Bed Bug Exterminator Wichita Ks

I hate bed bugs. I really do, and everything about them. It all started when I went on vacation with a friend. He stayed at a nice hotel and I stayed in a small apartment that had the misfortune of sharing a wall with the hotel. When he told me about his itchy bites, my mind immediately jumped to infestations of bed bugs and fleas. We both did some research and came to the conclusion that we had been living near some kind of “hotel flea” on his bed or my couch, or something like that. The next day all was forgotten until several days later I started noticing itchy welts on myself and saw the same welts on my cat. After doing more research, I realized that they were not fleas, but bedbugs! The easiest way to eliminate bed bugs is to find and eliminate the source of their active infestation. This will not solve all of your problems, but it will put you in a good position for the next step in ridding yourself of bed bugs.

Bed Bug Exterminator Wichita Ks

“Bed Bug Removal Services in Wichita KS

Bed bugs are the most difficult pest to get rid of, because they travel with you. You can pick up bed bugs anywhere and bring them home without realizing it. Bed bugs can travel in your clothing, your purse, and even within the folds of your luggage. Bed bugs also travel on you—in your hair and on your skin.

This means that if you have bed bugs in one place, they’re probably in more than one place! If there’s an infestation at home, there may be an infestation at work as well (or vice versa). That’s why if you live in Wichita KS or surrounding areas like Lenexa KS or Park City KS it’s so important for us to treat all of these locations when treating a bed bug problem!

Wichita Bed Bug Control

Wichita Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are small, brownish insects that feed on the blood of animals or humans. The first signs of bed bug infestation are bites, which can be mistaken for mosquito bites. Bed bugs do not transmit disease but their bites can cause itching and swelling. If you suspect you have a bed bug problem in your home, call one of our experienced pest control professionals in Wichita KS today! We will inspect your home and determine whether or not you have a bed bug infestation, then give you a free estimate for effective treatment options.

We know how difficult it can be to fight bed bugs on your own. Don’t give up hope. We can help you safely get rid of the bed bugs in your home. Our bed bug removal experts will thoroughly and safely remove all signs of an infestation from your home. Bed bugs are often found in places like attics, garages, sheds, or other dark spaces where they can hide easily. But we can find and exterminate them there too. You may think you will never be able to get rid of bed bugs, that they are too difficult to identify and remove, but we have the experts and technology to find them and kill them at their source so that your home is free of bed bugs for good.

Bed bugs are a growing problem for many people in Wichita and surrounding areas. These tiny pests are not dangerous, but they can make your life very difficult if you’re unable to get rid of them quickly. Bed bugs live off human blood and find their way into beds, mattresses, couches, carpets and clothes by hiding during the day and emerging at night to feed on their host’s warm blood. Bedbugs are small enough that they can squeeze through the tiniest of openings; this makes them extremely hard to track down when they have infested an area such as an attic or garage where they can hide easily from both humans and traditional pest control methods such as pesticides.

Despite all this difficulty with bedbug treatment it is possible to get rid of bedbug infestations safely and effectively using products like our heat treatment process which uses special equipment designed specifically for killing insects like these nasty little things called “bedbugs!” This treatment process uses heat over 120 degrees Fahrenheit combined with high pressure steam which kills any existing adult or immature stages present along with eggs hidden away inside walls etc…

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

You may be wondering what do bed bugs look like? Bed bugs are small, wingless insects that feed on blood from humans or animals. They are approximately 1/4 inch long and 1/8 inch wide. Their bodies are oval-shaped and reddish-brown in color. Since they have no wings, they can’t fly (but they can jump).

The most common places you’ll find bed bugs in your home include:

  • Mattresses
  • Bed frames
  • Headboards
  • Box springs

They are brown, oval-shaped insects with flat bodies that are about 5mm long and 3mm wide when fully grown. They become red after a blood meal. They look like appleseeds or brown rice in shape, size and color. Bedbugs lay white eggs that are 1mm long which hatch within 10 days into a nymph

Bed bugs are a common pest in the United States. They do not transmit disease, but they can cause allergic reactions and psychological effects. Bed bugs are brown, oval shaped insects with flat bodies that are about 5mm long and 3mm wide when fully grown. They become red after a blood meal.

Bedbugs lay white eggs that are 1mm long which hatch within 10 days into a nymph (baby). The life cycle of bedbugs takes about 12-14 days for the egg to hatch, 6 weeks for them to grow into adults, and they can live up to 18 months without feeding on blood. Bedbugs do not fly; however they can crawl 20 feet or more in one night looking for food or shelter from extreme temperatures (they prefer it warm). They feed by piercing the skin of their host with sharp mouthparts through which they inject saliva that contains anticoagulants and anesthetic agents so they will not be detected while feeding on humans at night while we sleep! Once fed upon by these nasty creatures you may experience severe itching associated with welts all over your body! If this happens quickly seek medical attention as soon as possible because these bites can become infected especially if scratched repeatedly; I know how hard it is when something hurts so badly but please don’t scratch them because this could lead to serious health issues later down the road!

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

Bed bugs are not known to carry or transmit any diseases, but they can cause itching, sleeplessness, and anxiety. They do not feed on humans but prefer the blood of birds and bats. The bites typically cause a raised red bump that is itchy at first. Bed bugs are not dangerous, but they can be a nuisance.

Some people have severe reactions to insect venom which may require medical treatment in order to control symptoms such as swelling around the bite area or difficulty breathing due to wheezing

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