Can Fleas Kill You

Do you ever look at a flea and wonder, “can fleas and their bites kill you?” or have you ever been curious what insects can actually kill people (hint: there are more than one variety) in fact did you know that ants could kill a child whether they were bitten by the insect or not. Fleas can and will kill you, with most cases resulting in death. In fact, an infestation of fleas has killed more people than any other animal. Because fleas are so dangerous, it’s important not just to avoid an infestation but also prevent one from occurring. As you know, fleas are a tough creature. They are considered a very difficult parasite to eliminate. However, despite their tenacity, fleas can kill you. In order to get rid of fleas from your home and prevent them from returning, you must maintain high standards to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Fleas are one of those pesky insects that can cause us serious problems if they infest certain areas of our home or get bitten by one. Of course, we have all experienced the annoying scratching sensation and the resultant rash that a flea bite can cause, but did you know that flea bites can also lead to problems which could threaten your health? Fleas are tiny parasitic insects that live on the skin and fur of many mammals, including domestic dogs and cats. Fleas can be found worldwide, and there are about 2,000 species currently in existence. These flea species are parasitic to a host animal (such as your pet dog or cat), and use the host for feeding when it is required. The thing to know is that most flea species cannot kill you.

Can Fleas Kill You

Fleas can kill you!

While fleas are not dangerous to humans in and of themselves, they can carry diseases that can be fatal. In the past, the plague was one such disease. The bubonic plague is caused by a bacterium called Yersinia pestis and spread through infected fleas.

The first European pandemic began in 1347 and lasted until 1351, killing more than 25 million people (more than half of Europe’s population at that time). However, since then there have been several smaller epidemics in Europe. Each time it re-emerged from China or other Asian countries where rats lived close to humans or their food stores and carried infected flea eggs with them wherever they went; hence why plague outbreaks tend to happen after long periods without any recorded incidents – when enough rats have moved into urban areas again where people live closely together but still haven’t made much headway against insect infestations like those seen during medieval times due to lack of pesticides/chemicals being used regularly on crops etc (and thus making more places suitable for rodents). This still occurs today although modern medicine now allows us much better chances against this type of epidemic occurring since we’re able to detect cases early enough so as not spread quickly amongst ourselves before treatment has begun.”

Fleas can cause anemia, which is a lack of red blood cells.

  • Anemia is caused by the flea’s saliva. Fleas have a protein in their mouths that prevents blood from clumping and clotting, so when they bite you, they inject this protein into you. The body loses more and more blood over time until it can’t replenish itself properly.
  • It’s possible to die from anemia if it goes on long enough. This can happen if your body starts bleeding internally due to several bites at once—like if there are hundreds of fleas on one dog or cat!

People who are allergic to flea bites can experience severe reactions.

In some cases, bites from fleas can cause severe allergic reactions. For example, if you are allergic to the saliva of these insects, a bite will produce an itchy bump or rash that may swell and turn red. If your child is bitten by a flea and develops a rash or hives (small raised bumps), see the doctor immediately because this might be an indication of an extreme allergy.

While most people aren’t affected by flea bites, some do have allergies to them. In these cases, symptoms usually appear within minutes of being bitten—but sometimes they don’t appear until hours later or even days after the bite occurred. The itching can become so intense that scratching causes open sores on your skin; this is especially problematic for children who may not realize how dangerous it is for them to scratch themselves raw after being bitten by these parasites.

There are plenty of pets that kill more people every year than fleas.

There are plenty of pets that kill more people every year than fleas. While you should still take all precautions to avoid fleas, it’s important to realize that there are many other things in life that can be dangerous. For example, dogs, cats and horses kill more people every year than fleas do.

Other items on the list of most dangerous animals include snakes (like pythons), spiders (including tarantulas), scorpions and sharks. Even bees can be hazardous if you’re allergic to their sting or if they attack en masse at once.

As for the list of most dangerous bugs in the world? Fleas don’t rank very highly because they don’t spread disease like mosquitoes do and aren’t aggressive like cockroaches—but they do bite humans with abandon when given the chance! In fact, some experts say they’re one of mankind’s oldest companions: fossilized evidence suggests that prehistoric humans enjoyed grooming their furry friends just as we do today!

Don’t let the scare stories about fleas keep you from wanting a pet.

Don’t let the scare stories about fleas keep you from wanting a pet. There are many things to worry about when it comes to owning a dog or cat, but fleas aren’t one of them. If you have an allergic reaction to cats or dogs (which can include sneezing, congestion and even asthma attacks), then you should definitely stay away from these types of pets. However, if you don’t have any allergies and are looking for companionship in your life then there is absolutely nothing wrong with owning a cat or a dog!

Fleas may seem like one more annoying thing that comes along with having pets but they can easily be controlled and prevented if they become an issue. It’s important not to overreact when dealing with flea prevention since there are so many other things out there that could potentially harm us much worse than just red bumps on our bodies where we’ve been bitten by tiny little bugs crawling around our house all day long!

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