Can Essential Oils Kill Fleas

Can essential oils kill fleas? This is a question that any pet owner would jump to ask if they have fallen prey to a flea infestation. Essential oils have been used for centuries for almost everything, emotional, spiritual and physical needs of humans. Besides being used for human health reasons, pets benefit from this. The use of essential oils in pets has not only been common but also widely accepted by most pet owners. Pet owners encounter situations that demand some kind of help or other times pet owners are able to avoid such situations through the use of natural essentials oils like lavender and peppermint. Nonetheless, the use of these products should be given with caution since not all essential oils are safe or ideal for cats or dogs. Essential oils are a versatile treatment for flea infestations on both cats and dogs. Essential oils possess powerful antiseptic, antiseptic and natural insecticidal properties that can repel, treat and kill flea. Not only do they repel them (and in some cases, kill it) but also helps to control re-infestation. There is a variety of different essential oil which can be used to kill fleas. Due to the tremendous demand, we’ve added an Essential Oils Killed Fleas Collection. This collection features some of our most popular items and has a retail value of more than $600! Within this collection you will find complete essential oil collections for flea infestations as well as individual products. These products are only available for sale for a short period of time. Featured products include Red Cedar Oil, Geranium Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Thyme Oil and much more.

Can Essential Oils Kill Fleas

Can Essential Oils Kill Fleas?

If you want to try essential oils for fleas, use one of the following:

  • Spearmint (Mentha spicata)
  • Lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus)
  • Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica or Cedrus deodara)
  • Peppermint (Mentha piperita)

Don’t Rule Out Other Measures

There are several ways to use essential oils for flea prevention. You may use them alone but it is often more effective to combine your approach with other methods. The following are different means by which you can apply essential oils for fleas on your pets:

  • Shampooing – add several drops of one or more essential oils of your choice to a bottle of pet shampoo. This will help repel fleas and also kill any lingering from previous encounters;
  • Collar – place 8-10 drops of lavender, cedar wood, lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus or citronella in a bowl and soak a bandanna or cloth collar in the mixture. Let this dry thoroughly before placing it on your pet;
  • Food – add 2-3 drops each of lemongrass and rosemary into your pet’s food once daily;
  • Bedding – spray the area where your pet sleeps with a mix of 5 drops each of cedar wood and peppermint essential oil along with water (1:2 ratio);
  • Yard – spray diluted lavender or eucalyptus oil around the perimeter of your yard to keep away fleas.

Using essential oils to kill fleas may be effective.

You might be wondering, “Can essential oils kill fleas?” The short answer is yes, but it’s important to understand that using essential oils as an anti-flea treatment is most effective when used in conjunction with other methods.

Some people love these oils because they’re natural products. They’re made of plants, so you don’t have to worry about applying chemical poisons to your pets or your home. But as great as it would be if there was a completely safe way to get rid of fleas without harming your pets, the reality is that some essential oils are toxic to dogs and cats.

Essential oils are derived from aromatic plants and can be extremely potent; they’re powerful enough to kill fleas and lice. However, too much oil can poison or irritate your pet’s skin or even cause respiratory distress or organ failure depending on the type of oil used. You should never apply undiluted oil directly on a pet’s skin; always consult a veterinarian for advice about how much of each type of oil should be diluted in water before being applied (or whether it should be avoided altogether).

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  • Cleaner Solution — Natural active ingredients offer a healthier alternative to synthetic products made with pyrethrins or permethrins.
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Richard’s Organics Flea and Tick Shampoo for Dogs – 100% All-Natural Actives Kills Fleas, Ticks and Repels Mosquitos – Flea Shampoo is Gentle, Won’t Dry Skin, Great Smelling Essential Oils (12oz bottle),FG00440
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  • NO HARSH CHEMICALS – Unlike traditional flea shampoos, Richard’s Organics gentle and safe Flea and Tick Shampoo uses 100% all-natural actives to kill fleas and ticks rather than harsh chemicals. Made with 5 pure essential oils, this dog shampoo smells great and soothes irritated skin while it works hard to rid your dog of fleas and ticks.
  • FAST ACTING – You will see fleas coming off your dog as you bathe with Richard’s Organics Flea and Tick Shampoo. Ticks let go and are more easily removed from the skin. For best results, work the lather thoroughly into the dog’s coat and down into the skin, moving back from the head. Allow lather to remain on the dog for a few minutes and then rinse. The essential oils are calming, and your dog will smell great.
  • SOOTHES SKIN: This dog flea shampoo naturally kills fleas and ticks while soothing skin. It does not contain parabens, dye, soap, harsh chemicals, or artificial fragrances or colors. It will not remove topical spot-on flea and tick treatments.
  • FORMULATED FOR DOGS – Natural Flea and Tick dog shampoo is specifically formulated for dogs 12 weeks and older. The pH balanced treatment is ideal for your dog’s sensitive skin. Due to the active oil ingredients, this shampoo is not safe for cats.
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FRONTLINE Plus for Cats and Kittens (1.5 pounds and over) Flea and Tick Treatment, 3 Doses
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  • The name in flea & tick protection trusted by pet owners for over 20 years, this waterproof, fast-acting flea and tick treatment kills fleas, flea eggs, lice, and ticks, including those that may transmit Lyme disease.
  • Designed for use only with cats and kittens, this long-lasting treatment is made for cats eight weeks or older, weighing 1.5 pounds or more.
  • Made with two active ingredients, fipronil and (S)-methoprene, this treatment stops infestations and prevents new ones.
  • Applied on a single point on your pet, the treatment rapidly covers your cat’s entire body and deposits in the sebaceous glands. These glands as a reservoir, continuously replenishing the treatment onto your pet, working even if your cat gets wet.
  • One dose of FRONTLINE Plus lasts 30 days.

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  • CERTIFIED NATURAL OILS – Each steam-distilled essential oil is selected for its potent pest-fighting properties and is 100% Certified Natural and deet free.
  • USE FOR UP TO 5,000 SQUARE FEET – Each 32oz concentrate bottle treats up to 5,000 square feet and can be refilled with Vet’s Best Yard and Kennel Spray 96oz Refill.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Our products are proudly manufactured in the USA with quality domestic and internationally sourced ingredients.

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Advantage II 6-Dose Large Cat Flea Prevention, Flea Prevention for Cats, Over 9 Pounds
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  • 6-month supply of advantage II topical large cat flea prevention
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  • Advantage II large cat flea prevention kills fleas through contact, meaning fleas don’t have to bite your cat in order to die.Avoid contact with eyes or clothing
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