Bed Bug Exterminators In Chicago

Chicago is known for many things, including its culture and history. However, what you may not know about the city is that it’s also home to some of the most destructive pests in the world. These pests can be found in homes and businesses across the city and have been known to cause severe damage. Bed bugs are one such pest that can cause a lot of trouble for people who don’t know how to spot them or deal with them effectively.

Bed bugs are tiny insects that feed on blood and make your life miserable. They can be difficult to get rid of because they easily hide in hard-to-reach places like cracks and crevices around your home. If you see signs of bed bugs, it’s important that you take action as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more likely it is for your infestation to grow out of control.

What is the main cause of bed bugs?

The main cause of bed bug infestations is not the bugs themselves. Bed bugs are not disease vectors, so they do not need to live on your body or in your blood to survive. They are attracted to CO2 and heat, so they can be found in beds, couches, and other areas that tend to retain heat like your headboard.

Bed bugs come from other infested areas or from used furniture. They can hitch a ride in luggage, purses, backpacks, or other items placed on soft or upholstered surfaces. They can travel between rooms in multi-unit buildings such as apartment complexes and hotels.

How do I know bed bugs are gone?

The best way to know whether or not bed bugs are gone is to perform a thorough inspection. You can either manually inspect the same areas each day, or some clients find it helpful to put a sticky adhesive trap around the bed legs which would pick up bed bugs that are on the move. If no bed bugs show up in the trap after several days, that’s one indication that they have been completely eradicated.

What is the success rate of bed bug extermination?

Bed bugs are small, but they can make a big impression on your life. They cause skin irritation and itching, which can be very uncomfortable. Bed bugs can also lead to anxiety or depression if you’re constantly worried about being bitten by one of these pests.

Fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of bed bugs. Heat treatments are highly effective as they can get rid of 95% of bed bugs with just a single treatment. Because of the high heat that the bugs are exposed to, it’ll be difficult for them to survive after this treatment. Certainly, bed bugs can move quickly, especially when they sense a threat. However, heat treatments will ensure that they don’t have much chance of surviving after being exposed to such high temperatures.

Bed Bugs Exterminator in Chicago

It takes several treatments to completely eliminate bed bugs. The first treatment is the hardest, but after that, it gets easier each time you treat. After you’ve done three or four treatments, your chances of success are much higher.

List of Bed Bug Control Products

Bed bugs are a problem that affects people in many different ways. In the case of bed bugs, one might be surprised to learn that bed bugs can make you feel like you don’t want to leave your house. That’s why there are so many different products out there for you to use in order to get rid of bed bugs once and for all. However, not all products are created equal. Some products will only provide you with temporary relief from your bed bug problem while others will help you permanently eliminate the problem from your home or office space altogether. Below are some products to control bedbugs;

Safer Brand 51703 OMRI Listed Diatomaceous Earth - Ant, Roach, Bedbug, Flea, Silverfish, Earwig, & Crawling Insect Killer

Safer Brand 51703 OMRI Listed Diatomaceous Earth – Ant, Roach, Bedbug, Flea, Silverfish, Earwig, & Crawling Insect Killer

Price : $9.47 ($0.14 / Ounce)

Features :

  • Diatomaceous earth-based powder is a highly effective ant killer; a 4-pound resealable bag
  • Kills insects by ingestion/dehydration within 48 hours indoors or outdoors
  • Also for the bed bug, cockroach, flea, earwig, silverfish, cricket, millipede, and centipede control
  • Insects cannot develop an immunity to this product unlike traditional insect killers
  • The formula contains 100% Diatomaceous Earth

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions 
Height4.2 Inches
Width10.8 Inches
Length15.6 Inches
Weight4.2 Pounds

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Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug, Flea and Tick Killer - With Ready-to-Use Comfort Wand, Kills Bed Bugs and Bed Bug Eggs, Bed Bug Spray Also Kills Fleas and Ticks, 1 gal.

Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug, Flea and Tick Killer – With Ready-to-Use Comfort Wand, Kills Bed Bugs and Bed Bug Eggs, Bed Bug Spray Also Kills Fleas and Ticks, 1 gal.

Price: $17.49

Features :

  • Use Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug, Flea & Tick Killer to kill bed bugs, bed bug eggs, fleas, and ticks
  • Use spray as a spot treatment around bed frames, mattress seams/tufts/folds, and baseboards
  • Kills even the toughest bed bugs (pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs)
  • The second step of a 3-step bed bug solution system
  • The continuous spray Comfort Wand easily gets into hard-to-reach areas

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions 
Height12 Inches
Width8.95 Inches
Length4.88 Inches
Weight6 Pounds

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In Conclusion,

Bed bugs are a major problem that can be extremely difficult to deal with. They are small and sneaky, and they can hide in places where you wouldn’t think to look. Beyond that, they have very good survival instincts and can go for long periods of time without feeding on your blood (which is why they are so hard to get rid of).

If you have bed bugs in your home, it’s important to act quickly. You don’t want them spreading from room to room and infecting all of your furniture. Bed bug exterminators are experts at locating these tiny pests where they hide and eliminate them permanently. They’ll also help you create an effective plan for preventing future infestations.

When it comes down to it, there is no better solution than hiring a professional exterminator. The sooner you call someone in, the better chance you’ll have at getting rid of your bed bug problem completely, and avoiding having it return later on down the road.

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