Can Exterminators Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Are you looking for a local exterminator to get rid of cockroaches ? Whether you have ants, termites, bed bugs, mosquitos , bees, or just plain old cockroaches , we can help . We are a local family-owned business that has been in the Chicago area for over 30 years. We provide the most effective pest control method available today. We can guarantee your home will be roach-free permanently ! If you see any signs of cockroaches (live or dead), you should contact us immediately. In most cases, professional extermination is necessary to get rid of the entire population. As in any case of infestation, it will take more than one service to treat all locations where the cockroach has resided. If you want to completely rid your home of cockroaches and prevent them from returning , do not hire an exterminator who is using a “surface-only” pesticide spray. These surface sprays only work on contact, not on residual action, and are not guaranteed to kill this pest. If you are looking to get rid of cockroaches, you need the services of a professional exterminator. You may be tempted by those ‘do it yourself’ cockroach killer kits from a big-box store. However, these kits have very little effect on the adult population and even less on an infestation of cockroaches. Killed cockroaches will rapidly turn into carcasses, which will then be eaten by other critters in your home, who might decide to visit your rooms for a meal. Stay away from do-it-yourself products when you have an infestation — and call a professional instead! Getting rid of cockroaches is not an easy task. Cockroaches can make you feel uncomfortable, they can damage your things, and pose a danger to your health as well. But what is the most important thing about cockroaches, is that they can destroy your home very easily. I had an infestation of cockroaches finally making its way into my kitchen. I tried the top recommended products over the counter, but didn’t work. I had to call professional exterminator to deal with the problem. They came over and recommended different ways to exterminate cockroaches. After a whole month of dealing with the problem I found out there was only one thing that really worked and that was using glue traps for roaches.

Can Exterminators Get Rid Of Cockroaches

What Do Cockroaches Look Like

Cockroaches are oval-shaped bugs with six legs, two antennae and wings on their backs. They come in many different sizes, colors and shapes but the most common cockroach has a dark brown or black body. The most distinctive feature of roaches is their flattened bodies that allow them to hide in small cracks and under furniture.

Roaches have three stages in their life cycle: egg, nymph (immature roach) and adult. These insects can live up to a year but most die after six months due to being eaten by predators such as ants or spiders.

Are Cockroaches Dangerous To Humans

Cockroaches are filthy pests that can contaminate food and surfaces with bacteria, viruses and parasites. Their droppings can also cause allergic reactions in people. When cockroaches scurry across your countertop or floors, they leave behind their feces, which can trigger asthma attacks as well as other respiratory issues. Cockroaches carry many pathogens that cause diseases like Salmonella, and they spread these pathogens by contaminating foods while they’re preparing to eat them. This can lead to a number of illnesses such as dysentery, typhoid fever, cholera and gastroenteritis. They also carry other horrifying things like tapeworms and flagellates which is an organism that causes dysentery in human beings. In addition to this, there have been studies that have shown a connection between cockroach allergens and increased risk for childhood asthma symptoms in urban environments where cockroaches are common household pests.

Finding The Cockroach Nest

To find which areas are most infested, you need to know where the cockroaches are going. This means looking for the signs they leave behind:

  • Droppings. Roaches produce small, pellet-like droppings that are dark in color and may be found on cabinets, in cracks and crevices and near food.
  • Eggs and egg cases. Female roaches carry egg cases with them until they hatch, producing large numbers of offspring at once. You can identify female German cockroaches by looking for an egg case that extends from their abdomen even after the eggs have hatched. American roaches abandon their eggs before they hatch; however, egg cases can still be found in areas where roaches prefer to hide.
  • Food sources. Roaches will often congregate around food sources such as garbage cans or kitchen surfaces with crumbs on them. Finding tiny particles of food around your home indicates that a scavenging species like the German cockroach is probably living there.
  • The nest itself. Look for a warm area with plenty of moisture for German cockroaches to live; if none is available, look for dark hiding places like cracks or crevices near plumbing fixtures or cupboards for American cockroaches instead.

Getting Rid Of A Cockroach Infestation

  • Get rid of the nest. If you can find the cockroach nest, you can eliminate it and kill off the rest of the pests in one fell swoop. There are several methods to do this.
  • Poison them. Poisoning is an effective way to get rid of a large portion of your cockroach population at once. You’ll need to identify them, then set out poison in their path so that they’ll eat it and bring it back to their home base.
  • Spray poison or use a vacuum cleaner on them. Another way to kill off roaches is by spraying insecticide or using a vacuum cleaner against them directly if you see them crawling around your home (remember to empty the vacuum cleaner as soon as possible afterward). You should also try to keep food hidden and away from these little critters4—this will help reduce their numbers by making sure they don’t have access to food sources!

Call An Exterminator

Control of cockroach infestations includes:

  • Identifying the type and extent of the infestation
  • Using a combination of treatments (baits, insecticides, etc.)
  • Taking steps to prevent further infestations

Exterminators can get rid of cockroaches by finding the nest and destroying it.

Exterminators can help you get rid of cockroaches. An exterminator will find out where the roaches are nesting, then use insecticides to kill them. The exterminator may need to come back a few more times to ensure that all the cockroaches are dead and keep them from coming back.

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