its not the method that counts its the service that counts, and we at Columbus Ohio Wildlife Control perform all aspects of bedbug treatment in a way that you can be sure your home will be inspected by specialists. Whether your home has just one or several infestations we are always here to help you.

Bed Bug Exterminator Columbus Ohio

Bed Bug Exterminator Columbus Ohio

Bed Bug Exterminator Columbus Ohio

The infestation of bed bugs is a common problem in Columbus, OH. If you are an apartment dweller, you might not even realize that your home has become overrun with these annoying pests. Bed bug bites can be very itchy and sometimes even cause welts or rashes on the skin. Bed bugs also carry several diseases that can be transmitted to humans when bitten by them. If you think that you have a bed bug infestation in your home, contact us today for a free inspection!

About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small, flat insects that live in cracks and crevices of your home. They hide during the daytime and come out to feed on you at night. Bed bugs have been around for hundreds of years, but they have made a pretty big comeback since the end of World War II when we started using chemicals like DDT in our homes and killing off their natural enemies.

Bed bugs can be found anywhere people spend time: buses, movie theaters, airplanes and even public libraries! Bed bug infestations are becoming more common in urban areas where people tend to stay indoors more often than in rural areas. The best way to prevent bed bug bites is to eliminate them early on by calling an exterminator right away when you suspect an infestation exists or by hiring someone who knows what they’re doing (like us).

Bed bug bites start out as tiny red bumps that itch like crazy but don’t leave any marks behind once healed up again over time unless scratched open due to constant scratching (ouch!). It takes 8-10 hours after being bitten before symptoms show up again so keep this mind if you think something could be wrong with yourself after hearing about recent sightings nearby such as where you work or school etcetera…

Bed Bug Facts

  • Bed bugs are nocturnal, feeding exclusively at night.
  • Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on blood.
  • They do not carry disease and their bites are not known to transmit infections or diseases. However, they can cause allergic reactions in some people (especially those who have asthma). This means that bed bug bites may cause an itchy rash or hives in some individuals with allergies to insect bites.
  • These little pests can be found in any home, tidy or dirty, but tend to prefer places where humans sleep or rest such as beds and couches — which explains what makes them so difficult to get rid of!

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Columbus

If you have bed bugs, call a licensed pest professional.

Bed bug infestations are often difficult to identify and control on your own, especially in the early stages of an infestation. If you suspect that you have bed bugs, contact your local vector control agency or public health department for assistance. In addition, it is important to consult with a pest management professional (PMP) before implementing any treatment methods yourself. Pest control professionals can help assess whether or not there are signs of an infestation and provide guidance on how best to treat any affected areas if necessary.

If possible, clean up the affected area(s). To clean up bed bug-infested areas:

  • Remove all personal belongings from the room(s) involved in the infestation and store them away from other rooms at least until after treatment has taken place; this will make it easier for PMPs to determine whether or not they need additional help throughout their workday if they encounter problems while trying to access specific items during their workday; however, this step may not be necessary depending on where these items were stored beforehand (e..g., within closets).
  • Vacuum all carpets thoroughly using high suction power settings; empty vacuums after each use by removing bags carefully so as not puncture them during disposal (you should dispose of these bags immediately outside). Make sure that all crevices around baseboards and walls are vacuumed thoroughly as well – including cracks where pipes enter through concrete slabs

Signs of Bed Bugs in Your Home

Bed bug infestations can be difficult to detect. The most common signs of a bed bug problem are:

  • Rusty or reddish stains on the sheets, mattress, or pillowcases. These stains are caused by the dried blood of crushed bed bugs.
  • Dark spots (about this size: •) that look like ink blots on your sheets, mattress, or pillowcases; these are bedbug excrement and may bleed on material like a marker would do when applied to paper.

Signs of Bed Bugs in Your Hotel or Airbnb

If you’re staying in a hotel or Airbnb, there are some signs you should look for that will help you determine whether or not bed bugs have invaded your room.

  • Check for fecal spots on the mattress and other surfaces. These may be black or brown in color and look like dark spots with a shine to them.
  • Look for bed bug skins (also called “mummies”). These are grayish-white in color and found most often on mattresses, sheets, and pillows. If you see any of these mummies in your hotel room, it’s best to assume that these insects have been there recently since they don’t last long without feeding from humans or pets. If a bug is present but no evidence of its presence can be seen by an untrained eye (such as eggs), it’s likely time for an exterminator!
  • Search for tiny black specks known as bed bug feces inside crevices around headboards and other furniture pieces; this is where they tend to hide when not feeding on human hosts–so keep an eye out! The little buggers aren’t exactly brave enough to come out during daylight hours when people are awake so if any fecal matter is found during those times then it means something else was going on while they were sleeping! This would lead us back towards needing professional help since even though there could still be some left over after treatment (which would require another round), we’d rather err on the side of caution than risk getting bit again…and again…and again…etc., etc., etc..

If You See or Have Bed Bugs

If you suspect that you have bed bugs, or if you see any bites on your skin, call a professional exterminator. Do not attempt to eradicate them by yourself. Only a trained professional can correctly identify the problem and treat for it. Even if you do eventually need an exterminator, there are steps that can be taken in the meantime to protect your home from further infestation and prevent reinfestation:

These are the steps to take if you’re dealing with bed bugs.

  • Check your mattress. Check the seams and underneath of your mattress, as well as any other crevices on or in the bed frame.
  • Check your carpet. If you have an area rug, pull it up and look for bed bugs in or around the edges or corners of it.
  • Check your linens. Your sheets and pillowcases may be harboring a few critters at this point, so inspect them thoroughly before putting them back on the bed to sleep in again tonight!
  • Check your luggage while traveling by keeping an eye out for blood stains on clothes or bags; if there are some present then you should call an exterminator immediately so they can come check out whatever hotel room is causing trouble with their infestation problem!
  • Remember that these pests can also live off food sources even though they prefer human hosts because there’s usually plenty available around us all day long without having to go too far away from home first like most other pests do when looking for food sources outside our homes such as ants etcetera..

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