Can Fleas Drown In The Washing Machine

Can fleas drown in the washing machine? Fleas are a flat and wingless insects that are found on pets and other warm blooded animals. There are several types of fleas. Some of them live in a carpet environment, others can be found in trees and certain flea species live on rodents. Fleas thrive in a hot and humid environment. They do not like cold weather, so they need to find a place where it’s warm enough to keep them alive. There are two types of fleas: the cat flea, which loves the heat and can be found in the animal’s fur as well as eggs (which can be found on your carpet), and the dog flea which prefers to spend its time on your pet’s skin and hair. Do fleas drown in the washing machine? Yes! They can die by drowning in the washing machine, here is how. First of all, it’s important to know whether the fleas you have are pests or not. Fleas that live on pets or other animals are helpful in some cases. The way they help is because they feed on mice and other pests. They also eat the blood of your pet; this helps to contain parasites such as ticks and worms. A number of people have reported that fleas die in a washing machine so we ordered a washing machine and threw some fleas into it to see if they drown. Here’s what happens when there are fleas in the washing machine or any type of machine that spins hard. if you own a pet then you have probably found fleas in the house on your pet and in the fur of your dog or cat.  Fleas are a common problem for owners and their pets. Since the flea is an insect, it is not affected by extreme temperatures and can survive many weather conditions without getting sick or dying. A washing machine can be used in various ways to prevent or kill fleas in order to save your cats and dogs from applying dangerous chemical solutions that they might lick while grooming themselves. Fleas are tiny, eight-legged parasites that can make a dog or cat very uncomfortable. Although fleas can be found living in the wild on their own, they are frequently found living on wild animals, including rodents and birds. Fleas feed on the blood of their host and spend most of their day lounging in dark, warm places. Fleas prefer to avoid light, because it burns calories and makes them more vulnerable to being seen. Light also drains their energy, so they feed more often at night.

Can Fleas Drown In The Washing Machine

How We Tested

Before we could test our theory, we needed to make sure that the fleas in question (Ctenocephalides felis) were actually capable of surviving for long periods of time in water.

Fortunately for us, fleas can survive for up to two days when submerged in water. The first step was to find some adult fleas and put them into a container filled with warm tap water that was kept at room temperature (about 70 degrees Fahrenheit). After two days, we counted how many were left alive—and found that all but one were still clinging on. With this knowledge under our belt, it was time to put our theory to the test by filling an old washing machine with several gallons of cold tap water and putting some live fleas inside.

Dryer Sheets

  • Fleas can survive in water, though they don’t necessarily enjoy it.
  • Fleas can survive for a long time without food.
  • Fleas can live for a long time without oxygen.
  • Fleas can survive in the dryer, if you don’t mind throwing out your clothes afterwards.


Vinegar is a natural odor eliminator, and it can be used to remove flea dirt and feces. Vinegar also has disinfectant properties and will kill any fleas that are clinging to your laundry. To use vinegar in the washing machine:

  • Add 1 cup of white vinegar to your wash cycle along with detergent, or run an empty load with 1 cup of white vinegar added directly into the drum before adding clothes.
  • Leave out any fabrics that cannot withstand the heat from high-temperature washes (like wool sweaters).


  • Salt
  • Does not kill fleas.
  • Dangerous to use, especially on the living room rug.

The Results

  • Yes. Fleas can survive in the washing machine.
  • Yes. Fleas can survive in the dryer.
  • Yes. In fact, fleas can survive even if you use a dryer sheet! It’s not just for scent anymore!
  • And yes—even if you throw your clothes into the washer with vinegar, flea eggs will still hatch and make your life hell later on (assuming you didn’t wash them first).

Fleas do not drown in the washing machine.

Fleas can survive in the washing machine for a long time, but they can’t drown. They will be injured from being tossed around, and if you leave them to dry out in your laundry hamper, they may even die from dehydration. This is not an effective flea treatment (unless you have a house full of dirty laundry), but it does mean that even if you don’t clean your pet’s bedding yourself, there’s no need to worry about fleas spreading through your home—they’re trapped!

On the other hand, if you do decide to wash your pet’s bedding yourself on occasion and have concerns about flea infestations or severe allergies to certain types of fabrics or dyes used in their construction, it’s still worth considering how best to do so safely and efficiently. The answer? Use cold water only if possible; otherwise use warm water with detergent followed by vinegar rinse cycles (either hot or cold) before drying on low heat normally should suffice depending upon what type materials are used within each piece of fabric construction.”

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